I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

How do you say goodbye?

How Do You Say Goodbye?

A day of sorrow, a day of grief
Sadness through rivers of tears
Streaming down, yet too relief,
For all the love over the years...

Such a strong and verile man
Once walked this earthly domain -
Building things and doing what e'er one can
To make the world feel no pain.

A legacy of love was built -
Tolerance, patience, love unconditional
For a son and woman, heartfelt...
Enduring all, a love so remarkable.

To be sure, Heaven's doors open wide
In welcoming psalms the herald angels sing !
For now his pain has left, placed aside -
The earth lost a kind man, agreeing...

Those yet here,  ponder the meaning left behind,
The lesson to learn, is one of true love -
God, not always understood, is kind,
My Prayers were sent  yesterday, above -

I awoke today to the ring of a phone
Dawn had not yet peaked in the sky,
The message left, please come home.
Why oh why must in death love die?

Words to be spoken, some should be unheard
Anger strikes and lashes out, how to forgive ?
Softly, like angels' wings, feathers on a bird...
The fluttering of voices fills the room who live.

Did you love him when he was here?
Did you tell him how you felt?
Did you show him how much you cared?
Did you speak from the heart, and melt?

Or did you wax away the time in endless stress?
Or find things to occupy the days and watch...
Or wish you were someplace else...
Or wonder if they'd made the right match?

Have you allowed yourself to grieve?
Have you thought of what comes next?
Have you planned for this time of leave?
Have you alllowed yourself time for rest?

Take the time you need, one step at a time,
Feel the love and hold deep in your heart,
For letting go was hard, peace of mind
Is never easy from the start -

Know you did more than anyone child could do,
Know your father loves you from above,
Smiles now at what you will become, and YOU
Like the messenger's of white doves,

Will heal in time and grow in ways untold
The world awaits you now, a life lived
And a new one to begin, reach within, be bold!
In you my sweet, there is so much more to give -

Walk with the memories inside, held dear,
Listen with the strength o'er years you've shown -
Taste life for the first time in many years.
Breathe in the sound of love that's grown...

Pull on the tug of war no more, release
The bounds that enslaved your very soul,
Forgive those who no treatise
Could ever hold, for words like lies won't hold...

Answer the call inside your heart -
Become the man your dad knew you to be
Once more and a loving new fresh start,
Will welcome you with open arms. happily!

You never do say goodbye in the end,
In your heart he will always live
Yet remember, it is now time to begin
To live for life is a gift He gives.

Poems My Way Valrie 01/30/2011

In loving Memory of Robert Butler, my sweetie's father was called home this morning in his sleep.
We love you and you will live in our hearts forever.


  1. Lovely poem! So emotional! I loved the line 'The bounds that enslaved your very soul!' Well done, you really are a great poet! Keep up the fantastic work!
    Marinela :)

  2. Hi, Valrie - Peaceful thoughts to you and your sweetie in this time of sorrow and celebration.


  3. a wonderful tribute,Valrie!
    thank you for sharing the news and your response with us ~
    every grace & peace be with you & yours at this time ...


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