I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pink Saturday & Mother's Day Giveaway Event

Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for stopping by my blog for another pink post. Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound we can always count on having our PINK time and meeting new friends. Be sure to check out all the other PINK bloggers after visiting me! And for the challenge please visit my new friend Maggie from last Saturday's post... her blog is awesome! Do these shoes match this purse?

Today I am sponsoring a giveaway for Mother's Day. I am doing  it this weekend so it can be shipped in time for Mother's Day! I am giving away a set of Fragrance Free Satin Hands registered trademark of Mary Kay. This is a wonderful gift to give that special mother in your life! I have used it for years and totally love how pampered it makes me feel and my hands are so soft after using it! Just leave a comment  on this post and your email so I can contact you as the winner and get shipping details from you. I will ship anywhere in the continental US!

PINK PETS is my theme today. I came across a few really cute photos this week and wanted to share them with you for our pink time...

Who me, do I look like I wear lip gloss?

Um... this movie is scaring me can we put the top up now and get out of here?


Oh my,  these PINK tropicals are up to something fishy...


Puffy lost her powder puff!

Maybe her pal used it to put on all her makeup...

Either way you just got to love all their PINKS!

So now it's time to kick back, refill your coffee, browse some more visit my pink bubble
for a while and email me if you want a $25 gift card towards a purchase and be sure
to visit our other pink bloggers here.

Have a wonderful day blessed with pinks and thanks for stopping by!

email me for gift card!


  1. Such cute pet pics!! Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. hmmm, I don't know what happened, but I missed this post when I came over. I left a comment on the one below, I think. (it's one of those Senior Moments!!)
    ANYway, what a wonderful and generous giveaway.
    I haven't used this hand creme but anything Mary K puts out is great. Thanks so much for the chance to win it...and the giftcard.
    The little pink doggies....just precious.:)
    xo bj

  3. Hey, sugar, happy pink saturday. I've gotta have another giveaway soon. I love the photos you posted today. Very funny and cute, chickee...

  4. Oh my gosh! Your pics made me giggle. I love the two puppies in the toy car! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Hi Valrie, thank you so much for dropping by. I have been in and out today...working in the yard and check pink Saturday comments when I come in. Love that doggie with the pink lipstick on him. :) I used to have a little poodle. They are so smart. I would love to be entered in your give-away. Satin Hands is the best cream ever! Happy Pink Saturday! xoxo

  6. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway. I'm here to say hi and enter your giveaway too! :) My email is janiebirdthorn@gmail.com Got my fingers crossed! :)
    Have a blessed day

  7. Those little doggies are too funny!

  8. Oh what cute little pinks....they made my little one stop crying!!
    Thank you for your comments.
    Enjoy, Dana

  9. Your pinks are wonderful! The little dog
    with the lip gloss made me laugh out loud!
    Thanks so much for visiting my Flora Doora
    Blog and leaving a comment!

    Your blog is beautiful!


  10. Hi! Oh my I love the pink pet getting into the lipgloss toooooo cute! Please enter me in the giveaway!

  11. What lovely pinks! I especially liked the goldfish. lol

  12. Oh, The poodle is my favorite! Too cute! Thanks for stopping in at my blog and for the sweet comment.

  13. I love these animal photos-they are sweet. thank you for the giveaway-the hands can always use some help.

    chocolate and croissants at yahoo .com

  14. Hi, so happy you came to see me today...thank you. So, you've lost all your poems...now this is sad, did you lose anything else? Very cute blog, and Pink Saturday. Welcome to our world. Marsha

  15. I think the word for the first picture is "busted"!!! Made me laugh!

  16. I love the little powder puff kitten! Wonderful give away too. Happy Pink Saturday!

    xxoo Pat

  17. Wow! Or should I say Bow wow! Such cute and funny poochies and pets. Thanks for the smiles!


    PS Happy Pink Saturday to you!

  18. thanks for sharing some really cute pet fotos, they are always nice to see :)

  19. Hi Valerie; ahahhahaha I just love those photos,,, so very cute and funny.... thank you so much for stopping by,,,I would love a chance to win such a great give a way..... count me in..

    Pink Hugs;

  20. Valerie, thanks for stopping by and inviting me over. I really enjoyed my stay! :o) The "pink" kitty is ADORABLE, it is like a little plushy toy, awww!...And the gangsta' puppies, definitely THE favorite pic! :D:D:D You really have a wonderful blog,
    smiles, Erika

  21. Happy Pink Saturday, Valrie. And, thank you for the opportunity to win. I love Satin Hands!

    These pink pets are too funny. They gave me a big smile.

  22. Your giveaway is great, just got one .It works wonderful.Thanks for stopping by Laura

  23. Happy Pink Saturday,love the photos, thanks for the laughs and smiles

  24. Hi there!
    Looks like we are partners in A Swap For All Season's June swap!!! This is exciting!!! I love these cute pics. Can't wait to find awesome goodies for you for the swap!!!

  25. Hello and Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I love your pink post this week. The Yorkie is my favorite!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  26. Those pictures are so cute-I love the one with the little puppy wearing lippy!

    Thank you so much for visiting me and for your sweet comment. I had a wonderful time participating in my very first Pink Saturday and can't wait to post more pinks next week! I can't wait to see what pinks you will be posting next week too!

    Best wishes,

  27. Hi, so lovely to meet you.
    Gorgoeus puppies. of course she uses lip gloss ! hahahaa. Lovely give away.
    Hugs, joey

  28. Nice pinks, Valrie, and what a fabulous blog background! :) Nancy

  29. LOVE those cute photos...especially the doggie with the lipgloss! Hope you had a great Pink Saturday!! dana

  30. Lotsa pinks here. They are all beautiful. Sorry I missed your giveaway.


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