I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memory

Today marks the 8th anniversary of my children's father's death. He was only 48 and died of cancer. Although we were divorced he remains always in my heart as he gave me my beautiful Jenni and Joey.

It has been a hard weekend to get through.

      Memories Gone By

So many memories flooding through my mind...
Tears running like waterfalls filling my eyes.
There is never enough time to forgive,
And often life is too hard to forget.

How unlike others, this thing called humankind -
We shirk our duties, run off and are left to die
Alone, with noone left with any love to give,
Yet in the end you get back what you beget.

Ah the memories gone by, the first kiss
The first romantic interlude of love
Our first born's sweet baby cry
The moment we held her in our arms.

Today it seems more than ever you're missed
Are you looking down on us from above?
Have you aked yourself the reasons why?
What causes man to reap such harm?

The years passed and a second born, a son
Blessed our home, now full grown, a man
Traveling off to fight the wars others start
Leaving his own loved ones behind...

Oh God, the things we have gone and done.
Would you go back in time, where you can
Begin anew, cherishing others full heart
Oh were this another time, I would remind...

How challenging life has been for those
Left behind, to  carry on , to live and breathe
Fight for what is right in this world today
At all costs, standing up for our beliefs...

Yet, there is not always right choice made I suppose
What one perceives as reality may be another's fantasy
The mind games. the tribulations made and played
But for some forsaken with no relief...

Memories still rest within the walls of my soul
I sift through them at free will with no regrets
Some sad others making me laugh and chortle
Busting loose, I grab my sandals and run...

Taking in all my lungs can breathe I hold
Dear our memories that others might forget.
Asking myself what if I never came through God's portal?
Life is uncertain true, when all is said and done.

Poems My Way  Valrie 05/31/2010

In loving memory of Joseph, a son, a husband, a father.

Please take time to pray for our troops. My son Joey is a proud US Marine serving our country so we may live free. Remember those who went beforeehim and paved the way for our freedom and bless him and all our men and women who lay their lives on the line every second they serve.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

My Jenni                                                            Jenni & Mikey!
Joey my proud Lance Corporal US Marine and his fiance Renee!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Pink Saturday Post!

Here's The scoop on what today's PINK post is all about!

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Happy 2ND Birthday Pink Saturdays to you -
Pink is stuck on us what do we do?
We Pink it out every Saturday's Post
Searching the web for pinkiest host!
Two  years running in pinkalicious
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Heartfelt thoughts of PINK all year!
How Sweet The Sound of my email's box
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Tea parties, festivals, OWOH campaigns,
Oh my, how hard it is to restrain
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Whatever I do with the rest of my days, me thinks
Best of all are those filled with our Pink Posts
And from the bottom of my Pink Heart, Thank YOU sweet HOST!

Poems My Way Valrie 05/28/2010

Birthday Hats off to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting Pink Saturdays for us 2 years running in the PINK! What a legacy! Check out all the fabulous PINK Bloggers here! So many are having giveaways and special celebrations in honor of our SECOND PINK Birthday!

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God's awesome sunrises and sunsets in glorious hues of PINK!

My daughter Jenni who is MISS PINK!

My favorite PINK teddy and coffee cup!

My niece's very PINK baby girl Lydia's baby shower last week!

I made the diaper cake 184 swaddlers! My ever so talented sis' Vanessa made that beautiful rocking horse!

Yummy to the tummy! It was filled with Pink strawberry frosting!

My kitten Carmel's Pink Ears, & Pink NOSE!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Goals, Goals and More Goals!

Good Morning sweet angel bloggers! A brand new week and one to be filled with happiness for me. I get to see my sweet daughter Jenni whose firsdt nickname was given to her by her hospital nurses. It is Angel. She was the only girl in a nursery room full of 15 boys. She was also the only baby who did not cry. We hadn't decided between two names yet and she was 4 weeks eaarly so until her name was put on her little incubator bed the nurse called her Angel. It's been nearly 3 years sincde I have seen her and she lives in Waco, TX. We used to live in Gaithersburg, MD and for her birthday she is flying home to see all her high school chums. I am driving 6 hours from upstate New York to pick her up at BWI and spend a few says with her. I am so excited I could just bust a gusset.

Goals, Goals, and More Goals

Each day when I make up I set a little goal
It gets my day in order and gives a list to show
Me what is most important on things I need to do
What way do you priorize to not bite off more than you can chew?

I've learned to set about six most important things
Absolutely necessary to complete, and redeem
Myself when they are all accomplished
Yet other times I find myself  distressed...

Interruptions and unexpected life occurences
Anxiety creeps  in with no  assurances
Weave their way within my carefully made list
That these goals shall be more than a wish !

I collect my thoughts and take a deep breath
Lay out my plans until there's nothing left
But to put plans into action, logically replete
With pen and paper until the list is complete.

Goals to give a focus to my life
Not meant to add any undue strife...
Rather aiming for the moon and land among the stars
Goals are important  you know, no matter who you are.

So set your goals and shoot real high
You may surprise yourself, don't sigh,
For goals are what helps your dreams come true
How you achieve dreams is really up to you!

Poems My Way Valrie 05/24/2010

I am asking for prayer support today for several relativesw and close friends. My dad has had 3 hospitalizations in 2 weeks and is now in need of a stent in his heart. He has a 80% blockage and cannot travel home to upstate NY for hissummer vacation until the procedure is done and he has recovered. My sweetheart's dad is failing quickly and we really neeed prayers for him to calm him down and make his life as comfortable as possible. Just Friday we also learned his mom has been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. A truly sorrow filled week and your prayers will help.

My son was on call for his desert training from the 20th of May until the 28th and he was called up on Friday as well. He will be 6 weeks in the Mohabi Desert and then have a brief leave and leave for Afghanistan. He is a lance corporal in the US MArines. Please join me in prayer for his protection and safe return.

May 28th marks the 10th anniversary of my husband Joe's death. It is always a time of reflection and great loss for me and our children. As we approach Memorial Day weekend please reflect on those who have joined the Lord.

I am 3 weeks into my doctoral studies and have managed to maintain an "A"average thus far. I have set a very high standard for myself to maintain an A. Currently I am a member of Kappa Delta Pi, an international educators honors society. I earned my master's degree in 1997 with a 4.00 GPA, as a single mom of two children, working 2 jobs and traveling 1 hour 15  minutes each way 4 days a week for 18 months... Only 2% of global educators are inducted into this prestigious society. With determination, dedication, and LOTS of hardwork I have the goal of completing it in 2012 or early 2013. I am earning an ED.D. in the Leadership Program, Teaching and Learning with a focus on literacy acquisition.

I have a personal goal of writing more poetry this week. Being so busy I haven't had the time to do what I enjoy most.

Be sure to visit back on Saturday this week. It is the 2nd anniversary of PINK Saturdays and I will be having a giveaway filled with PINK! There will also be the link to other fabulous ladies totally immersed in PINK! We have had over 800 different participants. This is a very fun Saturday event where you travel around the world meeting wonderful bloggers! Come join in the fun!

Have a goal filled week!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Singing In The Pink!

    Singing In Pink!
I'm singing in the pink
Oh my what do you think?
Should it be rosey
Or maybe real cozy,
Perhaps a soft hazy hue
Intermixed with purply blue?
A pink sapphire or two
On a necklace will do...
I'd like a nice phone
And maybe a pink throne
Soft pink velvet pillows
And luscious pink pussy willows...
A pinkalicious delight
To last through the night!
Lots of friends to come to my pink bubble
Keeping me busy and out of trouble!

Poems My Way Valrie 05/21/2010

Get out of trouble and into pink here!

Wouldn't it just be awesome to have this pink media device? I would definitely be singing in the PINK!
These adorable pink bird earrings would sing music to my ears!

How would you like one of these gorgeous pink gemstone rings? I think if I ever get engaged again I just might go with a pink gemstone engagement ring, what do you think about that idea? This one peaks my interest...

Simply stated elegance isn't it?

I rather like this... two hearts as one...

A bit heavy, but I do have very long fingers!

I will be in total PINK tomorrow at my niece's baby girl's baby shower! Want to see what I am getting her? Well if I post it she will look at it so I guess I better not until next time!

Be sure to visit Bev at How Sweet The Sound to get links to other great PINK posts. Next week we celebrate 2 years so I will be doing something very PINK and Special and a giveaway that is surely

Have a wonderful PINK DAY!

Saturday, May 15, 2010



Wouldn't you just love to own this PINK car?

Or slip into one of this pair of HOT PINK babies?

Or how about painting the town PINK in a sexy dress?

Or you could lose your head deep in sleep in this cute HOT PINK nightie!

There is always so much fun to have with us PINKALICIOUS LADIES!

Thanks once again to BEV at How Sweet The Sound for hosting our wonderful PINK SATURDAYS!

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Have a wonderfully PINKALICIOUS DAY!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Need of Warrior Prayer!

What a hectic few weeks! I finished my May Day Swap, joined  A Swap For All Seasons and am now working on Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue swap and might do the 3rd annual brown paper bag swap with my friend Sherry at If I Could Set My Soul Free!

I started my doctoral classes again, have written a lot of poems, read 3 books, am helping my sweetheart with his dad. He has been real ill, having had 2 severe strokes, and advanced dimensia, then hit with the horrific flu going around. We just learned his lungs are nearly shot nd he has been put on a portable oxygen tank. He lives at home and we finally managed to get hospice care reinstated five days a week. I ask for your prayers for his health and relief from suffering. My dad too has been ill. He was scheduled for a stent in his leg's artery last Friday but in the cath lab they discovered that he had an 80% blockage in his heart and now has to go back in this Wednesday  (today) for the procedure for his heart to have a stent put in it rather than the one in his leg. Dad has been suffering from severe leg pain for some time and was looking forward to having relief but that procedure is now put off to the fall. I am really asking for a warrior flight of angel prayers to surround my dad today as he undergoes this surgery. He will be 83 in December and is the kindest man I know or will ever know. He blesses all 6 of us kids with every breath he takes. We lost our mom over 21 years ago to cancer. Dad has beaten 2 strokes and 3 bouts of cancer. He is tough and the world is a better place with him in it. My other mom married dad 20 years ago and we have all been blessed with the second mother God sent to us. She loves us all as her own children. She is such a blessing to dad and I know she too needs our prayers to help her through today. They live in FL and most of us live around upstate NY and one sister in Missouri, none of us could get there for today due to the late scheduling of surgery but I know each of us wishes we were with dad and mom.

      Warrior Prayer

Oh Lord surround my dad with your love
Send down a fleet of angels from above.
Blanket dad with 10 million prayers
Help relieve him of his fears.

Guide the surgeon's hands today
For this I steadfastly pray.
Renew his health, return his joy
Your greates miracle do employ!

Ease our minds with your gentle touch
Know in our hearts we need him so much.
Your love as a Father transcends through him
So many tender times we've had , to begin

To count them would take an eternity.
From you we ask with all serenity
To hear our prayer oh Lord this day
Ask of us what to do or say...

I know your love will carry him through
For no greater faith but he has in you.
I trust in all that comes our way
And know dear Lord I pray and pray!

Poems My Way Valrie 05/12/2010


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One More Chance Poem For The Day!

                 One More Chance

I take my chances and reach out to you

Unaware, you know not what to do…

My heart beats faster by the touch of your hand

Unparalleled love, no greater fear I withstand.

The mind throbs pulsing with so many questions

Wondering thoughts or mere suggestions?

Roaming through the avenues of life

I wonder if I will ever be removed from strife…

As I collect myself and breathe softly into your ear

Whispering how much I love you and hold dear

The memories we build - the long talks we have,

Cherishing each moment makes me very glad.

Electrified by all the sensuous stimuli which surrounds

Us in our daily lives, feet firmly planted on the ground

Yet celestial thoughts infiltrate my heart, beating

Faster, so rapidly, knowing what I am seeking…

You turn and embrace me in your loving arms

Sharing too the thoughts to come to no more harm.

Like the skittish rabbit chased deep into its hole

Sly the fox that truly knows his role…

Protect and comfort me but do not betray my trust

Nor pursue with your decrepit thoughts of lust.

I am more than what meets your eye

If you violate me I fear that I should die…

Broken once too often my heart skips a beat

And tears stream down my face as I weep.

Beguiling and chivalrous the masks suits you well,

I know now what others were so afraid to tell…

Yet I fool myself into a false reality once more

With eyes wide open I should close the door.

Instead I lay awake at night in wait of your embrace.

Fearful knowing that I undoubtedly will fall from Grace.

Is it so wrong to love one another yet betray the trust -

That binds two hearts as one, or do what we must

To carry on? How do we begin to forgive

The wrongs that we have done, in order that we may live?

Ah, the paradox of love, the moralistic values to uphold

How many stories, lies, rest in your heart or have you told?

Too many I do fear and thus I must now walk away -

For the last time my love you have betrayed…

Poems My Way Valrie 05/10/2010

Processing my past and looking to the future, I reflected on past relationships and  how not to have repeats of history. I use poetic reflections as a means of therapy and working through issues...

How do you handle betrayal or self doubts?

Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mother's Love

                         A Mother's Love

From the moment I first saw my angels from Heaven
I wrapped and swaddled them unconditionally with love.
I counted your fingers, and all of your tiny toes -
I kissed your sweet faces and thanked God for my blessings.

As the years went by we grew together, me as a mother
And the two of you a my children with love and respect,
Sharing our joys and sorrows, always excited about tomorrow.
How cherished are the memories I have of both of you.

A daughter first and a few years after came my son.
To this day the sun rises with you on my mind
And cascades on the horizon with you deep in my heart.
No greater love on earth is felt by me than what I hold for you.

Each day you made me laugh or cry, not always knowing why...
I am thankful for the silly games we played, the songs we made up
And sung, for all the little cards and poems you wrote
Or stories gleefully told. The long walks and talks I fondly hold

In my treasure chest of all your love and open every now and then
To relive the moments of your first steps, that adorable smile
Shrilling squeals and giggles we shared throughout the years.
Somehow we made it through all the teenage years laughing yes...

Others filled with tears. We grew stronger and bonded even more
When the Lord took your dad, and we all leaned on each other
To hold fast to happy memories and wipe away the tears but not the years
We had as a family, this too is n my treasure chest of love.

Today on Mother's Day I fill my treasure chest with hope
For our future. You both are now young adults and in the world
Seeking to find your way, three as one but yet so far away.
The distance hard but our love still binds us together.

My daughter, so proud you have made me, always determined
To succeed, facing head on life's adversities, you are awesome...
So brilliant and talented yet you cannot see it in yourself quite yet.
I just know you will set this world on fire with our enthusiasm.

My son, what greater sacrifice in life can a mother make or you
To serve your country as a Marine, one who fought from the start for
His own life? You are strong, smart, and eager, I know you will go far
In life and pray each day that you'll come back home safe from war.

At night when I look out into the deep black sky I seek and find my stars
One for Jenni, one for Joey, and connect with you no matter where you are...
The love I have for the two of you will never run dry, it overflows
In everything I do... I know I've made mistakes, and often let you down -

Yet we know the reasons why and join in synchronicity once more,
Three hearts beating as one to the loving beat of just one drum.
Each of us willing to lay down our life for the other, filling
Hopes and dreams along the way, sharing life's ups and downs.

What greater joy might a mother have than two children such as you?
For one it is in knowing that you have found a soul mate too...
As the years ahead will build new memories and bring more joy
I will wait to rock your babies in my lap and share a grandmother's love.

For now, it's time to stretch your wings, no longer fledglings, and fly -
Soar the sky and search the earth for what brings you joy.
And as my mother once told me, remember as long as you never lay to rest
Angry and your day is hemmed with prayer, your lives will never become unraveled.

This gift of poetry I give to you, the words embedded in my heart..
The love I have for you has been returned and fills me with joy
To live to see you share this love with me and your future mates some day.
Remember your mother's love is steadfast, eternal, and remains unconditional.

Poems My Way Valrie 05/09/2010

Hope you all have a blessed Mother's Day!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Garden of Friendships PINK SATURDAYS


     The Garden of Friendships

Friendships are just like flowers -
You need to plant the seeds and
Nurture them to help them grow,
Talk to, give and share a lot of love.

So with this swap I shower
You with loving gifts, some by hand
I made and others bought you know...
As you're now my friend sent from above

A gift received renewed each faithful hour
A friendship is a gift and blessing, understand...
One that will shine as angel's halos glow.
And to you I send this friendship gift of love.

Poems My Way Valrie 04/29/2010

I wrote this poem for my May Day swap partners and participants and wanted to share it with  my blogger friends as you all have planted seeds to help me blossom and grow. I love you all and your comments and emails have inspired me to persevere and rebuild my life. Thank you all so much for blessing me and keeping me  in your prayers.

Now here is what I made for my swap partners. I varied the swap boxes somewhat to pamper each of my lovely partners!

Tess over at  The Heart of Words received this lovely array of yellow roses and butterflies I custom made and all these adorable incidentals I found along my May Day journey. Her favorite flowers are yellow roses and she has such a romantic story to tell about why! Her favorite color is purple and I tried to incorporate as much of that as I could find. We have been blogging friends since February and are networking as well. Tess referred me to associated content where I had my first article published! I just know she is going to love her May Day swap!

The gift bag is filled with an adorable hot pink microfiber flowery dish towel, candles, the cute purple puffy flower, gift tags, notecards, a flower paperweight, candy, and that big purple flower is actually a fly swatter. what a hoot! The clay pot is painted with purple daisies and filled with yello and white roses and sprays of multicolored butterflies! The little candle tealight holder is soft purple and yellow and a perfect touch of spring for May Day! Lots of PINK too!

I found some beautiful paper napkins in a purple and hot pink floral pattern at The Christmas Tree Store, tucked them in too. See the little angel peeking out of the bag? She is Pink and blue with flowers and says Welcome Spring! I also tucked in floral sticky notes, a little floral clipboard, pens, butterfly erasers, a garden butterfly flower pick and just a few more sundries for Tess. I've heard from her and she said it felt like Christmas and she especially loved that I remembered her story of yellow roses. Pop over to her blog sometime and get to know her!

I completed the box with a copy of my poem Garden of Friendships.

Since starting to blog in February this year my friendship garden has really grown! Please help me reach my challenge of 100 followers by the end of June! Become a follower today!

                              Here is what Tess custom made for me with my love of PINK, tulips, and butterflies?

This is made with crepe paper layered, newsprint, hand painting, on a canvas, some sort of decoupage finish, and is just perfect for my PINK room I am working on (you might actually see it one day)! She also knows how much I read and write and made some dainty custom bookmarks for me to use!
You can find Tess over at The Heart of Words. Tess and I met during the One world One Heart  event and have been best blogging friends ever since. we network for Associated Content and our poems on poetrydances.com. Stop over for a visit and tell her Valrie sent you by!

Sherry too is a true friend, somehow our emails didn't make it to each other and we were somewhat delayed in communicating but all is well in the end and our frienndship continues to grow! I have visited her blog many times and she is a busy mother of 6 children and I wanted to bless her with special things too! I custom made this gorgeous array of flowers and butterflies for her as well and added my own little treasures I found along the way. I sure hope she enjoys it! She has many of the same items as Tess's swap with a few twists of color choices and flowers and yes a yummy marshmallow spring lolly!

Her candle holder is yellow, there are green garden gloves and seeds to plant!  See that marshmallow lolly, the cute pink fluffy flower, the glass floral paperweight, the pink floral microfiber dish towel, and that adorable angel!
This is what Sherry blessed me with as her swap partner! Again I was totally wowed! Such generosity and talent. An adorable tote bag she made. The fairy notebook has pink flowers, glitters, and hot pink, perfect for my Pink post! I received an adorable mini clipboard too! The little birdie was so tweet! A flower Victorian bouquet, a crocheted doilie, hanky covers, and so many cute little novelties like these little mushroom tags she made. Such a generous and lovely swap. Thank you so much Sherry! I am truly blessed with your friendship! You can find Sherry at  If I Could Set My Soul Free.         


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Now it's time to grab your coffee cup, and continue your PINK journey! Happy Mother's day!

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Have a wonderful day!