I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Blessings in PINK!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!
The greatest gift of all LOVE!
How quickly we forget to be thankful for what we DO have in life, yet even quicker are we that complain for what we do not have...
One thing my mom always said was to stand tall and square your shoulders!

I am visiting Wilmington NC this weekend into next week expecting my twin grandbabies on Monday! Asking God to Bless their house and the arrival of the twins! (Boy and Girl).

When your heart is right with God everything else falls right in place!

With all the blessings of God I have received I must give Him thanks!

 I give my life to God, for He is the reason I live!

Sending out big PINK HUGS to you!
 Going to enjoy the rest of my java and then head out to the beach with the kids, see their plot where their new house is being built, and lunch at a quaint restaurant! So excited! Monday cannot come soon enough!

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A Pslam and Prayer

A Psalm and Prayer

At His knees I kneel in prayer
I come without reservation
To Him I surrender all my fear
Unto God I owe my salvation.

Through His amazing grace
My life was spared, my hopes
And dreams, once empty space
I cling now to the Holy robes
Of Jesus; regal yet humble ~
A modest way. my life pursues
No longer angered, no grumbles
Or hapless life misconstrued.
I rejoice in the power of His word,
I lift up my heart in songs of praise
I listen to what once went unheard
Eyes open... the Holy spirit raised
Up from the depths of despair
Cleansed by the bath of blood
Stained with the tender loving care
Of a Father's only son, kingdom-hood
Yet but a promise, that for our sins He
Crucified His Son for our eternal life
The precious gift and spirituality
Of removing our suffering and strife.
How magnanimous is He that lives
In us, in all we do, are, or will be
So wondrous and amazing He gives
His all and so in turn must we.
On bent knees I fall and weep
I place myself into His hands
In earnest prayer I shall keep
My faith, no longer need remands.
A devout and Godly life I lead
In all I do or say, Lord I pray
That of your word I take heed
A disciple, become of You today.

Poems My Way ~ Valrie 07/23/2013

I am in Wilmington, NC for the rest of the week into next Wednesday. My son Joey and his beautiful wife Laura are expecting twins who will be delivered Monday morning God willing! Lifting them all up in prayer during these last few days before their life as a family begins. what a journey that lays ahead for them and me... a first time grandma!

Laura and Joey!
I just love this picture of them!

Enjoying a quiet morning with my DIL Laura before I take her to the pre-op surgical appointment. Good coffee and great fellowship. Lucky is the MIL whose DIL loves her. I am so blessed to have Laura in my life.


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Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Heart is filled with love and the Holy Spirit!

               My heart runneth over in faith, love and belief for Christ our Lord and Saviour!

My Heart Belongs to Christ
The heart of my spirit and soul belongs to Christ.
In Him alone I place my Trust and Faith.
Without Him, an empty shell remains.
To know Him is to Love Him.
To Love Him is to Trust Him.
In Trust there is always Hope.
With Hope and Trust comes Joy.
This Joy from the Holy Spirit
Fills my heart each day.
Into His arms I rest...
By His hands I live.
I live because He Loves.
My heart sings with gladness.
I rejoice in Him.
When I Obey the Holy Spirit
I live my life for Him,
I glorify His name in all I do.
A  heart filled by the Holy Spirit
Receives His gifts and
By His hands enjoys life eternal.
I live because I love He that Loved me first.
Poems My Way ~ Valrie
When your heart is filled with love the whole world benefits!
Into God's hands I commend my life so that He will guide me on His path.

What we believe is the heart of our thoughts and actions;
let not the mind steer you away from Christ!

  For when you let go and let God, your life transforms, He is in control!
I endeavor daily to follow God's path for me. My God given talents are hopefully glorifying His name. Only God knows my destiny, yet it is up to me to discover what it is He has in store for me!
May your day be filled with blessings and God's Love. Have a blessed week!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Good Moooo rning! Pink Saturday!

Good Morning,

It is going to be crowdy with a bit of whining, nearing the early morning rushshine. On the east coast tempers are at ur worst with storms circling on the 495 N & S, 270 at midday will appear lighter; however late afternoon
into early evening we expect grumble storms as we head west of DC on I 66. Commuters be sure to take your umbrellas, as it will be raining tiger cats and pit bulls in the news. Bottleneck clams will be found heading to the mountains, they're too steamed at the shores. Stay tuned for more of your whether or not news...hear it first on Facebook Gossip channel I said it first! BCN

Bossy Cow News!


What fun do you have planned for the weekend? We hope to do some antiquing, flea markets and maybe go to some local museums. It's been very hot here in Virginia. 95 degrees with a heat factor of 0ver 102... and humid!
I will soon become a grandmother for the first time, times two. My son's twins are due July 29th, 2013. So very excited to be joining the grandmother's club.

Each day I wake up my first thoughts of the day are for God's grace in my life. I have so many things I am grateful for, but most of all that I am alive through God's grace.
 When was the last time you looked at your life? Do you know that what you think about you bring about? Your actions you model are visible by all especially all to your children. Also the choices, you make will have consequences. We cannot  live on what ifs and we must learn to live with the choices we have made to the best of our abilities. We cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results. The only person that can change you is YOU! What you think about You bring about!

Life is too short to waste. Surround yourself with positive people...

 In times of fear, turn your heart, soul, mind and spirit towards God.

I wish for the heartache in the world to be relieved.

If your heart is troubled turn your heartaches over to God.
When you are overwhelmed and the tears flow
Hold fast to your Faith, God will know...
And all your fears will be shod.
When all the world seems against you and doors close
Be patient, and in time the hurt will heal.
Know that there are better things ahead; kneel
Upon your knees, hold on to the path you chose...
How you view the world and people in your life
Becomes a reality, your actions and your thoughts ~
Ask well, am I receiving the gifts I sought?
Free yourself from negativity and strife.
Why do we do things in our daily actions ~ routines
Seeking comfort, chasing away fears,
How much time have we wasted through the years
Knowing now the difference, I live by God's design.
Poems My Way ~ Valrie 07/20/2013
Some days I just need a hug!

Unconditional positive self regard of yourself and for others.

Ask and you will receive!

Look who came to my house this past week...
Isn't she just adorable! y good friend Regi made her... she is a one of a kind hand sculpted faerie with delicate butterfly wings,  a whimsical creation, perched on a tea cup and saucer... visit Regi of Southern Ooaks for more treasures! My hubby had bought her to give to me for my birthday in August, but when I got home from Orlando last weekend, he caved in and gave her to me early! Thank you Regi so much for whispering in Mark's ear that I wanted her so much!
Hope you enjoyed your visit today! Be sure and stop by Beverly's at How Sweet The Sound.

 Sending you all a big PINK SATURDAY hug!
Off to surf the web and on with my day!