I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

As I Ponder Through the Night...

  "In the Still of the Night" came on the radio and here is where my own thoughts take me in the still of my nights...

 As I Ponder Through the Night

Sometimes I lay awake at night and wonder,
Oh the troubles and worries of my slumber -
Never a frutiful evening for me was spent,
Trying to discern the irony and malcontent
Of those who would inflict pain upon
Another, prey on them when downtrodden -
Souls empty and ever so lost in despair
Consumed and frantic because of their fear.
What causes such a futile life to be -
Why is it the past so haunts them and me?

And then there are the mornings' sweet sunrise
WHen the tears of the night met their demise
For as I awaken to the laurels of birds in Spring
I celebrate the life of every living thing!
The butterflies whose grace takes away my breath
The tulips and the lillies perfection underneath
Barefeet and silky grass in meadows as it grows
For the little fawn spotted and her dainty nose
That sniffs for luscious greens partakes a meal
Each day filled with love and off explores with zeal..

Yet still the night returns and thoughts of yesteryear
Creep in between the folds of more than just my fear -
Of memories and treasure lost forever, untold
Lies and wounds left to heal, oh to be loved, to hold
Another in my arms without the fear of pain -
To renew my faith, have hope for love again,
But can that ever be or is trust and respect so gone
Annihalted through years of hate, sad and broken bones
Left on a roadside to die or as the law of nature demands
Rise above and fight for Life and Love, I stand!

But as I  begin to crawl out of the pits of my sorrows
Although I may forgive them, I'll ne'er forget the tomorrows
Of my life, the roads I traveled, the murky bloody waters
The visits came they went and love like wilted flowers.
A soul awakened from slumber to rise out of the ashes
Of another's sins, to rebuild a life without lashes
From those loved the most, the cruel whip of man
Mudering my thoughts, absconding with my plans...
And I now cajole myself with the truth and bare
My secrets for noone but for me, as I dare!

Sometimes a pause in Life brings a new calm
It rejuvenates the once burdened empty palms
Delightfully returns one to a better state of mind
The tiny granules of hate did not last in time
Enough to destroy the joy, the love of a birdsong
As it glides amidst the damp dewey morn, gone
To soar among the skies and build a nest
 Among the Poplar trees for their own sweet rest.
and as the moon settles in aloft upon the clouds
I pause to think and speak my fears aloud...

Yes, a pause serves well, it does not set back
The hands of time, nor remove the hard cold facts
Of war and other sinful acts, yet brings us time
Time of reflection, projecting lesser than kind
The blame unto nother, friend, foe, or lover
And man agiain forget hiss brother and his mother
Strays from the path of Light, and his thoughts
Walks alone in darkness,  all is indeed for naught
Unless the pause in Life renews our hope for mankind
So my friend, need I once again, a glimpse behind?

Poems My Way Valrie 04/27/2011

I hope that God brings each of us what need for commfort in the still of our nights!

A final note, I will be walking in the local Relay for Life this Spring in Cooperstown Dreams Park and honoring  those os us whom are survivors of BC and of our loved ones, I am accepting donations for a virtual team to walk with me. Please email me here!       for more details!

        My goodness, it's almost 12 noon and here I sit sipping my JAVA and still in a robe...
Time to be running though, as our dear poet Robert Frost wrote... "and miles to go before I sleep."

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                                           Remember, GOD LOVES YOU!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

To Thine Be The Glory


                    To Thine Be The Glory

Dear God, to Thine be the glory, the resurrection takes hold
For the Son as lambs was sacrificed unto Thee we're told...
The palms were laid, the tomb was closed and laid to rest
Harken the angels call as Mary boldly confessed...

Christ has died, Christ has risen again, King of Kings,
How wondrous a miracle such good news to bring...
The trupets sound, the soldiers are aghast
For they feared not what we know at last...

The Son, our God, and Holy trinity proclaims
Life everlasting for in His death no longer to refrain
Proclain your faith for we are redeemed...
Hasten to the chapels at sunrise to be seen...

Hosana loud the angels sing Hosana is Our King
Sins forgiven, washed away by His sacrificing
All to be our Lord, His Father did unselfishly provide
The way to Eternity, so our sins we need not hide.

To God and Christ be Thine glory, cheer, share the story
Of Jesus, His Life, His Love, everlasting faith, surely
Deserves no less of Thee, for God loves His Son
And what is, was, and will forever be is not undone.

Praise all the Heavens, Loud the anthems sing
For on this Easter Morning, we crowned Him King.
Rejoice, rejoice, and know with all your inner soul
That Christ's death is Life, for thousands yet told...

Spread the Word, the gospel hymns sing Thee well,
Embrace the Love, the Light, and find a peaceful
Sanctuary to embark upon your walk with Jesus
His joy is in the redemption of our sins, beseeches us...

We hear His Word, and most today obey
For with His life our sins He did pay!
Behold the garden of our innocence was plucked away
Yet on this Easter morn' we beg forgiveness, pray...

To Thine own Life, God should be the glory
For His Son's sake, disciples tell His story,
The lilly scented Heaven brings forth delight
For no long in darkness does despair rule the night.

The rays of Hope, blessed by Eternal Life renews
Our inner souls, a second chance to our Lord be true,
Do not betray His trust, nor throw lives away in lust -
For verily this time Life promises much for us.

Yea, though you have walked through troubles waters
And now been washed clean by Christ, life matters,
Make of it more than years gone by, heed this advice
And in God's powerful sacrifice of Christ have Life.

Poems My Way - Valrie 04/24/2011

                  To Thine Be The Glory Hymn that inspired this poem...

May your Easter be filled with happiness and the promise of Life. Remember to Love others as God Loves!

Linking up with so many wonderful inspirational bloggers at Spiritual Sundays visit for more blessings!

                                                                          God Loves You!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

In The Bulb There Is A Flower

In The Bulb There Is A Flower...

In the bulb there is a flower,
In spring there is new life...
In Christ's death was made a sacrifice
Yet as we near the coming hour...

Have you shared in His glory?
Does your heart speak purely
Are your thoughts His, totally
Cleansed by the wounds of His story?

We walk along the path of Man
Doing good deeds to enter within
The Kingdom of God, how convulted then
Is it to think it is purchased, planned?

Kindness is truly a virtue, forgiveness
Though is mine and yet how difficult to choose
To forive, yes, forget I think not, those
Who could ever forget the reasons are useless..

The will toil on earth and plant seeds
To become weapons of doubt, to confuse
The minds, hearts, and souls, to diffuse
The strength that grows in the garden, take heed.

In the bulb of Christ's story there is a flower
Tat flower is one of new life, rebirth
An opportunity to cleanse the earth
Take fast ahold of God's word, for near is the hour...

As the sun comes up Easter morn' will you see
The sunrise of God's glory, His sacrifice
To Man was His Son, the bulb of eternal life
I pray you reach out and welcome Eternity.

Poems My Way- Valrie 04/23/2011

May your Easter be blessed, Passover cherished, and your heart filled with the love of Life.
I had so many ideas for the post today, nd yet when I sat  to compose prose, this poem just came to me... literallly.

As a young Christian one of my favorite songs was and still is.. In the bulb there is a flower...

Today I start a seasonal position at Cooperstown's famous The Otesaga. Check it   out here and come to Hawkeye Grill!
I, A modest greeter to welcome you to the Grill.
The Otesaga, prestigious, exquisite and we love it!

See this adorable bunny holding her Spring Lamb? I found her thrifting on Monday, I fell in love!

Sending you a BEARY Happy PINK EASTER hug!
Please HOP over to BEV and share with all the great PS!
And I so love to read your comments!

                                               Remember, God Loves us everyone!

I'll be by later this evening, just so EGGS CITED to see all the spring and PINKS!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Crown Him Our True King

Holy week is drawing to a close and as Christ died upon the cross let us remember He suffered in death so that we may have eternal Life.

Crown Him Our True King

Along the road he bore a cross, our sins and even more
The knowledge that His earthly life would soon cease...
Betrayed by those of trust, loved too by women of lust...
And yet a man and but a King, He was crowned one day -

Crowned Him with the thorns, humiliated further and yet
His words, "forgive then Father, they not what they do..."
Crown Him The King of Kings and share in the glory
Through the years has the journey changed?

We visit Good Friday, the day Christ died
And yet the world today seems far worse than before
Christ died, why I wonder? Why do You allow the suffering?
How can our pains, and hurts, and heartbreaks matter...

When on bent knees I fall and beg for mercy, relief
From the woe and ways of the world, a sea of tears
Shed, and not even sweet vinegar removes the stain
Mankind has placed upon the earth, filled with scourge.

A time for renewal and the rebirth awaits, a second coming?
Or the beginning of the end, does it matter, will it ever end?
The homeless wander and wonder where the next meal might be,
The battered and abuse turn their cheeks and flinch in pain...

And when God, when will mankind refrain from ill gotten ways?
Is it today Lord, the day you were crowned with thorns?
Or will it be tomorrow or the next and the next, and...
I flee the lands that birthed me for they too have forsaken me...

I stripped myself of the sins I bore and cleansed myself in Communion...
And still here are more, crosses to bear, tears to shed, and blood
To wash away yet more sins yet to be unleashed by the wrath of man,
And God, where are you? Should we endure it all as did Christ.

In scoff, the soldiers crowned Him a King, made of thorns; the women
Weeped and begged of His crucifiers to have mercy, yet in no way
Was Your Son released from the burdened of our sins, a travesty
It must have been to stand by and watch the wounds Christ endured.

Crown Him a true King, release from within this hateful world
For all eternity man's hate, crimes and wars, show us how
Tell us why crown a king and then upon his grave roll the door?
In attempting to build I fear more faith was destroyed...

So Crown Him, Crown Him the rightful King, AND in the second coming
Raise high the palm branches as he rides into the Holy Lands,
Awake in all the ability to see and share the one true light,
Please God, a humble servant, I beseech Thee, Crown Him, King.

Poems My Way Valrie 04/22/2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Will You Walk With Me? Be Still My Burdened Soul, All is Well

Today's Poem is inspired by this Swedish lyric. Hope you enjoy it!

Will You Walk With Me?

Into the garden of life I came and once walked alone.
No longer for you are here and so walk with me...
Once forgotten I know now where and how to come home
And how simple, yet did I only know sooner to open my eyes to Thee?

Many a cold wintry morn' I walked the woods of my youth tide,
Afraid of my feelings, wiping teary eyes, for I felt forlorn
My friends were but mine enemies, the truth from them did I hide?
A heart filled with so much love to give, yet ruthlessly torn...

Searching among the starlit Heavens I gazed up in awe,
I cried out to You, yet little knowing the answers weren't far...
I heard the lips of angels speak to me as they comforted, raw
Within the burden of my loins and heart a lost soul marred...

And they said will you walk to me, will you come into my arms?
Or as did we once help to carry footprints in the sands,
Come to you as Jesus so you too will walk, no longer harmed?
Please dear one, stretch out your weakened woeful hands...

Won't you walk with me, and feel the gentle breeze of love?
Are you not worthy of happiness, relieve the burdened years...
Come unto the Heavens and Hosana, join Aaints high above,
For full well we know, 'tis long enough and pain becomes tears.

Our tears or of joy, happiness, and birth for your Salvation
Comes and time is drawing near, so Ye of Faith, come walk
With Me, harken to the angels calls, and through Resurrection
Of your Faith, conviction to the LORD, new Life embarks.

So are you able to walk with me, steady by my side in faith?
When will you make the choice to enter the realm of God?
Will it be today my friend, a gentle walk and talk ... how great
A choice for all when you answer true my call, yes, through God...

Now, a tender talk from me to you, and we walk a glorious path
Into new begnnings, washed by the blood of Christ in sacrifice
Not the Lamb but the Way, belongs to you, as today rejoice, hath
Made a new entry into the book 'tis written your eternal life.

Poems My Way Valrie 04/21/2011

Like I said yesterday, they just come to me... and when the muse speaks I listen and my fingers take the walk with Thee oh God, Praise You!

A second by a favorite hymn... Be Still My Soul and John Moen's rendition...


Be Still My Burdened Soul, All is Well

Be still my burdened soul, for all is well today
Christ my Saviour has come to the garden of my life
And planted the seeds to rebuild awaken yesterday
When all was good and true filled with love not strife -

Be still my troubled heart, relieve the salty tears
That pool deep within your wound and hear His words
No longer live in chains that bound you all these years,
Break free from laden straints placed unjust and so hard...

Be still and know that He is here with you lost soul,
Bathe in the cleansed waters, your sins washed away,
What was once dark, depressing, and long run foul
Is replaced with peaceful thoughts, in not so subtle way...

Gone is the time to wile away your youth, reach out now
And hold fast to the rope I sent to you, climb high
Upon it and permit the pure waters to baptize, somehow
You have known, cajoled yourself many a day, but why?

Why will you not be still my soul, what causes the unrest?
Have you other burdens left to share, does pain still await
Your closed door, or is it time for Love, Life, Happiness?
Yes, be still my souls, be still and enter into His gate.

There is but one way to be still, my soul, it rests with HE...
Ponder longer, delay once more, or break free from heavy chains
That bind you, how many years oh troubled soul, unhappily
Left to wander and wonder or know through Christ, He came...

Ah, yes, peace, serenity, I bask now with thee, content beyond
Belief or becasue I do believe, through my faith I rise to Thee.
Whole again, the injured soul lies still, lost, now found,
I am coming home to you, be still my soul, be free.

Poems My Way- Valrie 04/21/2011

You Were There! Making choices that count in LIFE!

                                                                    You Were There!

                            Were You There?
Yes, most definitely, you were there when they crucified OUR LORD.

He took from us our sins and washed them away with the wound he bore -

Deep into his side, as the sword plunged and nails pounding –

Soldiers hung Him high upon the Cross for all to see … pondering thoughts.

My God the sacrifice You made, seemed filled with cruelty to take the Life

From within one born in Your Namesake, of humble means and civility.

Ne’er a kinder or more compassionate soul than HE walked our Earth,

And yet now… Was it all futile, as we desolate YOUR lands; Destroy your flocks?

The sheep and lambs we send to war, pale in comparison to what is most at stake -

Lost souls, lost lives to dwindle and combat away their incessant fears in Hell.

Idyllic worships in vain, misguided prayers to false gods filled with false hopes

Of eternity with the One High Being, or a game of chess is surely played –

I FEAR what I do not understand, I run from what I know, I seek in knowing more –

How Lord, how to tell all we were there with you upon that once barren cross?

Tell me how to share the walk you took up Cavalry Hill… with total faith

You bore the sins of all mankind and in your death there is Life, Resurrection -

A day for all our souls is near. When , You are too kind to enlighten us –

Yet rest assured, The Day will be either a rapture of wrath or a blessing of Angels

Consuming those without repent or guiding home your precious flock.

The choice remains ours alone, as do the consequences. What do you choose?

Remember YES you were there as Christ died upon His Cross , He chose

The path of Life, to honor His Father as do I, the One and only father of mankind.

The road you will travel is not always filled with joy, but it brings eternal happiness

Will you Stand up for Jesus this Easter Sunrise? Will you be there this time?

                                 Poems My Way – Valrie 04/21/2011

                                                                             Did Christ die in vain?
             artist credits

The One Question, this Year will you be There?

                                               Or will the sun go down without your Salvation?

                            I send up prayers for all to come to eternal LIFE through the Light!

Please share your thoughts and comments!
...And now back to scholarly writing, the creative juices are battling against the academic ones, and yet to achioeve my goals I must reach a balance of the two. How?
                 God Bless YOU and as Mom always said , "Rememeber, GOD LOVES YOU!"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This too will pass!

There are days when creative juices flow, flood my thoughts and I ere can help but jot them down. Thank goodness for voice activated software. As you all know this has been  a very difficult 8 weeks for me. I am off crutrches and have to wean myself off the walking boot aircast. :-) I actually walked barefoot in the grass and even though quite soggy I loved it! And to think at 3AM this AM we had an inch of snow fresh fallen.

Trying to beat the odds and finish my current doctoral course with courage and on time... I did have to request an extension, rather an incomplete in progress. The class officially ends Saturday,and with my meager accomodations I am on the books for 1 1/2 times extension to complete it. However, the good Lord has given me an angel of a professor and she understands what I am enduring and has been a constant supportive professor and a nurturer. Bless you Dr. Thompson. There needs to be more facilitators , educators and administrators like her, empathy without making you feel badly. She always encourages me to keep being The Little Engine That Could!

From the Poet's Corner!!!
                        This Too, Will Pass!

And I too will endure all that it takes to make me whole

I will, like the Phoenix rise from the ashes of burning pain

Soar among the clouds when this terminal degree is done

Run with the bulls in Madrid, dance with the tulips in Amsterdam

Bask on the beach in Hawaii, swim with the dolphins in the sea

Bounce with the kangaroos of Australia, laugh with New Zealand seals

Roar among the African jungles with my saber tooth feline kin.

Rise to new heights with the bald eagle of the great American Northwest,

Climb the highest peak I can find even if it is only Mt.Washington...

Sail the oceans around the world and snorkle the day away with fish...

Race around the track in a new to me Corvette like the one I lost...

Sing with the Angels for all they have guided me through,

And one day sit with God, my Maker and Saviour, for all eternity...

Oh but for all our dreams, would we still want to endure?

Poems My Way Valrie 04/20/2011

                           May the angels continue to watch over all in their times of need....

            I give thanks to You  God,... for God is good, and all the time God is good!

Among all Nature rests God in His Glory!

Please leave your comments, they brighten up my day!

In loving memory for MOM & Granny~ Susan Boyle How Great Thou Art (HD Scenic)

Dear Mom, Granny,

In loving memory of just How Great THOU Art.

Mom used to sing this so loud thee rafters in the house would shake. It was awesome! Mom, I hope you are still singing this only now for the angels and GOD!

Granny was the greatest grandmother a little girl could ever hope for. I miss you Granny HAPPY BIRTHDAY in Heaven!

Love your Daughter & Grandaughter,


Rise above Fear

Today I dedicate my poem to a dear friend in Poland who has been stressed out over a stalker who has terrified her daily life. Please send up prayers for Teresa and may God Bless you and keep you safe Tess! 

         Rise above Fear

When into the pits of FEAR we gravely fall -

Rise above them and listen to a higher deity's call!
Remove yourself from the circle of chains that bind you -
Grab that rope and tie as many knots to hold onto!
Know that you are not alone and that I know your fear is real...
Return to your life, with a bit less zeal,
But return and safeguard the signals that are sent out, as they bounce back!
Address the look in the mirror - what does it reflect? Get your life back!
Hold high your head, square your shoulders, lift up your chin?
Confront these fears despite others' murky chagrin...
When you break free of fear, your life at once begins again!
Close this door now and open your heart and win!
Poems My WAy Valrie 04/20/2011
I am reaching across the globe to give you a hug!
                                                               My heart goes out to you!  
                 Will always be here as a friend, you just call out my name... (James Taylor)
                                 I always ever a keyboard click away or email me here!
                                                    Your guardian angel will watch over you....
My heartfelt prayers are sent for you to God's hands...

Love You!

Sweet beary hearts and dreams!
Please leave a comment and prayers send up in name of teresa.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

By God's Grace

             By God's Grace

Oh Holy Week upon us once more
God in all His glory knows what lays in store -
He asks that we humbly enter within
The door He opens in order to begin...

A life filled with serenity, kindness and His love -
The warm touch of His hand reaches down from above...
To Thine  name, oh Lord I share Thy wondrous story
In hopes of peace, eternal life and a realm of glory.

Healing Grace who shines upon all that flock
Within the walls of His kingdom, doors unlock
To those who reveal themselves and surrender all
Answering the cries of woe, empty arms that call

Out for relief, burdens and toils runneth over -
No means to rise above the ashes and take cover
In the blanket of Godly love, redemption of a soul -
To how many others will Thy story yet be told?

In my life I have felt Thy love, been resurrected from my grave
Of sadness more than once, yet still the heart tears apart, save
For the One constant in my hands which rest upon your feet
As you carry me through desolate sands, barren lands and weep -

Tears of sadness or tears of hope to cleanse away the sins
Of the earth, of man, not for scoffing or to offer chagrin
But to set straight the crimes of all and wash the bloody river clean
For this I lay awake at nights in hope of this reality and not amy dreams...

Take my life and Lord let it be, shape it molded and held fast by Thee
Fill my empty soul with tears of joy, show me steadfastly, and happily
I will follow Ye into the Kingdom of God - renew my broken faith
And by Thy love oh Holy One, as only You might grant me grace.

Poems My Way Valrie 04/19/2011

As I walk the path to God, I pray my questions have answers, my fears subside, and I release all to You!

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Ventures Trying to Make an Honest Living

Unemployment benefits will soon run out. Full-time teaching jobs at my level of experience in low socioeconomic regions are non-existent so I am turning up my focus in generating self-employment opportunities. Noone seems to want pay for the experience, teachers are churned out and burned out faster than they are trained. I so pray for a real job in education soon.

I continue on with my doctoral studies, and have to remain positive, yet one does have to eat and pay bills in the meantime...

I start a part-time position soon in the local resort area. I hope I have the physical endurance to do the job, a "greeter" at the grand Otsesaga. It is 35 plus hours, no benefits, but a regular paycheck and I can still substitute days to increase my income.

I came across a product that has been rejuvenating me and improving my health and so I also became a distributor. My website  gives you all the information on the nutritional and healthy products, including for  our children.

Here are the URLS:

Valrie Verhoeven ForteBuilder Opportunity Page

Vemma Profile

Have you checked out the new MaryKay Lines? I so love the professional looks for business women. Come visit me in my PINK BUBBLE ! Email me for your personal consultation and SPRING bonus with a purchase of $ 40 or more!

Very busy day ahead, 4 papers to write, a webinar to attend and finishing up loose ends for the tax seasons!

Have a wonderful day! 60 degrees at 10AM and loving it!

Guess it's time to get out of the jammies and intothe shower and begin the regime of the day!
 Of course a fresh pot of coffee  brewing and soon my fingers will be steaming from racing across keys!
                                              Sending out HUGS to all my friends and loved ones.
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