I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's about time I got PINKED!

My dearest friends and PINK family bloggers, I am finally in a SAFE new home, in a new county, a new city, town or actually a very small village hiddened from the real world among the hayfields and the cows and corn crops. Only some of my family even know the address.

In case you haven't kept up with my saga, HURT strikes again. On July 26th, 2011, the man whom I thought really loved me and was building a future betrayed me in the worst way possible. Earlier the same week he had gotten very violent and injured me and my cat but I chalked it up to his angst with his mother. Instead I have come to find out he has a chemical dependency and a history of hurtful relationships. I was badly injured, fractured 5th ribs on left side wraping around from the shoulder blade into the breast bone. This is the main rib. I also sustao=ined multiple injuries to my back, neck and leg, both forearms and wrists, hands. Covered in tears and black and blues and his calamine lotion he had just put on himself for itchiness, I was pinned between two doors and the frame and then had the life nearly squeezed out of me. I had my cordless phone on me as he had destroyed all theother house phones except my own provate line there and managed to dial 911, while on the 911 call he tried to get the phone out of my hand and pushed me backwards out the doorway and I tripped, sprained rhe back, and he proceeded to slam like a sardine tightly into the doorway and frames of the interior and exterior doors to the back deck. The police dispatcher for 911 had me get to my car and lock myself in. My little CARMEL was locked inside in  the bathroom to the bedroom I used so as NOT to escape while I had been packing all day. They responded in 5 minutes and since he had been hauled in on the 23rd for violence and chemical dependency into the crisis center his history was hopefully working against him. NOT. To date the ADA NOR the DA have charged him with anything beyond menacing. After reeturniung to the ER and clinic withon days unable to breathe and severe sharp pain, the ribs were then xrayed and my status became much more critical and serious than had been expected form mere musketal and soft tissue injuries. The police chief took an amended statement and had me take my medical files tothe assistant district attorney, who promptly asked me why I brought these files to him in the first place. I told him because the police chief told me to. Hmmm., he says well I haven't decided what if anything I am going to do with these charges and might even void the menacing. BIG MONEY talks.

I called th DA this Tuesday, he returns the call on his lunch break from court and "promises" to review the file and call me back that evening no matter what. YEP, NO call back. So I start hunting all over the grand state of NY for an honest attorney and judge to get these files logged and registered through another county and I meet with an new attorney and DA elsewhere. Can you believe it?

gets better, 2 weeks ago Thursday I collapse on the way to work, having been living in a domestic violence shelter in  yet another town 65 miles from where I had lived and worked, driving every day... my primary care  physician then had me admitted to the crisis center for uncontrollable crying episodes and severe pain management. I was passing out and have lost 40 pounds in the last 28 days. Not good. Apparently I was released prematurely as they never addressed the severe potassium depletion I have and that was what was causiong listlessness, passing out and dizzy spells. I got ill in front of a little town clinic, pulled over and went in and the doc discovered the potassium deficiency, that I should have been on synthroid for the last year for thyroid issues,  according to all the bloodwork and hospital stays and that most of my hospitalizarions MIGHT have been avoided if a doctor last summer had done HIS job... I am off work until furhter notice, re-evaluation on Monday of the ribs, Tuesday of the bloodwork, Wednesday of the emotions, and also the meeting woith an  attorney in a different town. I need to find a car, and a job that is less physical as this one is not doable from where I live without a car or going broke trying to get there.

I found an apartment, it took  3 weeks to get the sercvices hooked up and a plumbing issue addressed and I moved in one night before my 56th birthday. After living in the VIP shelter being affronted by another resident telling me to go hang myself, hassles with social services and so much other red tape it will all be in the book... I am now at the end of my first week or so and my little farm house is really shaping up PINK!

Over the next several weeks I will share with you my pretty pinks that I have been collecting for about a year since I joined PINK SATURDAYS.

First I'll share a photo update of myself. My parents came on Thursday and with Vabessa my living angel, we went out to celebrate my birthday to a local tea house. being the HAMBONE that I am  I dressed in a Victorian looking dress I found in my thrifting journeys and of course it is PINK!

                                   Sorry couldn't resist a CHESHIRE CAT grin for you all!
 The necklace was a piece of extravagance last year that I purchased for my nephew's wedding.

Looking forward to many SATURDAYS to fill with my fabulpus PINK wares and wears!

Here is the first about PINKED. This adorable collection of cookie jars and miniature teapots is all thrifted and yard sales or consignment shops or goodwill stores, and decked with lots of PINKS!

                        Hard to get the right angle on a laptop webcam, but I am trying! two of the decorative little teapots thrifted over the last year with my sister Vanessa, we are always on the hunt for each other and when we show up together at a sale, NOONE stands a chance!
                  Mr and Mrs Kitty cookie jars, oh so sweetly bedecked and trimmed in PINKS!
                                           The happy family on my PINK kitchen countertops.

More to come in ensuing weeks.

When times are tough, get PINKED!
Tears flow  richly into my kitchen sink.
I cry them of happiness for all my PINKS.
I turn to my friends and the Heavenly skies
I reach out and share my heavy sighs.
I cleanse my soul and purge my past
Even this too I am told shall pass.
I look the LORD with prayerful hopes,
Somehow I manage to once agin cope...
Go to church and receive my prayers
Thank God for all my lucky years...
Begin a new a life of purity and solace...
And watch me build my PINK PALACE!

Poems My Way Valrie 08/27/2011

I am working on a new charity WAVAC (Women Against Violent Agreive Crimes) and please stay tuned to see how YOU can help me and others rise out of the ashes and begin a new life.

Thank you for being my friends.

I love you all.


                                        Sending ALL my BIG BEARY PINK HUG!
                     Fresh pot of JAVA brewed and now time to come and visit YOU!

May PINK Hearts fil yor day and weekend with love!

                        God and his glorious PINKS sunrise will cleanse my soul...
 Please pray for me and I shall in turn do so for you. All pray for protection from hurricane IRENE!

May your weekend be peaceful  and please hook up to BEV at How Sweet the Sound to share PINKS!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life is So Confusing!

I have been through so much again. Why do these things happen to me? I was assaulted on July 26th, 2011 and have fractured ribs and am on total disability.The former SO alleged fiance got badly drunk and hurt me and my  cat and the ADA isn't doing a thing about it. Aggravated assault and he gets out in 3 hours from being arrested on $200 bond. All my life is worth was $2000.00. There is no justice no safe place for me. I feel so alone and abandoned and hurt. Physically I am broken my heart is damaged and I'll never trust again any man EVER!

I can't seem to get past this state of depression and abuse. After living in a safe house for 3 weeks I was abe to get into an apartment in another county and a city. I am starting all over again and am on disability and earning only 60% of my pay and will not earn any money for weeks.

My cat almost died last Thursday after I administered over the counter flea drops and I spent the next 12 hours frantically nursing him , m-m resuscitation, eplilectic seizures, convulsions, bathing him in warm water and ivory liquid and vinegar wash and cradling him in my arms. I mouth to mouth fed him water and soy milk drops and molasses by mouth. The veternarian told me I saved his life. I love CARMEL.

Anyways I am asking for your prayers and any help you might offer. I am trying to increase my income through MARY KAY and any one you can refer to me as a customer or potential recruit is geratly appreciated. Please visit me at www.marykay.com/vverhoeven

I am thanking God for saving my life even though I was badly injured and so was Carmel, we are in a new home and safe now we hope. Loss of income has affected me nearly as much as the injuries as it is hard to make ends meet. Where there is a will there is a way and I am searching for it. I hope to get back to work when the subbing starts up as the Otesaga is quite physical and I will not be ale to do that job for about 4 more weeks. the DBL claim has been submitted but red tape delays take time.

Please send up prayers for me and my CARMEL.

Thank you for caring.

I walk alone the path I trod
I heave a heavy sigh and nod
How sad to see my dreams sink
So deep into the sand, and on the brink
Of despair I lay down and close my eyes
In thoughtful prayer and realize
What a mjess my life has been -
And yet I will once more begin
A new chpater again, rise out of ashes
Annihilate whatever poses  or clashes
With my endeavors to succeed
Or take from me what e'er I need
Lonesome for the arms of one
I loved with all my heart, broken bones
Will heal yet the heart forever stained
By hurt imposed on me, I'll refrain
From engaging love for quite a while,
Not even shall I spare a smile -
For what is there to be happy about
Noone came nor heard me shout-
The law looks the other way my rights
Are stripped his supported in light
Of the situation and set quickly free
Whatever is to happen with me?

Poems My Way Valrie 08/24/2011

Also my heart goes up to Heaven, dear MOM I miss youand I hardly count the 22 years you have been gone. God smiles upon you everyday and I am sure you are there helping him look over my life. I need your love tosay more than ever mommy, I miss you, I love you, thank you for being my mom.

 Angels watching over me my Lord...
 Sipping a spot of hot cinnamon tea and roaming the net with thee!
 Remember God Loves YOU!
 Please leave a comment they really brighten my day!
Sending out beary happy hugs to you today!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kitty Prayers

Is there any more I can do in life to be the person God wants me to be? I have finally broken free from the control of a bad relationship although it cost me great physical  harm and financial loss once again. I have come to the conclusion that God wants me to be single and love only Him. There is no man out there greater than HE.  God and his ANGELS are constantly watching over me.

Over the last week and a half I have been assaulted battered, hospitalized, moved temporary to storage, staying in a safe house under protective custody and found a new home (apartment in the country) to move once more to. WIth the love and constant guidance of my sis' Vanessa and her husband David,  I have survived yet another epic soap opera episode of my tumultpus life. My dad too has been there for me assisting me with part of the security deposit to wehre I shall move within the next 2 weeks when all the utilities and phone services are hooked up.

The domestic violence crime unit has kept me safe and hidden.

Work has been brutal, college is suffering and am I am far behind. I will get through it all though...

My kitty had been staying with  my sister Vanessa since the SO assaulted me and when we took the UHAUL there to load up the posessions she had been storing along with those from my storage unit, the little bugger had unbeknownst to any of us hopped into the back end of the UHUAL. Imagine our surprise after backing up the truck to  unload and when David opened the door, this orange streak of a tabby went yodeling MEOWS! Interror of the neighbor's 3 dogs although penned he is hiding and comes out around their bushes and sits on their front wicker chair on the porch. He usually comes right to people. I have yet to be able to spend a night there as the authorities ant the phone hooked up for protection.. the cell phone service is minimal.  Today, I finally have a day off from work and will travel the 52 miles one way and spend the day and bait him with his favorite treat, tuna in water, he only likes the JUICE though.

I miss my kitty Carmel and his sweet PINK nose terribly and want to make a new safe home for both of us. Please pray for us. I just want to lay down with him curled up in my arms and tickle his belly.

I am very excited about setting up my little pink country cotttage and will be doing all sorts of shabby  cottage chic for the entire first level of a farm home.

PINKS are coming back into my life. Thank you all for the paryers you have sent and the many more to come. May you have a peaceful and Happy Pink Saturday! Stop by and say hello, I could use the cheering up!

Please visit Bev at How Sweet The Sound , our loving sponsor and LINK UP to other PINKS!

                                                 Please call me if you have my phone number!

Filling up the to go PINK travel mug and on  my way!
I love to read your comments! Please brighten up my day! Here is my poem for the day!

Dear God, It's Me Again!

Hi there God,  yes, it's me again -
How do you put up with the mess I've fallen in?
Will I ever learn from my mistakes?
Might I become someone filled with grace?

So many times I have begun life over
This time I dare not be a rover -
By your faith and love I shall abide
My fears and terrors from YOU don't hide.

You know God what best I need
I promise YOU I shall take heed
And walk the path of Light
Not stray in day or the terrors of the night.

Brokened bones one day will heal
But will my life e'er be filled with zeal?
I tremble at the sounds unknown
I cry when I hurt fillewith d saddened moans.

To Thee I turn in faith and hope
From danger, I run like the antelopes.
On bent jnees to YOU my prayers rise -
Wondering now what took so long to realize?

Comfort found in hymns and angelic sounds,
Knowing now through You safety abounds.
I ask for Your protection and constant love
And to keep sending those Angels from above.

As I enter this  phase of  mt new life
Help mold it to one void of strife -
I do not need a mansion for a home
I just need one to call my own.

To you I turn in thoughtful prayers
Remove from within that which scares
Send away the evil demons the unkind
And constantly send hints to remind,

That through You  and FAITH, all is possible
The sins of the past no matter how terrible,
Are removed as I wash in the blood of Christ
And offer my life  in  Christian sacrifice.

I know deep within my heart there is a place
For forgiveness but I am not yet ready, grace
Be yours to forgive those who inflict wrong
Upon others, and may the Angels' song

Sing out in rejoice of one coming home
To the way of life and peace and from
Harm's way return no more, a closed door
SO a window opens, I'll wait to see what's in store -

Poems My Way - Valrie 08/06/2011
Dear God, It's Me Again.