I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Celebrating Miracles on a PINK SATURDAY!!!

This week we celebrate the miracles of God. His grace, mercy and love for us has touched mnay of us in ways often difficult to put in words. Musicians, artists, novelists and poets seem to best say it for others. Last night I attended the Haggart, and Brooks & Dunn outdoor concert. Many of the country songs sing the muse of heartaches and heartbrweaks. Today we celebrate those experiences in our daily lives, which give us the happy results of overcomoing these heartaches and heartbreaks. Today's post is dedicated to Guideposts,  a special miracle of prayer and the PINK SATURDAY bloggers, and all its supporters in the power of prayer and miracles of God.

The miracles of God are forever present in my life. To my sister Vanessa at http://vanessa-stitchesnstuff.blogspot.com/ I owe my life and livelihood. For over a year she housed me , fed me clothed me. and loved and nurtured me . She is a woman of God and has been the true butterfly of my life!

She is my  guardian angel!

The power of prayer is not visible in tangible means...right? NO! You couldn't be more wrong. It can be seen in every sunrise or sunset, in each new baby born, in the sprout of a flower, the return of the first bird and butterflies. The miracle of children to communicae in any language...play! There is the miracle of FAITH. Daring to believe in what YOU decide, an exercise in free will, yet are we truly free? The modern miracles of science assist in the Lord's healing power' every day saving lives, doing transplants, developing vaccines and antibodies, medicine to combat diseases of unknown origin. Yet, is this our design or God's? Who gives us the power to create? Is it innate or  God sent?

Yet in all this glory we still send our youth and other loved one's to war... toc ombat against that which they believe. Breaking commandments, ..."thou shalt not kill,"  "thou shalt not commit adultery,"  "thou shall not lie, nor bear false witness against me," perhaps the greatest of them nearly everyone has broken at least one or two... And then there is the miracle of God's forgiving grace, even if you do not believe..."Forgive them, FATHER, for they  know not what they do!" or do you? Do you "do unto others as ye would have them do unto you," or are you a doer to others as they have done to you?   Do you believe justice is Divine and Forgiveness is mine?

I have travelled a very murky and troubled road since the late '80's.  I have had 4 critical car accidents. Two, each when I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter and  gorgeous son. They are 3 years apart in age. Each time suffering back and neck injuries while in utero, 19 weeks, and 27 weeks pregnant. Go figure,,,,
Each are alive and well, not safe for my son as he is in Afghanistan fighting a useless war.  Yet, he is a miracle of God. I was told he was dead and to prepare for a spontaneous abortion... 23 years later I am proud to be the mother of Lance Corporal Joseph US MARINE! His older sister is a miracle in her own right. She has had to overcome more than any child, first born should ever have to comply with. She is now spreading her wings and learning to trust and believe in herself. She is awesome, smart, pretty, and will be a veternarian one day as she is building her dream.

The loss of a child before you go to the LORD is painful. I lost three babies in utero and know they, as innocents are with the Lord. Yet this could not prepare me for the loss of my own mother at an early age of 62, 21 years ago this past August 24th, she was received in God's kingdom. I rest well in my heart and soul knowing she awaits me. Losing the father of my children was a heartbreak I will never overcome. My childhood sweetheart, first love, and husband of 16 years, and then he strayed. For that I forgave him and set him free unto the Lord. He died early too at 48 of cancer. Then I lost both my grandmothers, and both of my children's paternal grandparents. Lost, well, they are alive in my heart and memories, yet where have they gone. Does it rest  well within their souls? I hope so.

For me, the worst despair is FEAR. I was crippled and paralyzed throughout my diivorces and while fighting for my life at least 4 times critically ill, not including the 2 car accidents while pregnant. Yet I drove on, and I do not mean the car. Faith, Belief, Perseverance, Determination, Inner-drive, and Hope for a better tomorrow when I woke - up kept me alive. I feared being unloved, the dark, being a single mom, feared failure and shut down, not trying so I could not failed. Fear of finances, and where the next $5 bag of groceriews would come from in the '70's and now those same groceries cost $25. Fear of being rejected, not measuring up, being inadequate, dumb, stupid, ugly, fat, and old. Fear of dying I lost a long long time ago. It is now more the fear of being left behind or being one that someone close leaves behind when they enter a higher realm.

Miracles in my life, I have lost count:
  • you will never be able to have children... I have 2 natural born
  • you cannot go to college you are too poor, I am working on my docotorate degree
  • you are fat and will never lose weight, I am smaller than before the birth of children and high school days.
  • you have breast cancer, last year first clean baseline
  • you have nothing wrong it is all in your head, 6 weeks later a full radical hysterectomy was performed and the docotors apologized for misdiagnosis.
  • you broke your back and might not walk right or bear weight, I overcome with weight training and exercise
  • you have severe advanced osteoporissis and the skeletal structure of a 90 year old... I was only 48 then. Today without medication but through diet and vitamins my bone density has improved and my mobility stays actyve with physical therapy and exercies.
  • I survived being raped. twice, that in itself is a miracle
  • I survived an accident this 4th of July that only God and His angels may explain why I am here.
  • I survived 5 hospital stays since July 4th, kidney stones, back injuries, and a stoppage of the bowels
  • I survived ALL because I believe.
                 I Believe

I believe in myself and God also.
I believe if it's to be...
I believe it is up to God and me.
I believe all things are possible.
I believe good comes to thoise who wait, and wait...
I believe in LOVE, thyself and others.
I believe in the love of family.
I believe in God's love and Christ's.
I believe in evil doers they are harmful
I believe they will meet justice one day.
I believe in grace and forgiveness
I bellieve I first must forgive myself.
I believe in the miracles of God.
I believe I have had many.
I believe we hide our true feelings
I believe the world could be better...
I  believe in  caring for each other.
I believe in my children and all they will be.
I believe in the love of family.
I believe the miracle of birth is Holy.
I believe to deliberatley take another's life is sinful.
I believe in mankind,  more good than evil.
I believe we focus on negativity and should not.
I believe what thin k about we bring about!
I believe in praise, giving and receiving.
I believe in a communion with God.
I believe it is mine and not one at church...
I believe in marriage, but not only on paper.
I believe two can become as one.
I believe in the trinity of God and
I believe that one day the three unite with me..
I believe, if I believe, my beliefs become reality.
I believe YOU need to decide in what to believe.
I believe to believe in my Lord and myself...
I believe this so others will also.
I believe, I believe, I believe.

Poems My Way 08/28/2010

Some pictures of who, what or why I believe what I believe...

There are angels among us.

America by God's design and man's intent is the land of liberty!

Jenni 26, a veternarian tech/ pre vet student in TX!
Lance Corporal Joey 23, in Afghanistan.

I believe both my natural born are miracles of God!

I believe there is no greater love than those of your siblings... at times!
Always accepting of each others good things and faults.. sharing laughter

Being able to show this love is a powerful and healing miracle too! Are they not just 2 peas in a pod?

I believe raising these other 3 were a miracle. They are all brothers and sisters still today!

A mother and daughter do become best friends. A mother never loses the son, she gains a daughter!

A single mom's heart is filled with love!
And these two will become one in marriage next MAY on MOther's DAy weekend!

The love of my life will one day unite with me FOREVER!

I believe BOB is the love of my life and I have many places we will go!

I believe in my family! I love them so!

I believe cousins are  like best friends !

I believe in maarraige!

 I believe in the miracle of a newborn and on earth the only greater love than a mother's is the GRANDMOTHER's!!!

I believe surprises make people smile!

I believe in supporting our troops... CANS FOR COOKIES US TROOPS
Click here to see how you can help or

I believe a best friend and buudy NEVER leaves you behind

ANd I believe this is okay!

I believe in the rebirth of Christians as we are transformed into what God intended for us!

It keeps me young, earns me $$$$ and has brought the value of God, family, and friends to my life.

I believe in rainbows but to work for my own pot of gold!

I believe a phone call to someone yo love brings sunshine into their life and makes a difference!

I believe one lucky winner will receive their choice of my giveaway...SATIN Hands by Mary KAY!
If you enjoyed MIRACLES post then please visit Bev and travel to other PS bloggers and share yours!

SHE does so much for all of us! She is one of God's Angels!

The joys they bring to me!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Remember to leave a comment and your email to win the giveaway! If I hit 100 I will giveaway 2 sets!

And now the time is here, refill my pink coffe mug, and go visit my PS friends, and then research!

MAy God Bless You and Keep You safe in all ways!
Remeber GOD loves you!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a month it has been so far!

Thank you Cooperstown and the greater outlying area for your tremendous response thus far. I have over 25 participants in the first month of operations. LOcal granges and schools are also joining the event. We should really be kicking some butt soon and doling out sweet treats for our troops. We also neeed pen pals, paper back boooks, and more cans and BAKERS of cookies or candy peanut brittle!. PLEASE help SUPPORT our TROOPS. EMAIL me here!

Look for more news soon! We love and cherish our brave men and women who serve overseas. To add your loved ones email  me!

If your school would like to get involvedas a charity event for community service learning hours I will assist in the set-up! CAll 607-547-2073 leave message or email me at: cansforcookiesustroops@yahoo.com!


Love and HUGS!

CALL ME FOR DETAILS 607-547-2073

I am standing by to receive your calls!


Just one of the MArines we are helping through his deployment...
Lance Corporal Joseph H.



Hello loved ones and friends and bloggers around the world.

Just a quick note to say good morning to you all. My campaign for COOOKIES FOR US TROOPS  is going well and has received God's blessings. Please join in this wonderful event and help put a smile on the faces of our US TROOPS serving our country at home or abroad. Add your loved one or their unit here

For updates and pictures visit the blog: http://cansforcookiesustroops.blogspot.com/  LINK HERE

May today be filled with love, peace and happiness in all that you do.

Please send up prayers of protection for my Lance Corporal Marine son Joey as he serves in the North Marja Region of Afghanistan. I so miss his smiling face and love.  (This was his send off BBQ July 5th, only 4 days before he was deployed!)

Hugs to my lovely Jenni who starts her college classes tomorrow too! She is studying Veternarian technician in TX and will go on to veternary medical school. Miss you and love you sweetie! How's JACK & Mikey?

Love to my dear sweet BOB who has taken care of me through all of July and August as I was hospitalized 5 times. He is an ANGEL from Heaven! ANd I so love him! He puts the smile back on my face and the skipped beat in my heart when he is near!

I start teaching tomorrow too. Three college courses to finish up the syllabus for today and the pacing calendars and then a few papers left this week for my two doctoral classes. Pray for my endurance and perseverance please, and continued good health duirng my recovery.

Thank you and may God wrap  you in His loving arms with prayer, secutity, health, PEACE and happiness.