I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed in and Loving It!


All around the treetops bend
Greeting warblers true as friends...
Frosted branches swaying amidst
The wintry powder snowy drifts.

Crystal snowflakes dangling on the leaves
Ice cicles hanging from our eaves...
Snow capped hills glazed in ice,
Making sleighing e'er so nice!

Jingling bells ring loud and clear -
As we walk briskly through winter's air...
Horses warmed with balnkets too,
Waiting for us to be warmed through.

Chestnuts roasting -  fill the city streets,
Their aroma spicy and also sweet...
Hot pretzels steaming, piping hot,
Hurry all, to the park's icy lot.

Skates and sleighs fill the powdered paths
Little ones atop their mother's laps...
Tobaggons waxed, their blades run fast,
Noone wants to be the last.

Blowing, whistling and howling winds
Drafty doors, chimney smokes, all begins...
The nightfall came oh so quickly,
The pinecones waft and burn rapidly.

Fresh pine scent bakes in the roaring flames
As brightly colored hues begin again...
The blazing pink and orangish glows
Adorned above by snow flocked boughs.

Tis such a happy time of the year,
To smell sweet scents of cinnamon in the air...
The spicy smell aroma bakes, cookies, buns and cakes
Old man winter is here, let us take it all, why wait?

Tomorrow's dawn will surely tell
The huge amount of snow that fell...
Children laugh with glee, no cares,
Ever so cheerful, winter's here!

Poems My Way Valrie -01/12/11


  1. Beautiful Valrie...absolutely beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful poem about snow. It snowed by us too, I love it.



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