I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Come Into My Kitchen & Chat With Me Whilst I Prepare A Pot of Tea!

I am so excited to be sharing today in my very first Tuesday Tea post! This beauty is a memory gone by. I HAD the entire vintage circa 1970 collection of Johnson Brothers Friendly Village, eight piece place setting and all the extras over 25 years, including the stemware. It is a long story as to how  I lost it and that is for another day! Ah, the memories of all the tea I made in that little pot of mine! Each piece had a different season of the year.

                                               See the different season here on the creamer?
                                                      This sugar bowl was just so sweet!
 I loved the way the inside of the service pieces were also decorated with  scenes and snips of the patterns!
                        Certainly would love to get my hands on the new owner of  my family heirloom!

I bought the collection when I was only 16 with my sis' and bff Vanessa. She was shopping for her pattern as well, recently engaged in 1970. Throughout the next 20 some years my now deceased husband and his mom or I would add to the service every holiday and special occasion. I guess I had over $1500 worth of VINTAGE pattern, not the reproduced ones here. They are still lovely though and some day I just might repurchase it!

My favorite poem was on a little plaque my mom had in her kitchen...

A Spot of Tea

Come into my kitchen
    and chat with me,
Whilst I prepare
    a pot of tea..

This isn't my kitchen but it is me chatting!
 I expect I will have a whole new forum of poems coming my way now that I am into the
teacup trades and society!

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                                           Sending HUGS to all my new friends I hope to make through Tea!
                Please share a spot of tea with me, and write a comment for me to read!


  1. Hi Valrie,
    I do love JB Friendly Village too and my cousin has the whole set! Love the red covered bridge ones; reminds me of where I grew up! I'm sorry you no longer have them. How distressing that must be but hopefully someday you will be able to replace them. I wanted you to know that your link isn't working. The 'a' is missing in way so perhaps you could stop back over and fix it. Thank you so much for joining me for tea today. It's been lovely!


  2. Welcome Welcome to TTTT. My you have a wonderful waay with words! I look forward to seeing what you will share with us in the future. I love your poems!! So light and cheerful, warm and friendly.
    Have a blessed week.

  3. Hi Valrie, I am a first time Tea Tuesday partaker to this week. Nice to meet you. Your blog design makes me smile. One can never have to many smiles in their day. Thank you. Love the covered bridge pattern. Please tell us another time how you lost all your beautiful china. Before I ever saw a "blog" two years ago, or ever thought I would have one, I was "downsizing" and gave many teacups and a few tea pots to Good Will. Now there are a few I especially miss. Look forward to seeing more of your poems. Have a beautiful day.


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