I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pink Saturday He's Always Been Faithful To Me

Welcome Pink Saturday friends. I am not feelinmg all that well today and have turned to my Lord. The ailments at times get in my way of enjoying life and so instead of pouting and whining, I came across this song from my niece out in OREGON who just started blogging. She is a musician, Kimberly and her lovely blog Sing From The Heart, truly touches you. Stop by and tell her crazy Aunt Val sent you there. We all remember those first posts and waiting for followers to come. She works for a religious music recoding company, has such a love for God and I know your day will be blessed and bless her by a visit. My poetry SINGS FROM MY HEART, what sings from yours?

                   PINK today, these adorable PINKS are of my great niece GIA. She is the picture of pink!
 Pretty pink little girl feeding her pretty pink baby doll. Do you remember your favorite baby doll? Mine was Thumbelina! She wriggled to Braham's Lullaby, and came with a swing to me on my 5th birthday from my long lost loving Uncle Bill.
Pink Princess in Pink Jammies with a PINK tote and PINK purse! She is PINKED!!!

My Baby Doll

My baby doll came to me one day
I was sad and just wanted to  sing and play
I didn't know the trouble she would cause
Nor why my sis' and brother thought
That she was a nuisance as she resembled me
A little girl lofty curls filled with love and song
Her only guilt was loving me and that caused her harm.
One day I awoke and she was gone nowhere to be found
I looked upsatirs, inside and out, all o'er the grounds
The laughter in their eyes betrayed the deed that they had done
When I asleep in my little bed, they took my doll from me, gone!
I never knew where she gt to, what ill fate they brought her way,
And then one day after the house DAD sold, the owners called to say...
Oh by the way we found a little baby doll hidden behind the wall
If per chance you want her back, just tell us whom to call.
I didn't ask for her return, just to be safe in her old home
But beware sis and brother, one day you'll lose your gnomes!

POEMS MY WAY - VALRIE 01/22/2011

SO now I have but an hour to spare and come by you today! Please sit and browse awhile and enter my giveaway!

I love to read your comments in the wee hours of the morn'
Pick up  my pen and jot a note or two!

I so would like olden times again, and writing with this feathered pen!

I send out to you my loving HUGS!

                                        Time to refill my coffe mug, sorry no TEA today!
                        Be sure to link up to BEV over at How Sweet The Sound and visit
                                          all the lovely PINK SATURDAY BLOGS!


  1. Sorry you are not up to par. Trust you will be feeling better soon. I enjoyed your post very much. I will check the link. I love that precious little girl in pink. Take care.

  2. Sorry you're not feeling well - coming across so many who are not. Always love reading your poems - terrific talent.
    happy Pink Saturday,

  3. oh that little one is just precious! Love her Pink!

  4. Hey Aunt Val...tried to post a comment last night but for some reason my computer wasn't letting me. Hope you are feeling better today ;n ) thanks for the free advertising! You rock!!! Blessings to you!!!!


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