I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Monday, May 31, 2010

In Memory

Today marks the 8th anniversary of my children's father's death. He was only 48 and died of cancer. Although we were divorced he remains always in my heart as he gave me my beautiful Jenni and Joey.

It has been a hard weekend to get through.

      Memories Gone By

So many memories flooding through my mind...
Tears running like waterfalls filling my eyes.
There is never enough time to forgive,
And often life is too hard to forget.

How unlike others, this thing called humankind -
We shirk our duties, run off and are left to die
Alone, with noone left with any love to give,
Yet in the end you get back what you beget.

Ah the memories gone by, the first kiss
The first romantic interlude of love
Our first born's sweet baby cry
The moment we held her in our arms.

Today it seems more than ever you're missed
Are you looking down on us from above?
Have you aked yourself the reasons why?
What causes man to reap such harm?

The years passed and a second born, a son
Blessed our home, now full grown, a man
Traveling off to fight the wars others start
Leaving his own loved ones behind...

Oh God, the things we have gone and done.
Would you go back in time, where you can
Begin anew, cherishing others full heart
Oh were this another time, I would remind...

How challenging life has been for those
Left behind, to  carry on , to live and breathe
Fight for what is right in this world today
At all costs, standing up for our beliefs...

Yet, there is not always right choice made I suppose
What one perceives as reality may be another's fantasy
The mind games. the tribulations made and played
But for some forsaken with no relief...

Memories still rest within the walls of my soul
I sift through them at free will with no regrets
Some sad others making me laugh and chortle
Busting loose, I grab my sandals and run...

Taking in all my lungs can breathe I hold
Dear our memories that others might forget.
Asking myself what if I never came through God's portal?
Life is uncertain true, when all is said and done.

Poems My Way  Valrie 05/31/2010

In loving memory of Joseph, a son, a husband, a father.

Please take time to pray for our troops. My son Joey is a proud US Marine serving our country so we may live free. Remember those who went beforeehim and paved the way for our freedom and bless him and all our men and women who lay their lives on the line every second they serve.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

My Jenni                                                            Jenni & Mikey!
Joey my proud Lance Corporal US Marine and his fiance Renee!



  1. That was a very beautiful poem. Lovely family photos, too.

  2. A sad but beautiful tribute. I lost a friend age 47 years old last Saturday. She was mother to one beautiful 22 year old daughter and ex wife of a decent man who took charge once this happened. It is good to remember the kindnesses. I hope your day is surrounded by loved ones and I will add your USMC son to my prayer list! Blessings Anne

    Please come visit and join me soon.


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