I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pink Hats are there any PINK Horses?

I am honoring history today with this lovely rendition of exotic elegance worn by a famous model for England's 300th celebration  of The Royal Ascot of horse racing. Please visit here for my info on the celebration and to view the model displaying the amazing balancing act.

Also in honor of father's day I am sharing the PINKNESS of my heart with you and the special love my father AKA daddy, have always had with each other.

Daddy, Because of You!

Daddy, I wonder if that was my first word,
Probably and with the pinkness of a newborn's lips
And the gentle innoncence of a newborn babe,
Our eternal love and understanding has sprouted
Far beyond the realm of anyone's understanding...
We can still look inside each other's eyes
And know what lies inside the other's heart...
A lifetime of memories shared, some good some sad
Others we both would like to forget and some
Will never be forgotten and those which
Deserve not to be forgiven as well...
How does a daughter honor her father?
What can I do to let you know how dear you are to me
Daddy, do you already know?
You taught me how to swing a bat, ride a trike...
And laughable you taught me how to fish, to swim,
To dig ditches and mow a yard and be a tomboy.
Then as those years went by, you began to seee the woman
I would become and instilled in me the values of life -
You had hopes for me that are still being realized.
Many sorrows and losses you alsos shared with me.
Days I would have never gotten through without
Your love and your being by my side whenever I needed
You -  daddy you were always there and still are.
With tears you cradled me as a newborn I am sure.
New tears came with childhood illnesses that caused us pain,
Yet I never doubted that because of you I'd get through it all.
As a woman yor smiled with pride each time I graduated with a higher degree
And wept with me when the doctorate of hard knocks bore me down.
Funny how I remember more the days of yore when I was young
Filled with life and so heartedly carefree.
Daddy, silence sometimes spoke more than words and I knew
At once when I did meet your chagrin and it motivated me
To do better and become the woman of my dreams.
In my middle years now I stand alone, a mother of two
A daughter and then a son, two beautiful gems -
Blessings from God, we shared such a short time with mom
And now with you and the beautiful woman they know as grandma DeeDee.
Oh the tears we have shed, the places we have gone and things we have done -
Yet to this day my happiest times are those late night talks we had
As a young teenager growing up and you'd come home from a long day,
Having been on the road all day, tired, and share your day with me,
As I stared wide-eyed back at you deprived of sleep -
Insominiacs that we both are. Those cups of tea and cookies
Or small bowls of our favorite maple walnut ice cream
Will always mean so much to me...
But first and foremost daddy,
That you always believe in me
And tell me to follow my dreams
When they fail, giving me
Encouragement to "get back up on that horse
By my bootstraps" and try until I do succeed -
Will forever remain in my heart.
Daddy, because of you
I have faith in myself
And hope to never let you down.
Happy Father's Day - Daddy
I love you.

Poems My Way - Valrie 06/18/2011
My daddy and 2nd mom 'Grandma Dee Dee' in the lovely lilac dress  and daddy in the grey suit.
The beautiful bride and groom are my nephew and his lovely wife celebrating their FIRST anniversary on Father's Day. Me in the black dress behind daddy and most of my siblings.

                                  Dad's little girl, little girl, Jenni,  lives in TX grandchild # 9 I think and Joey # 11 I think....lives in NC off base, USMC...
 Jenni and Joey celebrating her birthday and getting ready to say goodbye to Joey being deployed last Fall.
                                                      Jenni and her significant other Mikey!
Me and Jenni horsing around!
Joey just back this February from 7 months in Afghanistan, our PROUD MARINE in NC!
These children are my legacy as much as is they are grandpa as without grandpa none of us would be here!

My kids lost their own daddy May 28th, 2002. I lost all my posessions when ill and have no pictures of them were their own daddy to share with you. Treasure your memories and keepsakes for they can never be replaced!

Hope your PINK SATURDAY is filled with PINKS and that you also have a beautiful Father's Day!

Love you all!

                                           Sending great beary PINK hugs out today!
About to take a long break and visit you now, then back on the computer to type out papers galore, nearing the end of 2  more courses towards my  doctoral degree!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Birthday Angel! Happy PINK SATURDAY!

          My Birthday Angel!

So long ago, yet just yesterday you were born to me -
A tiny little angel babe so happy as can be.
The only girl amidst all those boys in the nursery,
They cried and cried but my ANGEL sang with glee!

Your baby hands held tight to me and daddy all day -
You cooed and squirmed and smiled while you played.
A blessing sent to us from Heaven so long did we wait
For a babe as you to keep us up through the night.

The long walks we took in baby buggy rides and you
My sweet girl did giggle and made my dreams come true -
The first year you celebrated a birthday trying to walk
And long before the chattering came, as you did talk!

The years went by far too quickly it seems and now
A woman you have become, so proud am I of how
You have faced the trials of your life, and dealt with things
A young girl never should have to done. My heart brings

You all the love I hold, and in it I know your dreams
Will be realized as the angels watch over you... sunbeams
Of the tears of ones you love shine down upon you
And wrap their arms about you holding fast so true -

A special love sent this day I am sure from your dad
How proud he must be to see our ANGEL, glad
To know you persevere through all these years
And too he sheds tears for not being with us here...

Forever dear daughter we will embrace your life
With the love of parents, through happiness or strife
Just call out our names and we will be there
Always my loving daughter, I'll hold you so dear.

Poems My Way - Valrie 06/11/2011
Happy Birthday Jenni! Love Madre and daddy too!

                   My beautiful ANGEL Jennifer Ann, aka Jenni, born 6:59 PM June 11th, 1984.
                          Madre salami sends her a big PINK hug for her birthday of 27 years!
                            You will always stay my little ANGEL in that nursery!
                          And daddy in Heaven sends down a BIG teddy bear hug for you too!
AND Jenni last year I got to celebrate with her!

Be sure to link up to BEV over at How Sweet The Sound and share in many PINKS!

Also I missed our Pink Saturday Birthday Celebration being sick and in the hospital and here is my tribute to BEV and her beautiful kind spirit that fills my life and yours with PINKS each Staurday!

Off to rest a spell, long day at work, Sunday night and loads of papers to write, articles to read and projects with deadlines, but I so miss my PINK SATURDAY fix I am posting late and can't wait to come and visit you!

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                  Love to all, and thanks for stopping by! God Bless you all and protect you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lost Love

Dear bloggers. Today is always a very hard day for me to get through. It would have been my 36th wedding anniversary to whom I thought was the man of my dreams and would be by my side forever. At the young age of 19 I married my childhood sweetheart and believed our love would last forevet. I always looked forward to sharing our 25th, then our 50th wedding anniversary. Our never thought our love for each other would ever end, much less my true love's life at the age of 48 just 9 short years ago. We divorced after a 4 year engagement and a 16 year marriage, the last 2 which included a turbulemt divorce conquest I won. Doesn't matter the wrongs he did, and his falling in love with another wopmen 14 years his junior and 12 to mine, He is the father of my children and I will always love him for giving my precious gems.

        Lost Love

I, but a mere babe fell in love with you
And forever gave myself to thee the night
We wed and joined souls for all eternity -
Little did I know how short the years would be...

Deeply in lovem unconditionally I to you betrothed
My life and gave us two beautiful children,
I sacrificed my career for them and you,
And now, they,  full grown, I stand alone.

Saddened by the memories of our last years -
Yet too full of joy for the love our children bring,
For the praises they sing to you, even though
Now you are lost in body but not in mind.

Often I reminisce of our first long kiss,
The walks we took into the countryside -
The playful way we'd frolic on the beaches
Of the Jersey shore, and join each night.

Now though they are but lost memories to me -
Never to be relived in life, but yet a dream
That entwines my heart and wraps my soul
In sadness for happy times gone by, my prince -

The day you rode your chariot to the Heavens
Oh how we three did cry out in pools of tears,
Outraged at the injustice of your short life,
Robbed of the love twice we held for you -

Once more I cradled our children in my arms
And told them in our hearts you will always be,
More than a memory and to share them keeps
You alive in our hearts, souls and our minds.

Lady Luck robbed us all that day and took from
Me my future, my children's more than they would
Know at the time. We carried on, resilient yet
Turbulent lives led. I hope you are proud of us -

As you look down upon us and watch over our gems,
I too hope you mourn for the first love you forsook,
How difficult my life became that night you chose
To leave our home and I had no course but to fight -

And to protect the interests of our family, and until the end
Of your worldly domain, we three stood by your side,
Still I weep for those years and the chance to relive them,
To convince you we were the true love of all your years.

Time stood the test and we hold your memory dear,
Cherishing you more each day and only wish  the past
Would change and have your smile by our side and
Your arms enfold us all once more,  'tis but a dream -

Oh were I to walk  the book of life what to change,
What step mistook that changed our lives and which
Ones to take to set it right once more, but that book
Is closed, we are but to hold fast the memories of yore.

Poems My Way Valrie June 7thm 2011

Rest In Peace my love.