I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

PINK Flowering Trees for PINK Saturday!

                                                             Are You In The PINK???
I am sorry this post did not get up on Saturday, technology challenged, I thought I hit published and had only hit saved. Hopefully you will still enjoy the post!

Pink Saturday is here again, so grab your pink coffee cup and cozy up with me! Don't forget to check out the May Day Swap, registration ends tonight at midnight and there is so much fun to be had creating a beautiful piece of art in any media form with a theme of flowers! For your convenience you can register here and the end of this post or go here for all the details! Have you visited the PINK BUBBLE?

Crabapple Robin                    Crabapple Profus                           Eastern Redbud
Empress Tree                                                                                       Empress Bloom

Jane Magnolia            Kwanza Cherry

Mimiosa Tree

Almond Blossom            Butterfly Bush

Okame Cherry Tree  Oklahoma Redbud Tree   Myrtle Pink Velour

National Mall USA




These amazing Cherry Trees can be viewed here and many varieties pictured... purchased here!

Please cast your vote, what pink tree blossom is your favorite?  I will publish results next week... just leave a comment at the end of this post for the one you liked the best! I love the cherry trees but the picture of the pink almond bloom is breathtaking!

Hope you felt blessed with the pink perusal of pink flowering trees.

As Bev requests each Saturday we PINK bloggers travel the web sharing our PINK worlds...I would like to feature the most beautiful blog I have visited... Fly over to Around The House and check out Butterflies and Pink Lemonade!

So refill your PINK coffee cup and fly away with me!



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      Click above picture for link and details!

Have a blessed PINK Saturday!


  1. Hi Valrie,

    I am glad I came back to your blog -- what beautiful photos! :) My favorite is the almond blossom -- I definitely must second this. Simply wonderful!


  2. all of them are gorgeous!!! love pink blossoms!

  3. WOW, that was breath taking, no way can I pick just one...they are all so great...The Empress tree bloom really stands out.
    Thanks for coming by to visit, please stop by anytime. I love your blog so I will be coming back.

  4. Oooooo, that kwanza cherry tree is my favorite, sugar, just beautiful. Nice to meet you. I'm blessed also with a son and a daughter. Can't imagine life without a girl to froufrou up, chick!

  5. Oh I do love blooming trees. The cherry trees and butterfly bush are my favorite. Well, actually my pink Rose of Sharon Bush is my true favorite. Your poems are lovely and Bob is a handsome and lucky guy. :)
    I'm sorry I never did get the MAy Day button on my blog. I have e-mailed you my addy.

  6. Oh!, I love the Almond B;ossom, but all are pretty, what a cute Blog, and love your Poems!

    marian elizabeth


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