I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Were There! Making choices that count in LIFE!

                                                                    You Were There!

                            Were You There?
Yes, most definitely, you were there when they crucified OUR LORD.

He took from us our sins and washed them away with the wound he bore -

Deep into his side, as the sword plunged and nails pounding –

Soldiers hung Him high upon the Cross for all to see … pondering thoughts.

My God the sacrifice You made, seemed filled with cruelty to take the Life

From within one born in Your Namesake, of humble means and civility.

Ne’er a kinder or more compassionate soul than HE walked our Earth,

And yet now… Was it all futile, as we desolate YOUR lands; Destroy your flocks?

The sheep and lambs we send to war, pale in comparison to what is most at stake -

Lost souls, lost lives to dwindle and combat away their incessant fears in Hell.

Idyllic worships in vain, misguided prayers to false gods filled with false hopes

Of eternity with the One High Being, or a game of chess is surely played –

I FEAR what I do not understand, I run from what I know, I seek in knowing more –

How Lord, how to tell all we were there with you upon that once barren cross?

Tell me how to share the walk you took up Cavalry Hill… with total faith

You bore the sins of all mankind and in your death there is Life, Resurrection -

A day for all our souls is near. When , You are too kind to enlighten us –

Yet rest assured, The Day will be either a rapture of wrath or a blessing of Angels

Consuming those without repent or guiding home your precious flock.

The choice remains ours alone, as do the consequences. What do you choose?

Remember YES you were there as Christ died upon His Cross , He chose

The path of Life, to honor His Father as do I, the One and only father of mankind.

The road you will travel is not always filled with joy, but it brings eternal happiness

Will you Stand up for Jesus this Easter Sunrise? Will you be there this time?

                                 Poems My Way – Valrie 04/21/2011

                                                                             Did Christ die in vain?
             artist credits

The One Question, this Year will you be There?

                                               Or will the sun go down without your Salvation?

                            I send up prayers for all to come to eternal LIFE through the Light!

Please share your thoughts and comments!
...And now back to scholarly writing, the creative juices are battling against the academic ones, and yet to achioeve my goals I must reach a balance of the two. How?
                 God Bless YOU and as Mom always said , "Rememeber, GOD LOVES YOU!"

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