I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Remember When

Today marks the 11th anniversary of my first husband's death.  Joe was only 48. We miss him dearly.
In life we have many joys as well as losses.  It was always a roller coaster ride, in the end we were friends, yet how does one ever really say goodbye? I live with ambivalent feelings and will always ask myself that big What if...? Yet still, I do remember more the happy times than the sad. Joe we have two amazing children. Our Jenni is so beautiful, and smart, a vet tech and studying on to be a veterinarian ,oh the places she will go... and our little Joey, a former Marine, married, has your smile and winning personality, is about to become a dad, your legacy goes on in another generation to be blessed with twins. WE love you and miss you, and one day we will see you in Heaven.

I wrote this poem as personal remembrance.

                 I Remember When

I remember the first time I saw your smile ~
I remember the crazy days of yesteryear with you.
I remember our many first times for this or that.
I remember falling in love so deeply I thought my heart would explode!
I remember becoming your bride at only nineteen.
I remember the first time you held each child born.
I remember all the vacations we took and places traveled.
I remember I was your wife for 16 years.
I remember both the sad and happy moments we shared.
I remember the day you said you could not choose between two loves ~
I remember I loved you enough to set you free and the tears I cried.
I remember lovingly the special times we had that soon were gone.
I remember how difficult it was to hide your illness from the children.
I remember forgiving you and you forgiving me...
I remember trembling in fear at your bedside when I got to say goodbye.
I remember with a heavy heart the pain in our children's hearts and saddened lives.
I remember how although we grew a part we worked at staying friends.
I remember loving  you all your life even when things were difficult.
I remember most of all the gifts of our children you gave to me and.
I remember our promise and I will live it to my own end.

Poems My Way ~ Valrie 05/28/2013

Joe's smile could melt anyone's heart and he always could make you laugh...

 I am sending you a smile from earth Joe...                                                                                                 
Jenni and her special man...

                                                      Joey and his beautiful wife Laura!

                                                              Thanks for stopping by today.



Friday, May 24, 2013

Remember Me

Dear Friends,

I wrote this poem today in first person to speak to you as a fallen hero. I did not serve, but have known many who have and many who have fallen. Their sacrifice was great. My own son returned from Afghanistan February 2011 after more than 7 months of service. Those seven months were Hell for him and me and my family. He is a different man then the one sent over seas. I have many uncles, cousins and nephews who served, friends of mine who died so we and others might live in freedom. y father served as did my brother and brother-in-law David. No one knows what these men and women go through. Remember then this weekend, the fallen heroes.


              Remember Me

I am he who crossed the oceans and fought.
I have stood where battles were lost and won...
I anguished in the deep dark stillness of the night.
I am she who cried when lives were sacrificed.

I am a son or daughter of someone dear who thought
I would return home when all the battles were done.
I am one who fought a fearsome war in dark or light.
I am one on whom the government lost the roll of dice.

I am the unsung hero who trembled deep inside,
I am the soldier who clamored up endless hills.
I am the one whose tears you cannot see.
I am one who others now on this day do mourn.

I am proud I served and chose to not run and hide!
I am he who made a stronger country through my will...
I am not sad I served and died upon a field for thee,
I am proud that for you my life was shorn.

I only ask that you remember me upon this day.
I hope in kind you will lift my family up in prayers.
I know that others suffered even more than I -
I understand the pain that rests within your heart.

I look upon my fellow fallen and hope and pray
I will see they too have climbed up on Heaven's stairs.
I feel the pain and sorrow we left behind and wonder why
I had to die so others would have a brand new start...

I wonder here why mankind, a lesson still is  not learned.
I am frustrated that more lives too will be lost each day.
I have no earthly power to change these things but
I know there are many upon earth that do not choose to...

I wish I could help you see how vent up anger burns -
I pray that I can reach mankind in a pure and holy way...
I grasp and hold on for mankind's sake no matter what -
I know in my heart one day the world will improve for you.

Remember me on Decoration Day, a memorial for all,
Remember to come and write upon our wall of fame.
Remember me and all who died for your glory,
Remember life is sacred and mine was lost so you might live.

Remember me with tears of happiness not in sadness at all...
Remember I died as did thousands of others who before me came.
Remember to hear and then retell my warrior's story.
Remember in the end we all have but one life to give.

Poems My Way ~ Valrie  05/24/2013

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In God's Hands

With all of the devastation yesterday in Oklahoma and the surrounding states I wanted to say remember we are each one of us great and small in God's hands. This thought was the inspiration for my poem I posted today.


      In God's Hands

Each of us great and small
Are always in God's hands.
I am on bent knees and call
Out to God to understand
Why we question what we do
And search for answers daily
Instead of putting faith in You?
A contradiction isn't it, really
To ask God why instead of trust...
It is not God who causes harm -
It is the evil one who only lusts
After Godly ones with beguiling charm...
I place my life today in God's hands.
I will not ask Him why, I will only say
Help me Lord to believe and understand
To come to You daily and to pray.
Everything to God in prayer
All my troubles He will hear,
As God alone truly cares.
To him my heart and sorrow I share;
I will always go to God in prayer.

Poems My Way ~ Valrie 05/21/2013

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Monday, May 20, 2013


                  I lost my dad April 7th, 2013. He lived his last 10 years in a great deal of pain and suffering but never did I hear him complain. I didn't get to see him a great deal and for that I will forever be sad. We lived several hundred miles apart and my finances have not been great , my health lousy and my own life in turmoil. I took his passing very hard. He was my best friend. I feel so alone. Today's poem expresses the loneliness that engulfs me. in time I will get through it, I just need time to fill the void, for now I will fill it with happy memories of dad.

I came here today because I am feeling so alone
I cannot stop the tears from falling down my cheeks
Nor can I stop the thoughts that build up inside
Of how hard life has become without you dad.
People say I have to carry on, tell me how is that done? 
Where do I turn to find the strength to be again?
Can you hear my teardrops as they fall
Do you feel my sadness that controls me?
I want to break free from the fears that engulf me
To run away from the harsh  reality of life -
To live in a land where there is no pain or suffering
And breathe in happiness until I fall asleep.
Is there such a place or time in store for me?
I fear I am destined to wander endlessly alone
No matter where I travel it is not a home
Trembling I fall upon bent knees and pray.
I know you are here for me yet I forget to come
To you in my times of need, to lend a listening ear
Or is it that I choose not to hear what you say -
Unyielding  and stubborn is not the way.
I will strive to become a better child worthy of love
From you, and to remember that I am never alone
Unless I choose to be...humbly I kneel before you
And ask for your love and guidance to carry on.
Poems My Way ~ Valrie   05/20/2013
Have a wonderful day.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some poems I have written recently... I might have posted them before, but am loading them now so in the future I can organize them on my pages.

Have a wonderful week.

All poems are copyrighted, please email me for permission to copy or use. Thanks.
                        Tribute to Dad
By your hands dad I was raised with love;
You gave me strength when I was weak;
Your smile warmed my heart
Your gentle father’s love, unconditional
Encouraged me to reach my goals;
You caught me when I stumbled down.
You instilled in me right from wrong -
Nurtured my faith in God, guiding my path,
Shielding me, from harm’s way throughout my life -
Your love, always the foundation on which I stood.
So many memories I hold within my heart –
The unconditional love you gave to me when needed most -
The trips we took throughout the years, our long talks at night
 When I could not sleep- the challenges met and overcome…
You always knew just what to say, caring and loving-
Yet firm when that was needed too; your eyes filled with love.
I thank you for always loving me… dad, for your belief in me,
For molding me … accepting me, just the way I am -
Now, a new chapter in life begins, I honor your life -
I love you dad and thank you for always loving me-
This is not goodbye dad, rather my song of love
In my heart… where I’ll hold you until we meet again.
Poems My Way – Valrie  04/10/13
 When you are feeling sad and lonely and empty inside
Reach within your heart and our memories do not hide.
When tears overwhelm you and you are falling apart
Think upon the days of when these memories first start.
When you believe you can no longer carry on and withdraw
From life, I beg of you to cast your eyes again on what you saw.
When you know the answers to all that life has to ask
Of you then and only then will this sadness no longer last...
When again you will smile and gladly sing our songs
And walk among the living, hold me in your heart where I belong
When you can release the fears that wake you in the night
You will rejoice in the comfort of knowing I now live in eternal light.
 Poems My Way ~ Valrie
           Tears for Dad
Like the gentle falling rain outside
My tears stream from inside...
A heart broken in deep sorrow
Waiting for you perhaps tomorrow
Will be a better day for me, I'll
Wait, knowing your within Heaven's gate.
I'll close my eyes tonight and sleep
With hopes again one day we'll meet.
Until that day for now I'll rest
For dad 'tis you who knew me best.
I love you now and forever Dad.
Poems My Way - Valrie 04/29/2013

If I could dial direct to Heaven
I know just who I'd call -
So many words left unsaid
Would freely fill the air.

If I could have one chance again
To catch you from a fall
And tuck you in your bed
To tell you I love you and care...

If I could see the smile upon your
Face, the gleam in your blue eyes
And hold your hand once more,
I would give it all to be with you.

If I could change my saddened world -
I would take away the tears I cry
That flood my bedroom floor...
Yet God does see me through

If I could see you dance and twirl -
My heart's sorrow would lift a bit,
Enough to live another day alone
And have peace within my soul.

If I could do this for daddy's little girl
The sky with stars would be lit.
I returning to my thoughts and home
Yet now my heartstrings just pull.

Poems My Way - Valrie 05/01/2013


True Friends

True Friends
True friends love you for who you are... not what you are not

 True friends laugh with you, not at you and know when to stop...

 True friends believe in you when you yourself no longer can.
True friends always jump right in to lend you a helping hand.

True friends uncannily read your inner most thoughts

 True friends give freely and can never be bought...

 True friends know when you are happy or sad even alone

 True friends like you live in my heart and make me feel at home.

Poems My Way ~ Valrie Verhoeven Hefty 05/19/2013