I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hmmm! What do I do? I might have an opportunity of a lifetime out of the area where I currently live in the field I love TEACHING READING to teachers. It is back in the DC metro area. Not optimum for me personally due to my past there. BAD BAD marriage. Also my sweetheart wouldn't be with me every night. It would give me medical benefits, security and growth and put me int he hub of literacy development once again my true passion.

Dilemmas of the past, Potential of the future, live in the now.
Wise words of advice, follow your heart, but how?
If I stay where I am there is no certainty but the day to day,
I wake each morning, happy with the man I love, but will he stay?
Careers are built, dreams are made one step at  TIME
Sometimes the sacrifices of today build the hopes of tomorrow
Yet at times, with these difficult decisions comes much sorrow.
So I do what I do best, I turn inward and measure the pros and the cons
Sooner or later, I know in my heart and mind as  the best choice dawns.
I know what to do, and  doing it will break my heart.
Yet for me, I must endure the loss as we part -
It might prove to be the best choice of my life
He is not my husband, and I am not his wife...
Absence they say will make the heart grow fonder,
Yet my experience is they lust and wander.
One thing for sure, I know whom I can trust, myself.
'Tis time to pack up the books and dust of my shelf!
Selfish though it might seem to some, it must be done.
I try to convince myself, if he loves me he'll come....

Poems My Way - Valrie 01/06/2011
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  1. Hi cute Valrie. Thank you for your visit. You seem like a very exciting person. It sounds like you have to decide something. You have a good head on your shoulders. And you have sensitive feelings. I would make this choice a matter of prayer. I know that I can count on my Father in Heaven to be concerned about what I do. He will never lead me down the wrong path, that I am sure.

    Good luck, my new friend. You can do it!

    I need to find out what that one world one heart is, I'll click on to you side bar and find out.


  2. Well, Valrie... it sounds like a mighty nice opportunity and opportunities don't come easily these days and with benefits! Follow your heart:) Have a blessed evening! HUGS!


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