I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sometimes out of the blue you come across information you wish you had not...Does that ever happen to you? When it does to me, I turn to the Lord  in prayer and write my thoughts in poetic verse... Here is today's musing and working through difficult facets of my life. If they touch your heart in any way and lighten the burden of your day, for that I shall be thankful.

                                                     In Christ Only Shall  I Trust All..
 Trust to me is a big issue
It is earned not a given -
Just what do we do when
Our trust in another is violated?
How do we reconcile with betrayal?
Lord I know you turned your cheek
And forgave all... I pray you help me
To walk the same path you did -
Help me to become forgiving - in time
Of others who have inflcited suffering
Upon me or my family.
 At times  Lord, I am overwhelmed...
Filled with despair and no longer able to cope
Or function as a Christian; I need Your Love
God - Jesus - Lord Saviour; I am your child.
You are my Father and I know my needs
To You are already known... perhaps You
Have answered this prayer afore and my
Eyes, ears or heart were closed
To the Wisdom of Your words...
Now Lord, I open them unto You.
I am ready to receive
Whatever it is, however difficult a hardship to bear...
I shall take up the cross of my burdens,
Indeed they are light compared to Yours,
I will walk with You, I will talk with You
 And I now know that You are near...
So dear to my heart and soul and mind are You..
I will serve You with all of me, to You Lord I surrender all...

Poems My Way- Valrie 01/23/2012
copyrighted please ask for permission for reposting or printing here:poemsmyway@yahoo.com

May your day be blessed and filled with prayers.


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