I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Friday, September 24, 2010

PINK Bloggers UNITE! Call for PINK cookies for US TROOPS!

Happy PINK SATURDAY bloggers UNITE with me in my CHARITY effort to raise 50 bloggers who will volunteer to bake 2 dozen cookies and send them to US TROOPS abroad in time for Veteran's DAY! Visit Cans For Cookies US Troops to learn more about this admirable effort. Local girl scout  troops, high schools, and college campuses have joined to help support the troops. Will you?

Cans for Cookies US Troops was started this JULY by me to honor my son, Lance Corporal Hranek, US Marine stationed in North Marja Afghanistan, my two nephews serving in the Army overseas, one having earned a Purple Heart, and all the other brave men and women defending our homeland and our freedom.

Please email me here with your name, address, how many cookies you will bake and I will send you the name of a soldier or other US TROOPS person to whom your package may be addressed. If you have a troop member you would like to add to the mailing roster, please email me here with the details. I need full name, rank, stationed APO address and which armed force he/she is serving with. You may also email pictures or links to their units.

HOPING your hearts open with PINK sugar cookies to fill our cans with cookies, filling their hearts with homemade love!

Two Marines serving our country!

My son, Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Hranek serving in North Marja, Afghanistan.

Many thanks to BEV at How Sweet The Sound for supporting this today for me. Everyone who volunteers will be entered in the giveaway for a special edition Vanilla Satin Hands Set from my Mary Kay Independent Skin Care Consultant website . Anyone who leaves a comment will also receive a sampler bag of limited edition products. Be sure to leave your email address and your name, address, and phone number in your email to me so I can mail your sampler bag to you! All orders will receive a 10% discount and all purchases over $40 will receive a surprise special gift from me. Place comments and orders by midnight 09/26/10 for the 10% discount!

May this be a beautiful PINK DAY for you. Enjoy the fall foilage, and take time to smell life! You never know when the unexpected will happen, but be ready for it!

                      Have a beautiful day! And big PINK HUGS! from me to YOU!!!   

                 Now it is time for me to surf the blogs and make new friends and visit old ones.

I am standing by waiting you to read my call for pink cookies.


Have a blessed and PINK DAY!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Pink Thoughts From AFAR

Happy Pink Saturday PS BLOGGERS! Thanks to Bev at How Sweet The Sound for sponsoring this weekly event. Be sure to stop by her blog after visiting here for links to many more Pink Saturday posts, giveaways, artisans the world over.

Congrats to Jean over at A Writer's Life... for winning last week's giveaway! I am aslo featuring her today as a wonderful PS blog to visit! Her photography and journaling takes your breath away! Please WISH her a happy birthday today when you stop by and tell her I sent you by!

I have had one of those weeks where you just need it to end. With internet viruses, Murphy's LAW 6 days straight, I decided tonight to travel to far away places and seek the PINKS of the world!

To go to the PINK beaches of Bermuda

You too can visit them here

Or the beautiful PINK sunsets of Hawaii...

Gorgeous Pink Jamaican flower...

Notice his  PINK heart!

Beautiful, all over warm climates North America

And these exotic pink lemonade blueberries! Too pretty to eat!

These are so ugly they're cute! Prickly PINK  tropical fruit!

I am thrifting and festival hopping today in Cooperstown, NY.

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Time for the coffee refill and then off to the festivals!

Later today I am going to visit you and PLEASE leave a comment to enter my giveaway!

Please do not forget our charity CANS FOR COOKIES US TROOPS.

This is my on Lamce Corporal Joey H.
Visit  the blog  CANS for Cookies US Troops
to help send cans of cooies, peanut brittle
books to read, and other much needed items!
email me here to join!

God Bless and have a wonderful  PINK DAY!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 6 of Internet Terror

Have you ever stopped to ponder what would happen to your life as you know it without your computer?
Do you have a backup disc, an offsite storage of your precious family & friend photos?
Do you write poetry or short stories...where else are they stored?
Do you scan DAILY with your virus software?
Are you using flash drives and saving at least every 15 minutes when you research, write, or design projects on your laptop?

Here in blog land you feel safe as what you post is saved on their software, but what if they too are attacked and shutdown?

Have you asked yourself WHAT is the government doing about these breaches of security into the individual's private lives?
How many victims of internet scams have fallen prey and lost their life savings or identity?

The answers TOO many & NOthing. Absolutely nothing gets down for the little guy.

The government says they are protecting us! HAH! Where.

Big business or the GOVERNMENT gets hit and ACTION occurs. We little people are peons.

I am SOOOOOOOO tired of fighting these battles, correcting errors caused by inept software and programs, and constantly having to update software because the MONOPOLY aka MS makes old ones obsolete. Remember XP, it was awesome, then the horror of Vista Windows, Windows 7 and now Windows 10 has BUGS to work out and yet another learning curve!

If you have angst like me, leave a comment and let's see what can be done about it!

 Web Sickness

Virus you say,
No not today
And any way
It's their play.

Anger amounts
Tempers dismount
Until found out
It makes me shout.

Weaklings linger
Digital fingers
Neck a wringer
Alarms bell ringer.

Technicians scan
Foiling plans
Of the other man
Cowardly fans...

Unmask your face...
I'll show no grace,
Put you in place
Spray you with mace.

Crush the digit
Watch you fidget
Erase your widgets
Angry spirit!

Ah how it feels
To break the reel
Remove your wheels
So you can't steal.

Fun think not...
For what you got
Is a seat, hot
Puts you on spot!

Barring your life
Whatever you might
Do, I'll fight
No more strikes!

Behind steel bars
You thought so far
No you are
Forever marred!

Poems My Way -Valrie 09/15/2010

Just another anger management poem over what that writhing worm did to me on last Friday! Stilll do not have my laptop back, do NOT even know if t's repairable, let alone retrievable of my precious pictures, research, and poetry, novels in progress.

It has got to be better! Will everything ever be okay again?

LEAVE a comment! (Please!) ;-)



Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Autumn Scenes

The sky is alive with the glorious blues and pink hues
 As the sun rose above the treetops and sparkled
Its rays of happiness into my soul. I love waking up
To the sounds of chirping birds and swaying trees,
As they dance among the clouds and bow gracefully
To Mother Earth, ladened with ther morning dew.
The diamonds glisten in the tender bluegrass, as the robin
Swallows his morning fortitude, poor wormy creature.
Morning glories, mums, and marigolds paint the carpet
Otherwise browned from the hot summer sun.
In the distant mountain tops the tugging steam engine howls -
Windiing through the corkscrew switchbacks of the hills.
The macadam road bounces the pick-up trucks and tractors
Revving their engines as they toil to their fields of hay;
Harvesting the last crops of grass and corn for winter.
The sweet smell of pumpkins and butternut squash...
Buttersweet corn fill the air with their aromas,
Savoring the fall harvest of winter fruits and foods.
In the far off farmhouse fresh spicey apple pie waits
On the window sill, cooling for the evening's meal.
The cows are mooing, their bellies bursting with milk
And the collies herd them to the barn, emptying their teats
As the rata pump pum of the milkers' machine drains their white gold.
The red tabby purrs and licks the drops, nestling his favorite
Bovine, and settles in for his own break of fast.
The rooster crowed long ago, the henhouse squawks in fury
Robbed of their fresh eggs for the farmer's morning feast.
The porkers run, not wanting this day to be done
And Tom turkey fears his fate. Only the birds fly free
From tree to tree, the butterflies and the bumblebees
Soon migrate and hibernate away. Leaves of fall
Crimson in their glory paint the skies like lollipops
A panoramic view of rainbows delight, tasty
Limes, and grapes, sour orange, and cranberry tea...
Imagine along if you will with me, the smorgasbord
Of flavors each foilage cove does make, and taste
The fruity, nuts, and grasses of their splendor.
Oh but to capture these colors all year through,
A season falling onto itself in the blazening array
Of golds and browns, purple majestic skies and
The wintry clouds mix with the linering Indian summer.
Crisp the smell of apples harvest, cobblers, breads,
Pies and puddings, baked pastries tempt my tongue.
What greater season to remember all that we are given?
If you sow well, you reap the benefits, and thus year end
Becomes a solace and thankful time for some.
Yet for others weathered storms, all their work undone.
The harvest comes and food we share in thanksgiving
With our neighbors, families and friends, giving grace
For our provisions, thanks for the table set before us.
And so it goes another season closed, a new unfolds.

Poems My Way - Valrie 09/14/2010

A better day is coming, and everything will be okay!

God Bless you.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Frustrations of LIFE!

UGH! Have you ever had a day where Murphy's Law ruled? Well today is a continuation of yesterday's!!!

I was infected by a trojan virus with deep embedded capabilities at work on FRIDAY! I barely got my posts up for Pink Saturday and 9/11. I thought I resolved the issue BUT destiny claimed my ill fate and IT"S back. Working from a desktop now so not to worry! Here's the scoop....

A trojan virus will attack your antivirus scan system and tell you that your computer has been infiltrated. IGNORE it. DO NOT click on it! Normaly I would have been more astute and noticed it wasn't NORTON's ICON. Not this time. I was working on deadlines and rushing, and got squashed. After 6 hours I was able to do a safe mode system restore which worked for about 12 hours! What's the big deal? IT shuts down everything on your computer. It wiped out Microsoft 2010, shuts off your internal controls, removes your antivirus software, deactivates spyware and steals your DATA!

Working on my doctoral courses has ceased now for at last 3 days to have the system repaired by a technology expert who works at the college where I teach and has graciously refused payment. This will be hours of work! I do hope none of you are infected with this unrelenting worm!

SO here's my poem FRUSTRATION!


Word, it does not begin to define my angst, my hatred
For the insolent behavior of your worming contortions.
Your twisted sadistic temperment... back at you two fold.
Demon of the internet unmask your soiled digits!

Ah but you see you have not conquered me you twit!
Childish pranks surfing innocent victims of the web.
A different one I tangle now for you imbecile...
You cannot hide forever and even though you'll try...

No use slicing you in two as you'll just regenerate
In force attacking the world wide, sly as a fox, I think not!
Slyer am I than you... for I the trophy hold
You no longer rain on my parade, erased... HA!

Squirm and wiggle. beguile me no more tempest snake!
Be gone intothe depths of the black hole I saved you.
Into the catacombs be cast, this prank shall be your last.
Imprisoned by your own unskilled hands, paperchase!

Poems My Way - Valrie 09/13/2010

This truly happened surfers beware!

Be safe and wise BACK UP is best I do surmise!


Friday, September 10, 2010

9/11 A Time for Remembering Filled with Tears

Good Day,

Today's post is in honor of all our fallen unsung heroes of 9/11. Also to honor the men and women who are serving now to combat terrorism on our OWN soil across the seas and so that we and others may LIVE

Ground zero is sacred holy burial grounds. In my opinion NOTHING should be built there! How would you feel if your loved one was never recovefred and the remains lay somewhere buried in the dust or worse were removed during the clean up?

It was a very traumatic day for me. I taught in the MD Gaihtersburg/Rockville area. Students panicked, some staff did too, as we had loved ones in the NYC towers area or the Pittsburg and Pentagon areas. We immedialtely enacted a total lock down as was protocol. BUT that didn't stop parents from picking up their kids and demanding access. CHAOS might have broken out if not for the level heads of our Instrucyional Development Team, our Leadership, and ability to adapt. Any unassigned faculty to a classroom (as was I being the Reading Speciliast and on the ILT) became monitors and police officers. Verifying driver's licenses of parents, verifying and retrieving the students from their classrooms and delivering them in tears to over anxious parents. My own heart ached. My 5 kids were all over the county. Their father lived in LI NY and worked near the Towers. I had yet to hear he was okay. It was hours before I could leave, and retrieve my own children. This was one time when I wish I was not teaching faculty! I could not abandon my job, but I felt I had abandoned my kids.

Our middle school did a fund raiser for the victims' families and had a contest as to which grade 6-8 could raise the most money. I forget exactly how much these compassionate little students raised but it was over $5000.00 pretty substantial for only 785 students, mostly in pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters!

How to commemorate such a tragic loss? Words do not seem enough! Leave Ground Zero as sacred ground. My humble attempt to honor these kiving and fallen heroes is through my poetry!

       9/11 A Story Told

Were you there when they fell?
Did you feel the heat of fiery flames,
Taste the foul dusty acrid smell?
Were you outdoors or at a game?

How can such a tragedy take place,
Who would harm the innocent lives
Of women, men, and children with no face?
What personality kills and also thrives?

On harming those without one thought
Of what they do to others without cause?
Where but in America is freedom sought
And not bought, the marred with flaws...

Air traffic control took a lot of blame
National security reacted swiftly
But not soon enough, losing fame
As terrorists passed through gates adeptly.

How long in planning was this act of terror?
And still  the cells live on, hidden, unkown -
All Americans reacted with a furor
So fierce, unsightly , unified and strong!

The firemen, policemen, EMT's National Guards,
The sky blackened with military force
As the world stood by, the violenece heard
Seen, watching each plane's course.

The Pentagon in horror struck, a day care
Where lives were lost, defiling National monuments.
And then the crew of flight 93 so brave and dear -
No greater courage or sacrifice can amount

To being the noblest one of all, they gave their lives
With compassion, with goodbyes, and many tears.
As the pilot headed for the ground in a downward dive
This will be  remembered throughout the years.

Rebuild the Towers? No I say! Let it rest.
Erect a mosque, why in GOD's name would we?
This is America, the land of the free, lest
You forget, we live, we breathe and we are FREE!

Deep in my heart I hold memories of friends lost,
Families of my fellow peers, the anxiety I felt
Remains throughout all these years, at what cost
Should we sacrifice freedom? NONE, we melt

Away the frozen fear, attack the terrorists twofold
Annihilate the corruption and relieve the world
Of the petrifying, awful and powerful stronghold
Terrorists think they have, and OUR Flag unfurls.

Forever emblazened in our  hearts and minds
The fields of red from blood, the color blue now
From the sky where terror reigned, reminds
How unkind humanity becomes, so foul.

Like the shot heard around the world, once more
A call to arms, but what country came to help -
As we so often help others, closed doors
In fear we met, might they be next, they whelped.

America, America, land of liberty
We live  and die for you, our troops and others serve you
Unconditionally; we stand up nex to you, freely
Waving flags in support  of freedom, that's what true

Blooded Americans were born to do, defend,
Protect, preserve , our rights at home and overseas
A loud, resonating message we MUST send,
That we remain the land of LIBERTY!

Poems My Way - Valrie 09/10/2010

Not a photoshop, how horrific to relive...
Aerial veiw, the fog of dust, destruction and terror!

And the Towers came tumbling down...

Rescue searchers seek and search debris in a small rural town near Pittsburg, Flight 93

Medical crews give aid...

The innocent who sacrificed their lives on Flight 93... CHILDREN!

American Troops and emergency relief teams support AMERICA and defy TERRORISTS!
Our FLAG, sacred symbol...

Why we fight, to stay free, LADY LIBERTY
Live free or die!

Me, Joey, and his lovely fiance, my own GI-JOE!

My beautiful son at his farewell BBQ party July 5th, 2010, less than 4 days before
deployment to  North Marja Afghanistan!

My MARINE son Lance Corporal Joey H.
Please bring home safe and in one piece!

AND now a bit happier note...

Please visit BEV at How Sweet The Sound for more great PS links to other bloggers honoring 9/11!

Bev thank you for encouraging us to honor our 9/11 heroes today!

Have you joined Cans for Cookies US Troops yet to support our TROOPS?
Please visit the blog and  learn how we can do our part!

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I am off to the keyboard to visit my PS bloggers and friends!

Let's close with a moment of silent prayer!

God Bless you all!