I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year and New Friends! New Giveaway!

The year is off to a wonderful start now that I finally have a computer up and running with my voice assisted software. I have so little time it seems but yet I browse and make new friends whenever I can.

                                 This past week I came across the Tea Time Tuesday blog,

                                                            I joined in this lovely Tea Cup Trade...

                              Entered a giveaway early today over at A Musing Potpourri, and ....please stop by                                  and say hi to La! Tell her Valrie sent you by for a spot of tea!

So many have giveaways or trades and swaps going on and I realized I hadn't blogged recently about my own. On January 31st I will have a giveaway filled with surprises! 

Become a follower if you are not = 1st entry
2nd entry  Post a link back to my giveaway! Use this button above:
3rd entry   Blog about it and send me your link/email/url
4th entry    Leave a comment here!
Some pinks, some teas, some crafts, and poetry,
things that are new and ones from the past.
Whether you create, recycle, upcycle too, there will be
something neat for all of you!

And then are you ready for OWOH? It's almost here! That is THE event of the year! Travel worldwide and hundreds of giveaways to enter in, browse until your fingers are numb and enter them!

Well, I have so much to do today and have spent an hour of rest and play... so now it's back to reading, research and writing papers too. When that 'tis done I have a bit of poetry editing to do.

Please be sure to stay a while and read a post or two, visit the themed poetry pages and let me know your thoughts.. PLEASE do! I love to read your comments so write them here below, and one more thing before you go.. stop by and pop a bubble here    and shop a minute or two... I have a BOGO! EMAIL me for details!

Starting to collect cookies and cans for the US TROOPS for Valentine's Day email me here and visit the CANS FOR COOKIES US TROOPS blog for more details too! Please email me to make a Valentine to send! Email it to me here and I will print them out to send!

Make it a powerful day!


  1. Hi Valrie!

    I'm a new follower and I added your giveaway button to my sidebar!

    I'm in the teacup swap as well. La

  2. Hello, Valrie! What a wonderful gift on my blog this morning, your poem! I'm delighted to be your teacup partner! Best wishes for the weekend and I'll be in touch shortly.

  3. so pleased to see Steph's response to your poem and as trading partners!
    i've blogged about your giveaway here:
    thx so much for your generosity Valrie!
    glad you're part of the TeaCup Trade!!

  4. 4th entry! you know i'm in it to win it :))
    have really enjoyed your informative post - lots to follow up and poetry pleasures too!
    have a blessed day...


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