I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

SUNSHINE AWARD RECIPIENTS!!! And My Sister My Sunshine My Friend

Today I am pausing to count my blessings and honor 5 fellow bloggers who have brought me SUNSHINE! Here is the award they have received. My new friend Carrie at More Than Words suggested we do this and I immediately put plan into action! The most honored blogger is my sisterVanessa at Stitches'N'Stuff who not only brings sunshine into my life every day but has saved my life! Four other splendid ladies who bring me sunshine each time they visit my blog or I theirs are:

Deb at Midlife Poet
Tess at The Heart of Words
Marilyn (Summer Gypsy) at Unshelved Words
Bev at How Sweet The Sound

So why not pass it on? Just grab the button and honor five of your most honored blogs that bring you SUNSHINE!

       My Sister My Sunshine My Best Friend

Vanessa means butterfly and she is truly a beautiful one!
Just when I thought my world was coming undone,
She rescued me and breathed life into my floundering soul.
She gave me back confidence and hope that someone else stole.
A sister you would be honored to have to cherish and love.
Certainly Heaven sent me her as sure as there are doves.
You don't get to choose your sisters in life, but friends we do
And as my best friend there is noone truer than you.
You are the sunshine that warms my heart and heals my mind,
In your brilliant rays you shower me with love so kind,
Gentle and unconditional, knowing no limits -
We commune as kindred spirits.
So Vanessa, my SUNSHINE I honor you with this award
Thank you for always being there for me, God will reward
The kindness, the love, the giving person that you are -
For Vanessa you are one of His brightest stars.
You are humble, loving, generous, caring, compassionate too,
Vanessa the world is a better place because of all you do.

Poems My Way  Valrie 03/31/2010

Thank you for being my sister, my sunshine and my friend. I love you.

This is me                                         

 and this is my favorite butterfly Vanessa ... yes it actually does mean butterfly! To get to see how wonderfully creative and loving she is stop over to her blog soon and tell her Valrie sent you!


She is bigger than life to me, she is the essence of what LIFE is all about!


  1. Good Morning, Valrie! I am so honored by this award. Thank you so much for counting me as a blogging friend who spreads sunshine!! What a great compliment! Many thanks, and have a very blessed day!

  2. Good Morning Valrie, thank you for letting me know the parcel is on it's way....I enjoyed reading your poem...I have a lovely friend..Vanessa who gave her time to machine Illene's quilts for me.....Warm Regards Lyn

  3. THank You so much Valrie, I must say that you deserve this Sunshine Award too. Your blog posts are always fun and uplifted. Thank You so much for the kind words and for sharing the lovely poem you wrote for Vanessa. I'm definitely going over to check out her blog, and all of the others too.
    Happy Day,

  4. I have visited your sisters blog It is great for you to have each other for support. I just popped in to say Thank you for entering my Hop giveaway :-) Juliet

  5. Valrie, you have made my day. Thank you so much for this honor. And, congratulations to you. You have the most amazing talent, and you openly share the joy and love in your heart with others.

    It is wonderful to read of the love between you and your sister. What a blessing you are to each other. I am an only child, so I don't have siblings, but I am blessed with a dear friend that I adore.


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