I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving weekend. I a,m having a PINK and BLACK sale today and a Merry PINK giveaway!

The giveaway is a basket filled with PINK goodies, sweet dulce dulce treats and teenie tiny ornaments and a few PINK glamour items from my PINK BUBBLE. My camera will not load the pictures so hopefully next weekend the part I need will have come in.

How was your TURKEY day? Mine is going to be today. I am setting a very PINK table of love for my sister Vanessa and her hubbie. They have done so much for me in my life I intend to spoil them rotten today. I haven't cooked my own Thanksgiving meal in over 10 years. I might share Bob's kitchen with him a little bit as he is making this outrageous pecan pie for dessert along with the pumpkin ones I made. YUMMY! We are having both Tom Turkey and a glazed ham, sweet potatoes CANDIED PINK of course, broccoli, butternut squash, red smashed garlic potatoes made with (CREAM), stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, the real kind, waldorf salad, and date nut bread. Sounds good, huh?

Almost done with the Christmas shopping routine, now just have to MAKE everything I bought the materials and supplies for. I bake and cook a lot of my gifts and upcycle the treasures I find throughout the year.

Yesterday I found this beautiful Victorian doll I am turning into an angel for the top of my PINK Christmas tree. Next week I hope to have my  pictures posted for you of the Christmas in Cooperstown Carraige house apartment I rent,

Today's PINKS are a couple of pink houses I pass each morning on the way to my 42 mile one way trek to work. Coming home the sky was filled with PINK hues at dusk.

 This one has such a homey feel to it. There are a bunch of rocking chairs on the porch and I can hardly wait to see what they do to decorate it for the holidays!

 This little one is for sale and has a second older house and a barn with it. Might make a cute little B&B and a holiday shop for someone creative and looking for a country home to fix up. SANTA big as day is standing in the window too!

 I love this turn, but it can be real slippery too! That truck came out of nowhere but it makes the picture more real don't you think? This is country route 28 just outside of Cooperstown, NY coming into the other side of Canadargua Lake. It was the firswt major snow of the season this morning and without my snow tires on yet, made driving interesting for me, more of a sleigh ride up and down the hills to Mohawk Valley I did go!
 I would love to have this house. It has a beautiful view of Canadaragua Lake, nestled right on the curve!
 Sorry about the box, this is the North end of Canadaragua Lake, my sister lives on the other side off Lake Road. Driving while taking pics is a bit tricky for me.
 See the way the sun is hitting this barn and garage? It was about 4:30 on the way home from work Tuesday. Oh my goodness, just breathtaking.
 the sky was filled with those wintry clouds of icy snow and a freezing rain mix, and we got it!
 I love this picture. It is very soothing to me and I have a poem I am working on to go with it for my collection soon to be published!
 Nearly home, and the sun is about all but down as I round the bend to Fly Creek, just about 5 miles outside of COoperstwon where I live. God does paint beautifully!
 This is the notorious CARMEL the runaway FOUND cat. He has been yodeling since the night he got out and ran away last week. I took him to the VET's last Saturday and he is scheduled to be fixed ...
 He totally is MY cat, the picture of contentment and quite a snuggler as we watch TV in BOB'S living rooom.
 I am thankful for my daughter, my beautiful Jenni, 26 first born who is celebrating Thanksgiving weekend with her other family in MD where she grew up. I flew h er home from TX for an early Christmas present.
I am thankful for BOTH my children, Joey the "little" brother is a MARINE serving in Afghanistan. I will be more thankful WHEN he returns home.

 Thanks for calling me Thanksgiving DAy JennI I am so glad you arrived to Gaitherburg safe and hae fun!
                                                             I love her just a little bit!
                                                  I am so  thankful she found her MAN!

                    I am thankful I got to give my GI -JOEY his send off BBQ in July this year!
 I am thankful he is healthy, LOVES his countyr and is a MARINE, LANCE CPL and the best there ever is!
I am ThANKFUL he found RENEE and they will be married next MAY!

 I am really thankful for COFFEE and my COMPUTER, without which I would never have met you!~
 I am so thankful to BEV at HOW SWEET THE SOUND for doing PINK SATURDAYS for us!
         I am thankful for all the hugs in life, and here is one for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

                               I am thankful I am able to walk, to work, to dream again.
                                                   I am thankful for the  love of my family!
This is a picture not too far from BOB"S house on Glimmerglass Lake. I often walk down and write my poetry here. Pretty huh? I just love to be near the water and someday hope to have a home on the beach where it is ALWAYS warm.

I am thankful for the ANGELS in life, the ones we see and the ones  we do not see, HEAVEN sent!

                    SO this is what I am THANKFUL for, what are you thankful for this year?

Have a wonderful weekend, STOP by my PINK BUBBLE and help me raise $$$$ to send those care packages to the troops! BOGO (buy one get one free all weekend and FREE shipping! Enter here to win the holiday PINK GOODIE BASKET!

EMAIL here to donate cookies of $$$$$ for the CANS FOR COOKIES US TROOPS!!!!I have sent overseas 50 dozen cookies so far, each box costs me $5.00!!! to ship. YOUR gift of thanks to these men and women WILL be greatly appreccated!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pink Memories of Ethlyne and a PINK Shower to love!

This week I lost a very dear friend, Ethlyne, my 94 year-old next door neighbor. She was very special to me, like another granny actually. She had been alone forthe last 40 years, her husband passed away when he was only 55. She has a daughter who lives in NJ, and loved her dearly, and her  son-in-law. We all became friends when I moved into my cute little apartment in Cooperstown. The 3 of us "kids" unbenownst to any, had all attended SUNY Bingmanton in th late 70's. I became a local caregiver," for Ethylne and then a loved one instead. About 4 weeks ago Beth called me from NJ asking me to go over and check her mom as she did not answer the Sunday night phone call which she never misses. On Saturday I had spent the better part of the day trying to coax Ethlyne to let me take her to the hosipital. She had lost so much weight, wasn't able to walk, and appeared very dehydrated. Earlier in the week, a cousin had called to have the police do a well-check on her and she had refused to fo then as well to the hospital. Sure enough, she had fallen, unable to bear her weight, and been injured, nearly unconscious, low heart beat, etc. The next 2 days I spent getting her in the hospital, calling her daughter, and the landlord so everyone knew what had occurred. After 2 weeks she was transferred to hospice and made comfortable. She lived a long life, not always happy, but brought happiness to many. I wrote this poem, as she is being cremated and no services to go to to honor her and let her know how much I cared for her and yes, LOVED her. Dear Lady Ethylne, with this I honor you.

       Ode to Ethylne

Not long enough did I know you -

Even if I knew you from the day

I was born, the days would have

Been still too short for me.

The laughter you brought to my life

Will forever bring tears of happiness

For me, the wisdom of your words

Goes far beyond most, you are a gem.

The light within you shined brighter

Than all the stars at night...

Your dry humor begged forgiveness

Yet it was real as was your candid nature.

How great to have lived the life you had

And blessed with a child and friends

That love you and hold you dear.

I hope you know just how loved...

You are, you are still loved my dear,

Your life lives on in those who care

Enough to reflect on what you brought

To life in an otherwise empty existence.

You did not cajole when it was wrong to do so.

You were honest, direct and forthright.

For that I will always be appreciative.

You could yarn stories with the best of them.

Yet somehow you held self-doubt

You were learned, and self educated

Yet, a true Bohemian spirit, and a friend.

One who expected nothing in return but wanted to give.

You gave me happy memories,

Touched my heart with your own stories

And to hear the story of your love

For your husband... I can only hope...

My dear sweet friend, the Heavens rejoice,

The trumpets blare loud with praise

Surely you are within the Kingdom's door.

As do the Angels, now 'tis time to soar!

Release the anguish and burdened heart

Rejoin the one you love, and know all is well...

We will cherish the time we had together,

No matter long or short, 'tis cherished.

The beauty of your sincerity, wisdom of words

Belongs now to another, mold and shape

A new place for your resting soul, and

Know you are loved for now and evermore.

Poems My Way Valrie 11/19/2010

Perhaps reading it might bring you  solace too for a dear one you have lost. Remember to tell the ones you love that you do love them.

My son's fiance posted this adorable picture today on her Facebook page. It is my PINK for today. Thanks Renee!

                                    I wish I looked like that just before I was about to take a shower!

Don't forget to visit my PINK BUBBLE  here and get 50% 0ff Fridays and Saturday's now until Christmas!

Today will be filled with grading papers from college portfolios for my students, and then writing three of my own and finishing up a powerpoint presentation. In my sparetime I have to take my sick kitty to the Veternarian, go to the bank, send my daughter her Christmas $$$ as she is flying home for THANKSGIVING.

To all my loved ones and followers, I am having a PINK & BLACK Friday sale and a $100 giftbasket giveaway stuffed with so many goodies you'll want ot be sure to enter any time between now and next Friday 11/26/10 12 midnight your time!

It is my MOM's birthday on Thanksgiving and she too has been an angel for over 20 years!

                                                                      Love you MOM!

     Be sure to LINK to Bev's great links for PINK SATURDAYS over at How Sweet The Sound. Every         Saturday she sponsors this for us and she is a blessing to all of us!

                           Have a safe and blessed holiday, eat something PINK!

Finfhing up my coffee then headed out the door to mail a package to the  CANS FOR COOKIES US TROOPS!

I love your comments!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Victoria Secret Pink Holiday Wish List

Dear blogger friends,

There have been many many attacks through blogger, Facebook, and Yahoo with the prescription scams. I have lost some followers due to this. If you receive email from my  email address with no subject please do not open them. I have removed people from my contacts and this as well as changing the passwords has resolved it. I really am sad to have lost followers because of this. Is nothing sacred any more?

Veterans Day was a very memorable day for me this year. I am working on a separate post from my students and a video one of them did. (Not a good idea to probably post it with all this VS pink wish list items! ROFL!)

I found an inexpensive version of a small 4 foot pink prelighted Christmas Tree at the Dollar General in the Cooperstown  areea and am buying it today! IS it too early to put the tree up? I can hardly wait to decorate this year in PINK of course!!!!

I will be running PINK HOLIDAY SPECIALS now through January 1st, 2011! Buy one PINK item and get the second of equal or lesser value free! SHOP HERE for PINK Glamour!

Now settle down with a warm cup of coffee and tea and see what is PINK for me!

 Thank you to our PINK SATURDAYS founder BEV at How Sweet The Sound be sure to visit her!

  Here comes Santa in a PINK Santa Hat, I just have to buy that for my Jenni she lives for PINK
 Here comes Santa in a PINK Santa Hat, I just have to buy that for my Jenni she lives for PINK!

This little pink teddy and  pink polka dot coffee mug are beary perfect "fur" my JAVA!

Thinking of a PINK holiday wish list?

Today I feature my PINK CHRISTMAS WISH list from Victoria's Secret. I wish I looked as good in the pinks as the models!

 Please note all these models are pictured in the online catalogue and are not my pictures.

So many cute things to choose from, be sure to go browse yourselves!

Adorable, not glammy but comfy jammies!

                                        Something HOT PINK & LACE for a bit of ROMANCE!

PINK fun Bra & Boxers, soft & cottony!

Just too comfy in pink to lounge on a lazy SAturday!

"Fur" the itsy bitsy pink polka dots in you all!

                            More PINKS with polkadots, a bit daring, but why not?
                              Oh my, look at all the pink dots to LOVE and choose from!
 Now can I wear this to the Sports Center with a pair of fleece sweats, maybe 20 pounds off from now!
                       I love this PINK heart and hope my sweetie gets me it! HINT
                            An adorable little grouping don't you think PINK?
 Now this I could wear over thatlittle Pink Sports bra, Hmmmmm, I'm thinking PINK PINK PINK!

                                Great to lounge or sleeep in on those cold cold nights!
                   Too cold now, so maybe we'll take a cruise and this Pink tankini is too cute!
                HOT FUSCHIA PINK even cuter, we do need at least two bathing suits don't we?
          And for the ports of call and you know it will be hot, just throw this over the tankini and go!
                 Step it up a notch with this sexy little drape, where can I getthe long hair?
            Simply elegant, sweet, sophisticated and I think it would be just fab on me!!!

                               Going to Rumba and Salsa and Dance the night away!
                                         These would be cute to give my little niece.
More great numbers to sweat in!

                      Now this would turn heads at the spa! Where do I get that shape?
That's it, got the number?


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Thanks for stopping by, I am going to fill up my coffee and come visit you now! Beary hugs to ALL!

That's me putting on the GLITZ!

I love your comments, so be an angel and leave me one! All comments will be entered in my $100 holiday gift basket drawing from now through December 18th! Be sure to leave your email so I can notify you if you are the winner! Become a new follower and have a second entry, all current followersw will also be entered! Happy PINK SATURDAYS and be sure to visit BEV for more PINKS LINKS!