I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Lady Weeps...4th of July Tribute

The Lady Weeps

 I stand in your harbor, refurbished, renewed, a gift from France,

It was not by mere fate I came here, but of your circumstance.

I look down among your people saddened and with great dismay

I see many forgot what it means...to have an Independence Day!

Your shores were a promise to the old and young, the rich and  poor

Yet now you all argue displacing many and to others close the door.

Surely this is not what your forefathers through God's wisdom divined 
                                     To occur, noble causes...freedom of speech, press, and religion.. I  remind

You citizens of a once proud nation, conquering all...blazing your trails...

That if not for the foundations laid by many great men, you'd have failed.

To see all the tumult return to this land, I shake my head, I don't understand.

Taxation rising, education failing, heroes forgotten, jobs lost economy remanded

To near extinction by futile trips overseas, wars of even greater cost, lost lives.

Where did my sister nation go wrong, how did your values and ethics subside?

An independence won from a tyranny, God given strength, risen from adversity

Won't you stand tall once more and a great nation be, take back your liberty?

Dependent on others for their yen or their trade, struggling mouths at home...

Needing to be fed and clothed, homeless without shelter, lost souls who roam!

Oh America, I weep at your shores, at what you have become, others shun...

I beseech you great country restore in God your faith and undo what's done.

The time draws nearer when upon your shores wars again will be fought

So put your trust in God and with His Faith your independence sought

Once more from oppression, depression and fearing  a secession.

Enlighten your youth, command their spirits to God's direction

And let us join our hands, take a stand, to live proud and free ~

Once more to reign in the land of the brave for liberty!

Poems My Way ~ Valrie 07/04/2013
On the Fourth of July we celebrate our independence from tyranny, and the right to freely practice our faith, our freedom of speech, the right to bare arms, and to become One Nation under God.  Is that where we are today? Are we unified? I wrote this poem from the perspective of Lady Liberty...What would our forefathers say to us if they were here today? I believe we are headed for another civil unrest.. on our own lands, among our own people. Yet we fight wars across the seas, send millions of dollars there, so that others might are  arms against us and fellow Christians. The leadership of our country, in my humble opinion is sorely lacking in Christian virtues, morals and ethical practices that emulate a true leader and follower of God... please pray with me today as I ask for God to return His presence on our seas to shining seas... to grow fields of heroes who live and die for the red, white, and blue...and who are cherished for doing so. Let us become once again the great nation God intended us to be, and live in the land of liberty, where we live free, but LIBERTY is not free! It has a price and the sacrifices our brave men and women made and continue to make is that price. Our freedom was bought on the backs of men and women who are no longer here, who sweat and toil won our freedom.. today more brave men and women continue to fight for these God given liberties in our great land... will you take a STAND and join me today? I stand up for America!
May your 4th of July be filled with joy as you celebrate our independence.



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