I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One More Chance Poem For The Day!

                 One More Chance

I take my chances and reach out to you

Unaware, you know not what to do…

My heart beats faster by the touch of your hand

Unparalleled love, no greater fear I withstand.

The mind throbs pulsing with so many questions

Wondering thoughts or mere suggestions?

Roaming through the avenues of life

I wonder if I will ever be removed from strife…

As I collect myself and breathe softly into your ear

Whispering how much I love you and hold dear

The memories we build - the long talks we have,

Cherishing each moment makes me very glad.

Electrified by all the sensuous stimuli which surrounds

Us in our daily lives, feet firmly planted on the ground

Yet celestial thoughts infiltrate my heart, beating

Faster, so rapidly, knowing what I am seeking…

You turn and embrace me in your loving arms

Sharing too the thoughts to come to no more harm.

Like the skittish rabbit chased deep into its hole

Sly the fox that truly knows his role…

Protect and comfort me but do not betray my trust

Nor pursue with your decrepit thoughts of lust.

I am more than what meets your eye

If you violate me I fear that I should die…

Broken once too often my heart skips a beat

And tears stream down my face as I weep.

Beguiling and chivalrous the masks suits you well,

I know now what others were so afraid to tell…

Yet I fool myself into a false reality once more

With eyes wide open I should close the door.

Instead I lay awake at night in wait of your embrace.

Fearful knowing that I undoubtedly will fall from Grace.

Is it so wrong to love one another yet betray the trust -

That binds two hearts as one, or do what we must

To carry on? How do we begin to forgive

The wrongs that we have done, in order that we may live?

Ah, the paradox of love, the moralistic values to uphold

How many stories, lies, rest in your heart or have you told?

Too many I do fear and thus I must now walk away -

For the last time my love you have betrayed…

Poems My Way Valrie 05/10/2010

Processing my past and looking to the future, I reflected on past relationships and  how not to have repeats of history. I use poetic reflections as a means of therapy and working through issues...

How do you handle betrayal or self doubts?

Have a wonderful day!


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