I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 6 of Internet Terror

Have you ever stopped to ponder what would happen to your life as you know it without your computer?
Do you have a backup disc, an offsite storage of your precious family & friend photos?
Do you write poetry or short stories...where else are they stored?
Do you scan DAILY with your virus software?
Are you using flash drives and saving at least every 15 minutes when you research, write, or design projects on your laptop?

Here in blog land you feel safe as what you post is saved on their software, but what if they too are attacked and shutdown?

Have you asked yourself WHAT is the government doing about these breaches of security into the individual's private lives?
How many victims of internet scams have fallen prey and lost their life savings or identity?

The answers TOO many & NOthing. Absolutely nothing gets down for the little guy.

The government says they are protecting us! HAH! Where.

Big business or the GOVERNMENT gets hit and ACTION occurs. We little people are peons.

I am SOOOOOOOO tired of fighting these battles, correcting errors caused by inept software and programs, and constantly having to update software because the MONOPOLY aka MS makes old ones obsolete. Remember XP, it was awesome, then the horror of Vista Windows, Windows 7 and now Windows 10 has BUGS to work out and yet another learning curve!

If you have angst like me, leave a comment and let's see what can be done about it!

 Web Sickness

Virus you say,
No not today
And any way
It's their play.

Anger amounts
Tempers dismount
Until found out
It makes me shout.

Weaklings linger
Digital fingers
Neck a wringer
Alarms bell ringer.

Technicians scan
Foiling plans
Of the other man
Cowardly fans...

Unmask your face...
I'll show no grace,
Put you in place
Spray you with mace.

Crush the digit
Watch you fidget
Erase your widgets
Angry spirit!

Ah how it feels
To break the reel
Remove your wheels
So you can't steal.

Fun think not...
For what you got
Is a seat, hot
Puts you on spot!

Barring your life
Whatever you might
Do, I'll fight
No more strikes!

Behind steel bars
You thought so far
No you are
Forever marred!

Poems My Way -Valrie 09/15/2010

Just another anger management poem over what that writhing worm did to me on last Friday! Stilll do not have my laptop back, do NOT even know if t's repairable, let alone retrievable of my precious pictures, research, and poetry, novels in progress.

It has got to be better! Will everything ever be okay again?

LEAVE a comment! (Please!) ;-)



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