I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pink Skies, Pink Sighs, Pink Woes

    Wintry Day Amidst Sweet Bliss

Another week gone by filled with pink skies.
Some days it snowed, others filled with woes
Frustrations mounted sadness filled with sighs
Follows me e're I choose to go...

Although many days the choice is mine -
As to whether or not it gets me down.
I preferred the snow crystal diamonds
Landing softly, gently on the ground...

Frozen trees with arms stretched out wide
Beckoning the birds who didn't migrate south.
A crafty squirrel scurries, frisky and hides
Its nuts as the warblers dangle berries in their mouths...

The crisp crunch of the glazed snow rings loud
As a turkey trots and lays tracks around my yard.
In the distance sleigh bells jungling amidst a crowd,
And skiers flock to the slopes, snow not yet too hard...

The day flys by so quickly, the fires warm at night -
Cinnamon and pinecones crackling on the hearth.
All bundled in, soft glowing candles only light
The romantic table set, the woodstove roars with warmth...

A special meal's spicy aroma fills the air.
Tasty delights await the guests as the feast begins.
Not a worry surrounds their glee, not a care -
As all ignore the angling howling wintry wind...

The coyotes sing their songs, skidoos race across
The frozen span of ice, echoing among the hills,
Loud, at times unwelcomed sounds, are lost -
Daring each to feats that bring them thrills...

Other than good friends, good health, good cheer,
One can ask for little more than the love in one's heart
Happiness of a warm home, food to last the year,
As fresh snow falls, blanket of protection, a new start...

It renews in me  the hope of a new beginning, and fills
My heart with the love of Nature, God's glory abounds
In all my eyes take in, the lace Jack Frost placed upon my sills,
The dazzling gleaming snowy diamonds covering the ground...

I pause and taste the icicle dangling from the eaves,
The ice capped pine trees dancing in the wind -
I grab up their pinecones, some boughs for a wreath
Another day dawned, and now the eve begins...

I'll always treasure the sound of new fallen snow -
The gifts that God gave us, the love of friends,
Of family, stories told, wherever my heart goes
Will lay the splendor of snow and winter's end...

Poems My Way Valrie 01/15/2011

We had so much snow here this week between the two lakes where I live in Cooperstown, NY. I have walked  3 times this week - outside as part of my new regime, each day 2-4 miles. Here is a bit of the snow... I had made a collage of what we had... but my learning curve this week with a new computer, new software, voice assisted, 2 new doctoral college courses starting, 2 to finish, a new tea society I joined, and a tea cup trade, I have been busy! (The tree is still up and I do not fill one iota of guilt, there is always tomorrow.  I'll post them for now and HAHAHAHAHA... turn your computer sideways to see their splendor... ROFL

This is my PINK for the day! A return trip home from Buffalo International the early morning hours of dawn (about 6:30 AM or so at a reststop on the NY Thruway! It took my breath away!)

                    Sooner or later I'll figure it out and get back here to rotate them! The CD I had made isn't loading either, I think it's damaged. So that is why I opted to scan the prints. Oh Well.

Now I best be on my way to research, write and dictate into Dragonfly Speak Naturally. I've only 4 papers to complete today. Can you borrow time?

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  1. Thx Valrie for the lovely mention!
    for being part of the trade :)
    and for sharing that glorious moment of dawning beauty ~ LoVeLy !
    BE blessed...

  2. Love your wintry share, Valrie. Can't get enough of that gorgeous fluffy white stuff.

    Have a beautiful PS weekend.
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  3. Happy Pink Saturday. Your poem is wonderful. It conjures up the sights and smells of winter! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing your poem, Valrie. It's so fitting for the season and captures the essence of wintertime. Very nice. Your blog is charming ... so fun. Happy Pink Saturday!
    ~ Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  5. I really enjoyed your poem-it made me really ponder at the amazement of this time of the year-something I used to hate, but am learning to embrace and appreciate for the slowing down and really enjoying the day! Happy PS!

  6. Hi, Valrie, Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you will come back often..I just signed up to follow.:))

    I am thankful for your breast cancer survival. I haven't had cancer..(please, Lord..) but I want to keep making our sisters aware of this terrible disease. Two of my friends are survivors.
    I AM a survivor of domestic abuse, however. And, as you know, THAT surely was no fun.
    Many xoxox's, bj

  7. Your poem is beautiful, Valrie. Thank you so much for visiting my photography blog & leaving such a wonderful comment today. Yes, I'd love to collaborate - feel to email me anytime (thatgirlcancookmarie@gmail.com)

  8. Love it! Beautiful poem. I feel the same way! Happy PS!

  9. Beautiful poem Valrie.
    Happy pink!
    Wishing you a great week ahead.

  10. Hi Valrie,
    I enjoyed your poem! We have lots of snow here where we live. It's a way of life for us here in eastern Canada to be surrounded by mounds of the sparkly white stuff. Hope to see you for tea later.



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