I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Monday, April 26, 2010


                                                                    Passionate Flames


Burning embers in my loins
Ignite the passion, flames
Dance inside my bleeding heart
Purifying the sins that broil
Away my soul and defy time.
Fueled by betrayal and coaxed
Like the greenwood that never burns...
Burnt orange and deepest blue
Roaring through my mind, melt
Away the years and tears
That quench the fire which burns within
The solace of my cave, unloved and dying
Embers only remain, now cold from time.

Valrie Poems My Way 04/26/2010

I have a poetry contest I am sponsoring on poetrydances.com it is a themed poem on nature utiilizing the tools of imagery and visualizations in rhymed or free verse a minimum of 20 lines and not more than 40 lines. It starts today and runs through May 15th, 2010. You must join poetry dances and the poetry contest corner to join, and add a reply to my discussion. Here is the URL http://poetrydances.ning.com/group/contestcorner/forum/topics/imagery-visualization-tools or press on poetry contest here. I will feature you on this blog as the winner and also my poetry dances page and facebook accounts. Please feel free to share the contest with friends and family! Have some fun with me and make new friends!

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