I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

How do you say goodbye?

How Do You Say Goodbye?

A day of sorrow, a day of grief
Sadness through rivers of tears
Streaming down, yet too relief,
For all the love over the years...

Such a strong and verile man
Once walked this earthly domain -
Building things and doing what e'er one can
To make the world feel no pain.

A legacy of love was built -
Tolerance, patience, love unconditional
For a son and woman, heartfelt...
Enduring all, a love so remarkable.

To be sure, Heaven's doors open wide
In welcoming psalms the herald angels sing !
For now his pain has left, placed aside -
The earth lost a kind man, agreeing...

Those yet here,  ponder the meaning left behind,
The lesson to learn, is one of true love -
God, not always understood, is kind,
My Prayers were sent  yesterday, above -

I awoke today to the ring of a phone
Dawn had not yet peaked in the sky,
The message left, please come home.
Why oh why must in death love die?

Words to be spoken, some should be unheard
Anger strikes and lashes out, how to forgive ?
Softly, like angels' wings, feathers on a bird...
The fluttering of voices fills the room who live.

Did you love him when he was here?
Did you tell him how you felt?
Did you show him how much you cared?
Did you speak from the heart, and melt?

Or did you wax away the time in endless stress?
Or find things to occupy the days and watch...
Or wish you were someplace else...
Or wonder if they'd made the right match?

Have you allowed yourself to grieve?
Have you thought of what comes next?
Have you planned for this time of leave?
Have you alllowed yourself time for rest?

Take the time you need, one step at a time,
Feel the love and hold deep in your heart,
For letting go was hard, peace of mind
Is never easy from the start -

Know you did more than anyone child could do,
Know your father loves you from above,
Smiles now at what you will become, and YOU
Like the messenger's of white doves,

Will heal in time and grow in ways untold
The world awaits you now, a life lived
And a new one to begin, reach within, be bold!
In you my sweet, there is so much more to give -

Walk with the memories inside, held dear,
Listen with the strength o'er years you've shown -
Taste life for the first time in many years.
Breathe in the sound of love that's grown...

Pull on the tug of war no more, release
The bounds that enslaved your very soul,
Forgive those who no treatise
Could ever hold, for words like lies won't hold...

Answer the call inside your heart -
Become the man your dad knew you to be
Once more and a loving new fresh start,
Will welcome you with open arms. happily!

You never do say goodbye in the end,
In your heart he will always live
Yet remember, it is now time to begin
To live for life is a gift He gives.

Poems My Way Valrie 01/30/2011

In loving Memory of Robert Butler, my sweetie's father was called home this morning in his sleep.
We love you and you will live in our hearts forever.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pink baby, Pearls and Lace, & Heartfelt, a POEM

I saw this somewhere on my surfing and it is so pretty, it didn't have a copyright but I give credit to the artist, it fills my heart with PINKNESS and welcoming love formy new grandniece born this week in Germany!

Lillian Grace Marie, a beautiful daughter entered the world at 8lbs.02 oz. at 8:30AM Germany time!Blessings to her and her family!Rosy Pink cheeks!


My heart is filled with love and  yet also saddness...
The days drag out it seems as the one I love, hurts -
Soon the days his father ceases to breathe draws near,
How do I console him, the love he holds, I now of...

Questions I ask of Thee, why do we suffer so?
How can we move on without letting go, we cannot...
Is it our fate to never know the reasons why?
Must we always endure such heavy burdens?

The sorrows of the heart rule our minds,
And what in turn rules yours? Is it a game played?
Does it pleasure you to see suffering, what is it?
Why do you hold back the power to heal?

I love Thee Lord, but am troubled as I speak
The words of my feathered pen to YOU!
I do not know how myself to let go, less comfort him,
Will you Lord, will mend his broken heart this year?

I can only ask for Your guidance, your love,
I give you in return my faith, wavering but here...
Do as you will with me Lord, but spare the man I love,
For he too suffers in silence and yearns for another life.

Poems My Way Valrie 01/9/2011

In honor of  my Bob and his father Robert...a leagcy of life and love!

I am on the hunt for lace and pearls for an upcoming mother of the groom dress and ensemble. This is delicate but the colors of the wedding party are blue and yellow. Oh how I wish I had a wedding to plan in the PINK colors.

 Now my daughter and her significant other have yet to set a date and even announce a formal engagement... but her favorite color is HOT PINK, this fuschia lace is perfect for that one...
I am also in the final stages of my poetry book galley before publishing and need to have an outfit made in period dress for the picture on the front cover; at $89 a yard this would be an  extravagance, BUT.... I might just have to splurge for once on just little old me. The pearls on the top won my heart! What do you think? It comes at half the price without the pearls at about $49 per yard. I would compliment it with soft blues and lacy white cuffs. Any period dress designers out there?
These swatches are courtesy of Fashion Fabrics.com

 Now wouldn't this little pale pink and blace lace make a lovely wedding peignore? (sp?) no time to check!

 I am so excited to have met my goal! I wanted to reach a hundred followers before the end of January and I did! Thank you so much!!!! My hundredth follower you have a surprize coming your way! I'll be contacting you later this weekend! HUGS to all of you for being the SUNSHINE and LOVE that makes my day every day. I love those comments!
 A friend of mine posted this on her facebook page in honor of the love she has for her boyfriend. Isn't it just too cute and so lovingly masculine. Ah, new love is so sweet and innocent.
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Please be sure to surf on over to our dear Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and LINK UP TO PINKS!
 Now as for me, I am up and about, perhaps I will stop by and give you a SHOUT! Papers to write, crafty things to make and tea cup trading swaps for me, have a very happy PINKY day!

Be sure to leave a comment, write it down below
Wrap it in love and feather dust or snow!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pink Saturday He's Always Been Faithful To Me

Welcome Pink Saturday friends. I am not feelinmg all that well today and have turned to my Lord. The ailments at times get in my way of enjoying life and so instead of pouting and whining, I came across this song from my niece out in OREGON who just started blogging. She is a musician, Kimberly and her lovely blog Sing From The Heart, truly touches you. Stop by and tell her crazy Aunt Val sent you there. We all remember those first posts and waiting for followers to come. She works for a religious music recoding company, has such a love for God and I know your day will be blessed and bless her by a visit. My poetry SINGS FROM MY HEART, what sings from yours?

                   PINK today, these adorable PINKS are of my great niece GIA. She is the picture of pink!
 Pretty pink little girl feeding her pretty pink baby doll. Do you remember your favorite baby doll? Mine was Thumbelina! She wriggled to Braham's Lullaby, and came with a swing to me on my 5th birthday from my long lost loving Uncle Bill.
Pink Princess in Pink Jammies with a PINK tote and PINK purse! She is PINKED!!!

My Baby Doll

My baby doll came to me one day
I was sad and just wanted to  sing and play
I didn't know the trouble she would cause
Nor why my sis' and brother thought
That she was a nuisance as she resembled me
A little girl lofty curls filled with love and song
Her only guilt was loving me and that caused her harm.
One day I awoke and she was gone nowhere to be found
I looked upsatirs, inside and out, all o'er the grounds
The laughter in their eyes betrayed the deed that they had done
When I asleep in my little bed, they took my doll from me, gone!
I never knew where she gt to, what ill fate they brought her way,
And then one day after the house DAD sold, the owners called to say...
Oh by the way we found a little baby doll hidden behind the wall
If per chance you want her back, just tell us whom to call.
I didn't ask for her return, just to be safe in her old home
But beware sis and brother, one day you'll lose your gnomes!

POEMS MY WAY - VALRIE 01/22/2011

SO now I have but an hour to spare and come by you today! Please sit and browse awhile and enter my giveaway!

I love to read your comments in the wee hours of the morn'
Pick up  my pen and jot a note or two!

I so would like olden times again, and writing with this feathered pen!

I send out to you my loving HUGS!

                                        Time to refill my coffe mug, sorry no TEA today!
                        Be sure to link up to BEV over at How Sweet The Sound and visit
                                          all the lovely PINK SATURDAY BLOGS!

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Poem for my Tea Cup Trade!

I recently joined a few fabulous blogs and society's and one is a Tea society of sorts. My new friend Stephanie, this poem is for you!

Tea Cup Lover's Trade

Top of the day to you!

Running fast here too -
On my way out the door
To see what my day enstores.

Yesterday out on the land
I found the first gift at hand
And now I'll ask you more advice
Of what you think is really nice?

You see I am your partner this year
For the tea cup saucer pair...
Teas so sweet or spicy too,
Which ones have most flavor to you?

Delectable sweets to pass the time
Whilst sipping tea;reading rhymes,
What treasures stir your heart?
What tea best for the morn's start?

A favorite color or a pattern used?
I prefer those teals and blues...
'Round the world I travel with tea
For you I'll make friendship tea!

So at last this poem shall end
So I'll your treasure swap begin

Poems My Way – Valrie 01/21/2011

I am in search today of period dresses, patterns or ones off the rack! I have a new friend who attends period events in RI and that is not all that far from whre I live, a nice day journey or weekend trip for me!

Please be sure to leave and write a comment they make me smile throughout this wintry day! My school is closed so I have the day ahead to fill with writing poems and prose!

And so for now I'm off in hunt of words, new ones, others unheard
 To write my prose and wiggle my furry pink toes, so here I go!

I LoVe My OnLiNe FrIeNdS!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year and New Friends! New Giveaway!

The year is off to a wonderful start now that I finally have a computer up and running with my voice assisted software. I have so little time it seems but yet I browse and make new friends whenever I can.

                                 This past week I came across the Tea Time Tuesday blog,

                                                            I joined in this lovely Tea Cup Trade...

                              Entered a giveaway early today over at A Musing Potpourri, and ....please stop by                                  and say hi to La! Tell her Valrie sent you by for a spot of tea!

So many have giveaways or trades and swaps going on and I realized I hadn't blogged recently about my own. On January 31st I will have a giveaway filled with surprises! 

Become a follower if you are not = 1st entry
2nd entry  Post a link back to my giveaway! Use this button above:
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4th entry    Leave a comment here!
Some pinks, some teas, some crafts, and poetry,
things that are new and ones from the past.
Whether you create, recycle, upcycle too, there will be
something neat for all of you!

And then are you ready for OWOH? It's almost here! That is THE event of the year! Travel worldwide and hundreds of giveaways to enter in, browse until your fingers are numb and enter them!

Well, I have so much to do today and have spent an hour of rest and play... so now it's back to reading, research and writing papers too. When that 'tis done I have a bit of poetry editing to do.

Please be sure to stay a while and read a post or two, visit the themed poetry pages and let me know your thoughts.. PLEASE do! I love to read your comments so write them here below, and one more thing before you go.. stop by and pop a bubble here    and shop a minute or two... I have a BOGO! EMAIL me for details!

Starting to collect cookies and cans for the US TROOPS for Valentine's Day email me here and visit the CANS FOR COOKIES US TROOPS blog for more details too! Please email me to make a Valentine to send! Email it to me here and I will print them out to send!

Make it a powerful day!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Come Into My Kitchen & Chat With Me Whilst I Prepare A Pot of Tea!

I am so excited to be sharing today in my very first Tuesday Tea post! This beauty is a memory gone by. I HAD the entire vintage circa 1970 collection of Johnson Brothers Friendly Village, eight piece place setting and all the extras over 25 years, including the stemware. It is a long story as to how  I lost it and that is for another day! Ah, the memories of all the tea I made in that little pot of mine! Each piece had a different season of the year.

                                               See the different season here on the creamer?
                                                      This sugar bowl was just so sweet!
 I loved the way the inside of the service pieces were also decorated with  scenes and snips of the patterns!
                        Certainly would love to get my hands on the new owner of  my family heirloom!

I bought the collection when I was only 16 with my sis' and bff Vanessa. She was shopping for her pattern as well, recently engaged in 1970. Throughout the next 20 some years my now deceased husband and his mom or I would add to the service every holiday and special occasion. I guess I had over $1500 worth of VINTAGE pattern, not the reproduced ones here. They are still lovely though and some day I just might repurchase it!

My favorite poem was on a little plaque my mom had in her kitchen...

A Spot of Tea

Come into my kitchen
    and chat with me,
Whilst I prepare
    a pot of tea..

This isn't my kitchen but it is me chatting!
 I expect I will have a whole new forum of poems coming my way now that I am into the
teacup trades and society!

Link up to other great tea blogs with Sandi here! See my sidebar for the direct link for every Tuesday's Posts! We are having a tea cup trade for Valentine's Day see sidebar for details! I will have a special first post giveaway surprise if I receive enough comments... (ten or more!) and use random.org to draw the winner! Be sure to come back often for all of my giveaways!

It's almost here again this year!!! OWOH and this will be a giveaway you won't want to miss! See the sidebar and join bloggers the world over!

I would also like to invite you into my other world... filled with PINK, loads of ideas for Valentine's Day!

                                           Sending HUGS to all my new friends I hope to make through Tea!
                Please share a spot of tea with me, and write a comment for me to read!