I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Birthday Wishes to My Sister!~


Birthdays are such a special day for the ones we love.
I have a dear sister, surely sent from Heaven above -
Who celebrates this day today, numbers I'll not tell!
Here I am to wish you Sis', healthy happy wishes... well!

So many years we've shared, the joys, the tears,
Long talks of sisterhood; words of love to hear...
The things we'd say, the times we shared -
At times we fought, yet knew each cared...

I, the more fortunate one, having you in my life -
I know the years of late have caused much strife...
Without you though, I'd not be alive
No long sisterly talks and endless rides.

The fun we have antiquing, the garage sales we hop...
Why, being with you, I even have fun pushing a mop!
But must of all I love your tenderness, the warmth
You bring to my inner soul, like a fireplace's hearth...

No truer friend might a sister have than me,
I mean, it's you the better friend , 'tis plain to see...
As the year unfolds my goals to make less stress
Begin with you dear sis' and bring you happiness.

Oh the fun we shall have, the trips that we will take,
I to your house to see what new crafts you'll make!
Perhaps to the shores of the southern seas we'll sail
Just remember 'Ness, not all is too avail this Val...

I'll try my best to be your sister and your friend,
To show my love for you in more than
Words upon a page, you craft many an  art,
My art, speaks in poetic words, straight from my heart!

Poems My Way Valrie 01/13/2011

In love and honor to Vanessa my sister, my friend, WHOM I LOVE with all my Heart!

Happy Birthday Vanessa!



  1. Thank youn Valrie, that was most touching.

  2. Happy Birthday Vanessa! Beautiful poem Valrie, thank you for sharing it with me! HUGS!

  3. Well happy B-day to your sis! Love the special poem...

    Can I make a suggestion - not to offend? It'a a little hard to read your post with the shabby background. Perhaps a darker font?

    Thanks for stopping by the Old Parsonage!


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