I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poetry IS MY LIFE!!! Sounds of Spring!

    Sounds of Spring!

In the dawn of a new day
Sweetly the warbler sings
As the morning dove chants
And the robin joins in verse.

The little brook runs swiftly,
As the morning breeze flows,
Dancing among the treetops
Tickling chirping creatures awake.

The sun soars above warming
The forest floors and awakening
The furry friends whose chorus
Blends with our feathered friends.

A whisper in the grass as the new fawn
Nuzzles at its mother's side.
A gentle buzz of the bumblebee
Drinking sweet nectar from a blossom.

All the splendor abounds and some unseen -
When last did you stop and breathe
The effervescence of mother nature
Or dabble bare feet in a spring fed stream?

The glistening dew across the lawn
Like diamonds, brilliant, sparkles... dance
Amongst the nature scene and entertain
My thoughts awakened from a dream.

I am in awe of all there is to behold -
Of the many places I have seen sunrises,
The solitude of many a sunset
And yet never once have seen one alike -

The majesty of this world, the notes sung...
Have you stop to listen to the song
Nature sings to us each morn'
Have you heard the sounds of Spring?   (click for a sound)

Poems My Way Valrie 04/20/2010

SOUNDS OF SPRING is Dedicated to my Granny V. who lived to be 94 and loved Spring! I miss you so much Granny and am sorry I didn't make it to say goodbye to you. I know you know how much I loved you and will always cherish the memories we have of all the poems we shared as I grew up listening to you reciting nursery rhymes and other great poems while you rocked away hours in your rocking chair with me at your feet totally enthralled. You are in my heart forever!

Some days when you wake up you just know it is going to be a magnificent today and today is one of those days! I have been networking with many poets and writers and bloggers and have made great strides in gaining recognition and self esteem for the joy writing poetry brings to me. Poetry dances has featured several of my poems' in the featured discussions page. You can view the discussions here.

I post many of the poems I write for my blog on poetry dances but not all of them as some are command performance type poems or you finish one line starter poems that someone  else creates. There are many groups to join and network with and the feedback is generally positive, thoughtful and constructive.

The JOB hunting is coming along. I finally received my permanent life teaching license from the State of NY for Reading teacher so now I am considered a qualified applicant for all teaching positions that require credentials. I have been researching start-up costs of my own reading language acquisition clinic and will begin with tutoring and build the business gradually. I had a few interviews for substitute teaching and adjunct professors at local colleges that also look promising. The budgets cuts here in NY are awful. Job hunting is slow and painful and when you live in rural upsate NY the options are minimal and require traveling or worse relocating and I really do not want to do that now that I have someone very special in my life.

My sister Vanessa remains so supportive through all of this. She is an angel on earth if there ever was one. Without  her love and guidance I fear to think where I might have ended up last summer. I have slowly been recovering my physical strength and have claimed back the rights stripped from me by a former spouse. I started physical therapy last week for my back and knees. In addition to the injuries I sustained from the violent assault with a motor vehicle by a former spouse I also now have burser cysts behind both knees which make walking quite painful. The physical therapy pulls and stretches tendons and muscels in ways I didn't know the human body could move and throbs for hours after but at least I have improved my range of motion and stamina from the regimin.

I  am rebuilding my Mary Kay business and will soon be able to join a gym so I can swim as that is the best form of exercise for my injuries. I love the products and have used them since the late '70's. I am currently offering a $25.00 gift card to everyone on their first purchase. I run specials every week and season and take care of my customers with gifts with a purcahse, contests for my sales team, and always offer free shipping. Please visit my web page and email me through the contact me button to receive your gift card! If you know anyone looking for a wonderful career or part-time business jot me an email and I will gladly share the business plan.

I am working on my May Day swap and having so much fun putting together the items I am creating and upscaling for my partners. I received such a warm thank you from Lyn in Australia for the Bunny Hop-A-Long Good Egg giveaway I did. Joining swaps has been so much fun and brought many new friends who spread rays of sunshine into my life daily! All my swap buddies in the May Day swap don't forget you get a special little gift from me!~

Well, I best get on with my day... two doctor appointments today, an interview, network marrketing and a business meeeting in Utica at 6PM and my goodness it is all ready 10AM, my coffee is getting cold and I have to put it into fifth gear now so to speak.

May your day be blessed with joy, happiness, and love and filled with the sweet sounds of SPRING!

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