I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Poem of "RE"

Have you ever had a day or week where your life is filled with "re's?"
This is what my week has been like thus far...


Poems My Way Valrie 04/29/2010

and now it is time to...




                                                             Hope your day is REENGERIZED!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Confusion How's Yours Today!


What am I to do to regain my failing self esteem?
Everywhere I look I see such mass chaos, engrossed
In endless mazes, unfathomed, that block my path.

Freedom will ere appear in the depths of despair
Nor salvation come to one whose eyes are closed.
To what door or window do I turn for sanctuary?
Where is the shelter so needed from this storm?

Like the mad hatter I run and am always late
Forget the important dates and hide behind my fears.
The impossible dream repeats itself, a nightmare
More it seems and then becomes reality once more.

Is there no resolution near in sight or plan
To overcome the volume of my sorrows?
When will I break free these chains that bind
Me and withhold the kingdom from my grasp?

Are the riches instore for me or false hope?
Is the temple built for me to enter or are worldly
Deeds not enough to enter in I ask again,
Why am I forsaken and left alone to carry burdens?

Abandoned by the stealth of time, shorn away
Chipped and beaten down like the waves
Which crash with roaring ferocity on my beach
Names "Life Forever Dear" or do you even care?

Can you hear my voice thrown into the wind?
Are my tears unnoticed by you, lost in their deep pool
To flow endlessly amongst lost souls or will they
Cleanse those they touch and renew in me my faith?

To what do I assign my circumstance in life?
Is it choices made long ago, destiny or fate?
No I posit not, but to my own devices laid
Unmasked through mayhaps choices other made...

Those who robbed me of my joy and free spirit
Ones who violated my very being and stole my soul
Sucking the breath from my heart, soul and loins
Forever staining the purness I once mirrored.

Cynic no, trusting once, apprehensive I stumble
Through the robotics of my day and fall on knees
In prayer and self reflection, always striving to undo
The atrocities of my life and like the phoenix rise.

Yet how many times will it take, how many rises
Out of the ashes of my life to rebuild what I once had?
The answer simply put, as many as it takes
To drown or wash away, cleanse the decrepit memories...

Pity I do not want, sympathy serves no purpose
And empathy I would wish on not a soul.
Hope, faith and perseverance will get me through
All obstacles laid down, this time I'll do it my way.

Poems My Way Valrie 04/26/2010

I welcome your thoughts and comments!

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Monday, April 26, 2010


                                                                    Passionate Flames


Burning embers in my loins
Ignite the passion, flames
Dance inside my bleeding heart
Purifying the sins that broil
Away my soul and defy time.
Fueled by betrayal and coaxed
Like the greenwood that never burns...
Burnt orange and deepest blue
Roaring through my mind, melt
Away the years and tears
That quench the fire which burns within
The solace of my cave, unloved and dying
Embers only remain, now cold from time.

Valrie Poems My Way 04/26/2010

I have a poetry contest I am sponsoring on poetrydances.com it is a themed poem on nature utiilizing the tools of imagery and visualizations in rhymed or free verse a minimum of 20 lines and not more than 40 lines. It starts today and runs through May 15th, 2010. You must join poetry dances and the poetry contest corner to join, and add a reply to my discussion. Here is the URL http://poetrydances.ning.com/group/contestcorner/forum/topics/imagery-visualization-tools or press on poetry contest here. I will feature you on this blog as the winner and also my poetry dances page and facebook accounts. Please feel free to share the contest with friends and family! Have some fun with me and make new friends!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Leaps of Faith

  Leaps of Faith

I use to hide away
Burying my fears
Afraid to take the leap
All  these life long years.

Now hope is here to stay
I've removed the many doubts
Stacked in a huge heap
No longer will I pout.

A new me has been born
Challenges presented or revived
And nothing will change
The way I feel today, alive -

The old baggage shorn...
New dreams abound,
Nothing more to remain
Hidden no fearful sounds

To awaken me in the night,
Nor thoughts to ruin my joy.
I now have strength to fight,
Ignore the smirks and coy

Remarks that snicker in the room
When those with nothing better to do
Seek nothing but your doom...
No matter how lost or untrue

Their actions speak so loud
And wear you out if you allow...
I now stand out in a crowd
Falsities are disavowed.

Instead, I've a new leap of faith
To try and live a worthy life -
Through God all things are great
And He removes our strife.

Poems My Way Valrie 04/25/2010

Sunday and a new week ahead of us! I know I will be busy, two swaps to finish, joined another one, 3 physical therapy appointments, a few interviews scheduled all ready, and another writing assignment to complete. I am also in the process of returning my doctoral program and just know that scares me alot but it is on my bucket list and I have been pursuing this dream for a long time. By putting plans into action it will become a reality.

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May you have a blessed week.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last Pink Post of April! $25 GIFT CARD!!!

Welcome to my PINK SATURDAY post and a huge thank you to Beverly over at How Sweet The Sound for hosting this event each week for us bloggers and readers who are into PINK!

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Last week I posted PINK Flowering Blossoms and the vote is in... the Camelias tied to win!

Camelia Shi                     Camelia Debutante

Today love is in the air and where better to go for love than PINK PARIS?

This pretty PINK poodle knows how to strut along the Eiffel Tower!

How about visiting a whole boutique of PINK SHOPS Pink Paris top 100!

And since love is in the air... how about some PINK roses?
This gorgeous Pink rose was taken under water...

I am so blessed to meet all you PINK friends! Each week I meet so many new bloggers and wonderful people all over the world. Bev asks us to feature a new blog we visited each Saturday so I readers can also get to know someone special we have run across. Today I am introducing you to Wendy whose lovely blog I came across. The title is totally me...
Home Making In High Heels! Be sure to go visit her and tell her I sent you to her blog full of Southern Charm and femininity! There are so many lovely people to meet and friends to make in blogland!


These are for my daughter Jenni who LOVES HOT PINK!

I just love how the  shades of pink deepen in this bouquet!

Time to refill your PINK coffee cup and enjoy your pink!

The flowers shown are from Photobucket

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to leave your name and email me for your $25 gift card!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poetry IS MY LIFE!!! Sounds of Spring!

    Sounds of Spring!

In the dawn of a new day
Sweetly the warbler sings
As the morning dove chants
And the robin joins in verse.

The little brook runs swiftly,
As the morning breeze flows,
Dancing among the treetops
Tickling chirping creatures awake.

The sun soars above warming
The forest floors and awakening
The furry friends whose chorus
Blends with our feathered friends.

A whisper in the grass as the new fawn
Nuzzles at its mother's side.
A gentle buzz of the bumblebee
Drinking sweet nectar from a blossom.

All the splendor abounds and some unseen -
When last did you stop and breathe
The effervescence of mother nature
Or dabble bare feet in a spring fed stream?

The glistening dew across the lawn
Like diamonds, brilliant, sparkles... dance
Amongst the nature scene and entertain
My thoughts awakened from a dream.

I am in awe of all there is to behold -
Of the many places I have seen sunrises,
The solitude of many a sunset
And yet never once have seen one alike -

The majesty of this world, the notes sung...
Have you stop to listen to the song
Nature sings to us each morn'
Have you heard the sounds of Spring?   (click for a sound)

Poems My Way Valrie 04/20/2010

SOUNDS OF SPRING is Dedicated to my Granny V. who lived to be 94 and loved Spring! I miss you so much Granny and am sorry I didn't make it to say goodbye to you. I know you know how much I loved you and will always cherish the memories we have of all the poems we shared as I grew up listening to you reciting nursery rhymes and other great poems while you rocked away hours in your rocking chair with me at your feet totally enthralled. You are in my heart forever!

Some days when you wake up you just know it is going to be a magnificent today and today is one of those days! I have been networking with many poets and writers and bloggers and have made great strides in gaining recognition and self esteem for the joy writing poetry brings to me. Poetry dances has featured several of my poems' in the featured discussions page. You can view the discussions here.

I post many of the poems I write for my blog on poetry dances but not all of them as some are command performance type poems or you finish one line starter poems that someone  else creates. There are many groups to join and network with and the feedback is generally positive, thoughtful and constructive.

The JOB hunting is coming along. I finally received my permanent life teaching license from the State of NY for Reading teacher so now I am considered a qualified applicant for all teaching positions that require credentials. I have been researching start-up costs of my own reading language acquisition clinic and will begin with tutoring and build the business gradually. I had a few interviews for substitute teaching and adjunct professors at local colleges that also look promising. The budgets cuts here in NY are awful. Job hunting is slow and painful and when you live in rural upsate NY the options are minimal and require traveling or worse relocating and I really do not want to do that now that I have someone very special in my life.

My sister Vanessa remains so supportive through all of this. She is an angel on earth if there ever was one. Without  her love and guidance I fear to think where I might have ended up last summer. I have slowly been recovering my physical strength and have claimed back the rights stripped from me by a former spouse. I started physical therapy last week for my back and knees. In addition to the injuries I sustained from the violent assault with a motor vehicle by a former spouse I also now have burser cysts behind both knees which make walking quite painful. The physical therapy pulls and stretches tendons and muscels in ways I didn't know the human body could move and throbs for hours after but at least I have improved my range of motion and stamina from the regimin.

I  am rebuilding my Mary Kay business and will soon be able to join a gym so I can swim as that is the best form of exercise for my injuries. I love the products and have used them since the late '70's. I am currently offering a $25.00 gift card to everyone on their first purchase. I run specials every week and season and take care of my customers with gifts with a purcahse, contests for my sales team, and always offer free shipping. Please visit my web page and email me through the contact me button to receive your gift card! If you know anyone looking for a wonderful career or part-time business jot me an email and I will gladly share the business plan.

I am working on my May Day swap and having so much fun putting together the items I am creating and upscaling for my partners. I received such a warm thank you from Lyn in Australia for the Bunny Hop-A-Long Good Egg giveaway I did. Joining swaps has been so much fun and brought many new friends who spread rays of sunshine into my life daily! All my swap buddies in the May Day swap don't forget you get a special little gift from me!~

Well, I best get on with my day... two doctor appointments today, an interview, network marrketing and a business meeeting in Utica at 6PM and my goodness it is all ready 10AM, my coffee is getting cold and I have to put it into fifth gear now so to speak.

May your day be blessed with joy, happiness, and love and filled with the sweet sounds of SPRING!

Monday, April 19, 2010



                             Angel Pictures

In the deep of the night comes
Angels, when all is lost to me...
I gather up my thoughts
And softly gently pray.
My words are not unheard.
The flutter of wings sound
And blanket me with love -
Removing fears bottled tight
Inside my soul, released
At last to open doors
That long ago were closed,
Now cleansed anew
In the love He sent through
The Angels from above.
Remember when we least
Expect it our doubts are overcome,
Not through good works
Or deeds we have done -
Yet through the sacrifice
Laid down for all our lives,
And Angels sent to protect
Guide and encourage us along.
So listen to the words they share,
The thoughts we seemed to doubt
No longer stay hidden , surfacing
To be washed away with each new day.
Yes I believe in Angels, and what they do.

Poeme My Way Valrie 04/19/2010

What are your thoughts on angels?

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

PiNkS Pinks and PINKS!

Pink Saturday is not just another SATURDAY today it is A PINK BUBBLE $25.00 GIFT CARD to ALL who leave a comment! Be sure to email me or leave your email/blog address in the comments.

PINK I think is such a pretty color! Last week I had viewers vote on their favorite pink blossom, choosing from the many beautiful flowering trees that I posted pictures of. The winner is the almond blossom, here it is again for those of you who did not visit last Saturday's Pink post.

Today I am continuing with pink blossoms, this week they are mostly shrubs!

autumn azaelas 

                                   Rhodendrum              Rose William Baf     Camelia Debutante

                        You can view these and other flowering shrubs or flowers at Heronswoods

This is one of my favorites... wild prairie flowers, like a scene out of Little House...
 Kiwi Vine                    Hydrangea Let's Dance Starlight    Buddleia English Butterfly Peacock

                                   Potentilla              Physocarpus Summer Wine      Astilbe

Silene Dioica Firefly (it looks like it is going to fly way!)
These lovely blooms can be viewed here!

                         Callas                        German Bearded Iris                    Gladiolus

Camelia Debutante             Camelia Shi              Peonie            

BEV our wonderful host of PINK SATURDAYS has challenged us each week to highlight a blog we visited on Saturday and create a link back to the post. Cathy at Treasured Heirlooms is trying to meet a challenge of blog followers. Her post was wonderful last week and she has such a beautiful blog. Be sure and visit her and tell her Valrie sent you!

Here's Cathy at work in her craft room!

Now I am going to run and kick off my shoes and go tumbling through tall pink grasslands!

Vote on your favorite PINK blossom of the day and I will post the winner next week!
Remember to leave a comment with an email address to receive your $25.00 PINK BUBBLE Gift Card!

Have a wonderful PINK SATURDAY!

May God Bless you and keep you all safe my dear PINK SATURDAY FRIENDS!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Restless Nights

                Restless Nights

Another day gone by and no sleep last night
All I seemed to do was toss, turn, and fight.
The endless troubles weigh heavy on my mind
How awful this race can be called mankind.
It wasn't the birds or the racoon clawing at the can
That kept my eyes peeled open nor a buzzing fan.
Rather it was the hopeless fears that overcome
Me when I near despair and become undone.
There is no greater fear than fear itself they say
I wonder how I am suppose to get through the day?
Resourceful though, I collect a heavy laden sigh,
I reach for the stars, the moon, the sun up high -
A brighter day today should be for me
I surely can't be forlorn through all eternity.
Whatever else I do or dream and hope in life
You must know I most desire no strife.
I am not afraid to start over and climb the ranks
Nor fear troubled waters from which I sank.
I will soar with the eagles, and flutter
Like a butterfly; I will no longer tremble, shake nor shutter
At the crack of a gun, the snap of a twig
Or run when an ominous foreboding big
Presence confronts me, instead I will collect my thoughts
Reflect on the past and finally achieve what I sought -
Freedom to be me, spirited and carefree
Facing life and all it brings to me.

Poems My Way - Valrie 04/13/2010

I did have a very long night last night and hardly any sleep. I have so many appointments this week, interviews, doctor appointments and networking that it seems like there is no time for me. I love coming to my blog and visiting my blog friends, especially when I had a night like Restless Nights!

Have a wonderful day!