I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sometimes out of the blue you come across information you wish you had not...Does that ever happen to you? When it does to me, I turn to the Lord  in prayer and write my thoughts in poetic verse... Here is today's musing and working through difficult facets of my life. If they touch your heart in any way and lighten the burden of your day, for that I shall be thankful.

                                                     In Christ Only Shall  I Trust All..
 Trust to me is a big issue
It is earned not a given -
Just what do we do when
Our trust in another is violated?
How do we reconcile with betrayal?
Lord I know you turned your cheek
And forgave all... I pray you help me
To walk the same path you did -
Help me to become forgiving - in time
Of others who have inflcited suffering
Upon me or my family.
 At times  Lord, I am overwhelmed...
Filled with despair and no longer able to cope
Or function as a Christian; I need Your Love
God - Jesus - Lord Saviour; I am your child.
You are my Father and I know my needs
To You are already known... perhaps You
Have answered this prayer afore and my
Eyes, ears or heart were closed
To the Wisdom of Your words...
Now Lord, I open them unto You.
I am ready to receive
Whatever it is, however difficult a hardship to bear...
I shall take up the cross of my burdens,
Indeed they are light compared to Yours,
I will walk with You, I will talk with You
 And I now know that You are near...
So dear to my heart and soul and mind are You..
I will serve You with all of me, to You Lord I surrender all...

Poems My Way- Valrie 01/23/2012
copyrighted please ask for permission for reposting or printing here:poemsmyway@yahoo.com

May your day be blessed and filled with prayers.


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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Creating Confections in PINK!!!

Recently I went to EPCOT and had to visit Lucille Ball's exhibit. This is a shot of me in one of their PINK CANDY Hats! That has got to be my all time favorite episode of the famous sitcom..

I tried my best to imitate her stuffed puffed cheeks that she had with Ethel in the outrageous candy factory making episode. Tee-hee.

Very busy weekend and I don't have a lot of free time but just had to post this picture!

Meanwhile please lift me up in prayers I was diagnosed Thursday with a full thickness tear in my right shoulder, shoulder blade, rotator cuff and bursa region. It will require surgery and we are awaiting insurance authorization. This has been ongoing and untreated since the assault I survived July 27th, 2011.

Politley put, it is excruciating pain and nearly stripping me of my faith in healing powers...other than God's of course.

Did I tell you all ...the man who did this to me runs free,  has violated his prior restraining order (7/27/2011) and was actually brought up on contempt of court charges AFTER the existing restarining order expired January 10th, 2012? Oh yeah, only in America. If  you would like to sign a petition on my behalf requesting NYS to reissue the restraining order please email me through my link here

On a happier note... I am potentially being offered a pt position provided I have background clearance and can successfully complete training. I ask for your prayers -for employment and healing. All good things come to those who wait... in PRAYER!

May your day be filled with PINKS! Thank you Bev for your constant hosting.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some of My Favorite PINK Things!!!

Some of my Favorite Pink Things!

When my mood drops
When my fears rise
All I simply do... is turn
My eyes to some of my
Favorite Pink Things...

Here they are:

The pinkness of my daughter Jenni, she lives in a world of Hot PINK really!

Pink hearts and butterflies...
                                      The miracles of God's PINK sunrises and sunsets...
Collecting PINK chotsky! All of this and so much more...

                                 This beautiful PINK reminder to stay calm and pray....

Carmel my unconditional loving cat and his little PINK nose. A messenger of God and my angel...

It really is PINK!!!

Licille Ball and her PINK glow in this picture and they way she has always been able to make me laugh and lift my spirits..RIP and Thank You!

Chang Chang on my daughetr's PINK blanket and the happy memories I have this past October of meeting him and being with Jenni in Waco, TX....

You just have to love this cat. He is ALL fur but really long!
Totally Purrrrrfect in Pink!

The love of family and how simply PINKALICIOUS it is to have them....

MY BFF and angel sent by God, Carol, her love and Christian friendship has carried me and blessed me beyond words these last several months.

My Mary Kay friends and all the PINKS!!!
And of course PINK SATURDAYS, BEV at How Sweet the Sound...

May your weekend be very pink!

Sending PINK HUGS to ALL!!!

On my way where ti the web is PINKED!!!!

Me and my brand new 2012 Honda... blue is my favorite color for cars, but YES I am dressed in PINK!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

                      Happy New Year  2012 to all my followers and blogging friends.

My what a busy and unexpected surprising end to the year 2011. I was married on October 15th, 2011 to my white knight! God blessed me with a Godly man who tryuy loves me, provides for me and protects me every minute of his life.

This is our wedding ceremony. We wrote our own vows and were married in Chantilly VA.

I had my 2nd doctoral residency in the beginning of October and am progressing forward to the dissertation phase.

I now live in VA. We are having the time of our life setting up our new condo and building our lives through Christ. We attend McLean Bible Church in Tysons corners and it is a powerful church with
so many blessings for us. This year we will becoming stewards in Christ to couples' ministries.

                      I have 3 new step-daughters  (25,13, & 11) and each is another blessing to my life.
                               Autumn (11) was my junior attendant and Soleil (13) a camera genius!

Faith lives in CA and I was fortunate enough to meet her in Dallas a week or so after our wedding for Dad Hefty's 90th birthday! That's dad and mom and Mark's brother  on his 90th birthday celebration with the flag balloon we gave dad for his birthday!

                                     Faith  (25) is an accomplished pianist and I just adore her!
                                   She lives in CA and flew into  Dallas too for the party!
            I also got to see my daughter Jenni  (27) was able to come up to Dallas from Waco for the party too for dad. It was great too see Jenni too!

Night of Deployment July 2010
Joey's friend in Afghanistan...

Joey my proud marine son returned home from Afghanistan. yeah! Booh just before Christmas we learned he is headed back to Hell (Afghanistan )mid January 2012... please lift my son and all who serve up in your prayers and God please return him home safely once more... I hope to travel to NC again in the next week or so to say Godspeed and give him love...

            May the prayers we send return all safely home to their loved ones....

I have had so many beautiful memories and places visited since geting married. We spent the Sunday before Christmas at Mt. Vernon and toured the grounds having a lovely simple meal
at the Mt. Vernon Inn enjoying peanut and chestnut soup, cornbread and George Washibgton's drink of choice a cherry bounce! I will tell you it warmed the soul and spirits.

    Christmas came early at the Hefty home as we honeymooned Christmas week in FL...

              Gorgeous view of the swimming area at The Omni where we stayed the week.

                        When it was cold the outdoor fire was lit, real cozy and romantic!

 Beautiful water fountain in the patio terrace area just before the swimming pool, lazy river rafting and outdoor cafe Croc's.
The terrace just outside the main dining room, just lovely!
Below the long shot of the swimming area with the private cabanas, ooh la lah!

 Above the Christmas Caroler's in the Americas exhibit at Epcot, below the fife and drum corp entertained with a lively march and invited the children to follow in the ranks.

                                               A beautiful view of the Epcot waterfront...
 Pierre Noel,  France, Father Christmas in Epcot told the most beautiful Christmas story.

A view of Epcot; that's Mark  taking his shot...

 God Bless MOM she lights up the room with her smile and I love her so dearly.
 Dad and mom taking a breather from opening their gifts to each other and from us....
 This is Miss Kitty at my parents' home getting into the groove of presents!
 Now Mr. & Mrs Clause (my mom and dad) have these adorable guests in their home in FL. Some head of hair on me too, Christmas morning at dad and mom's before church.
 Mark was thrououghly enjoying the acts and scenery at Al Capone's dinner theatre!
The main acts at Al Capone's were really cute!

                                                           Al Capone's dinner theatre!
 The Blues Brotehrs entertained at Universal Studios oh my they were awesome!
                               Norte Dame performing central square at Universal Studios.
                              Norte Dame perfect ranks in this marching band at Universal!
Our last night in the hotel the women from the Morsels Starbucks cafe had these awaiting us in our room. It was supposed to say WEDDING BUT THE THOUGHT WAS THERE AND THE CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRIES DIVINE!

SO much more I could post here but  I will end with a bit of pink!!!!

This beautiful tea set is available at the Mt. Vernon gift shop, very pink! It's on my wish list!

May your New Year be Blessed and filled with PINK!

Be sure to blog over to BEV at How Sweet The Sound and join the New Year filled with my PINK blogging friends!

 Please leave a comment when you are done they fill my days with joy!

 Hope to be back soon and stopping by your blogs....
                       In the meantime here is a very PINK hug for  the New Year!

From our home to yours, Happy New Years!