I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Inspirational Poetry


In the deep of the night comes
Angels, when all is lost to me...
I gather up my thoughts
And softly gently pray.
My words are not unheard.
The flutter of wings sound
And blanket me with love -
Removing fears bottled tight
Inside my soul, released
At last to open doors
That long ago were closed,
Now cleansed anew
In the love He sent through
The Angels from above.
Remember when we least
Expect it our doubts are overcome,
Not through good works
Or deeds we have done -
Yet through the sacrifice
Laid down for all our lives,
And Angels sent to protect
Guide and encourage us along.
So listen to the words they share,
The thoughts we seemed to doubt
No longer stay hidden , surfacing
To be washed away with each new day.
Yes I believe in Angels, and what they do.

Poems My Way Valrie 04/19/2010

    Sounds of Spring!

In the dawn of a new day
Sweetly the warbler sings
As the morning dove chants
And the robin joins in verse.

The little brook runs swiftly,
As the morning breeze flows,
Dancing among the treetops
Tickling chirping creatures awake.

The sun soars above warming
The forest floors and awakening
The furry friends whose chorus
Blends with our feathered friends.

A whisper in the grass as the new fawn
Nuzzles at its mother's side.
A gentle buzz of the bumblebee
Drinking sweet nectar from a blossom.

All the splendor abounds and some unseen -
When last did you stop and breathe
The effervescence of mother nature
Or dabble bare feet in a spring fed stream?

The glistening dew across the lawn
Like diamonds, brilliant, sparkles... dance
Amongst the nature scene and entertain
My thoughts awakened from a dream.

I am in awe of all there is to behold -
Of the many places I have seen sunrises,
The solitude of many a sunset
And yet never once have seen one alike -

The majesty of this world, the notes sung...
Have you stop to listen to the song
Nature sings to us each morn'
Have you heard the sounds of Spring? (click for a sound)

Poems My Way Valrie 04/20/2010

    Leaps of Faith

I use to hide away
Burying my fears
Afraid to take the leap
All these life long years.

Now hope is here to stay
I've removed the many doubts
Stacked in a huge heap
No longer will I pout.

A new me has been born
Challenges presented or revived
And nothing will change
The way I feel today, alive -

The old baggage shorn...
New dreams abound,
Nothing more to remain
Hidden no fearful sounds

To awaken me in the night,
Nor thoughts to ruin my joy.
I now have strength to fight,
Ignore the smirks and coy

Remarks that snicker in the room
When those with nothing better to do
Seek nothing but your doom...
No matter how lost or untrue

Their actions speak so loud
And wear you out if you allow...
I now stand out in a crowd
Falsities are disavowed.

Instead, I've a new leap of faith
To try and live a worthy life -
Through God all things are great
And He removes our strife.

Poems My Way Valrie 04/25/2010


When you give away it comes back to you
There is no better thing on earth to do.
Your blessings will tenfold be returned
Your faith in mankind confirmed.
Like flowers friendships will blossom
Dainty as the soft blooms on cotton.
Give today and a piece of your heart will grow
Through your love and affection that you show,
To new friends old and forgotten ones too!
What better way to cheer up someone that's blue?
It can be a prayer, your time, a cake or cookie,
No matter what you choose - give freely.
I know for a fact your givings come back
To you as long as you do not slack...
And continue on with gifts straight from your heart,
For it's not in the things we can buy that start
Our home in Heaven, it is in the kind deeds
We do for others who are in need or we plant a seed
For friendships such as ours, blessed by Heavenly stars.
So giveaway your heart today and trust that you'll go far!

Poems My Way Valrie 05/04/2010

                  My Butterfly

Butterflies stir my heart and make me gasp for air,
I wonder where God's thought were
When He put them in the air?
Did He intend for the butterfly to lure
Away our wishful thoughts and bring
Home our dreams someday?
Or did He create them with their wings
To help us laugh and play?
I rather think a butterfly is sweet
It's delicate and graceful flight
Gently landing on my head or feet...
Special in every thing it does, where it lights!
Butterfly reborn to me out from its cocoon,
Come flutter here and there with me
Don't hide yourself away so soon
Just look inside yourself and believe!

Poems My Way Valrie 02/09/2010

Hear My Call

Answers to questions I do seek,
Gently I approach the meek.
Softly calling those who have fallen
Into my arms, my heart are drawn.
Join, unite, become One in me,
Rejoice, praise the Almighty.
Heralds, trumpets, glorifying angels sing
Anthems, Psalms, devotions, bring.
Forgive, love, belief in All
Every living creature, great or small.
The door is open, enter in
On the Lord's path to begin
A journey flled with wondrous awe
Scarce belief in our Lord's call.
Answers, now, I shall receive,
For in You Lord, I do believe.
Poems My Way copyright 2009 as published on Lulu Poetry.

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