I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kitty Prayers

Is there any more I can do in life to be the person God wants me to be? I have finally broken free from the control of a bad relationship although it cost me great physical  harm and financial loss once again. I have come to the conclusion that God wants me to be single and love only Him. There is no man out there greater than HE.  God and his ANGELS are constantly watching over me.

Over the last week and a half I have been assaulted battered, hospitalized, moved temporary to storage, staying in a safe house under protective custody and found a new home (apartment in the country) to move once more to. WIth the love and constant guidance of my sis' Vanessa and her husband David,  I have survived yet another epic soap opera episode of my tumultpus life. My dad too has been there for me assisting me with part of the security deposit to wehre I shall move within the next 2 weeks when all the utilities and phone services are hooked up.

The domestic violence crime unit has kept me safe and hidden.

Work has been brutal, college is suffering and am I am far behind. I will get through it all though...

My kitty had been staying with  my sister Vanessa since the SO assaulted me and when we took the UHAUL there to load up the posessions she had been storing along with those from my storage unit, the little bugger had unbeknownst to any of us hopped into the back end of the UHUAL. Imagine our surprise after backing up the truck to  unload and when David opened the door, this orange streak of a tabby went yodeling MEOWS! Interror of the neighbor's 3 dogs although penned he is hiding and comes out around their bushes and sits on their front wicker chair on the porch. He usually comes right to people. I have yet to be able to spend a night there as the authorities ant the phone hooked up for protection.. the cell phone service is minimal.  Today, I finally have a day off from work and will travel the 52 miles one way and spend the day and bait him with his favorite treat, tuna in water, he only likes the JUICE though.

I miss my kitty Carmel and his sweet PINK nose terribly and want to make a new safe home for both of us. Please pray for us. I just want to lay down with him curled up in my arms and tickle his belly.

I am very excited about setting up my little pink country cotttage and will be doing all sorts of shabby  cottage chic for the entire first level of a farm home.

PINKS are coming back into my life. Thank you all for the paryers you have sent and the many more to come. May you have a peaceful and Happy Pink Saturday! Stop by and say hello, I could use the cheering up!

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Filling up the to go PINK travel mug and on  my way!
I love to read your comments! Please brighten up my day! Here is my poem for the day!

Dear God, It's Me Again!

Hi there God,  yes, it's me again -
How do you put up with the mess I've fallen in?
Will I ever learn from my mistakes?
Might I become someone filled with grace?

So many times I have begun life over
This time I dare not be a rover -
By your faith and love I shall abide
My fears and terrors from YOU don't hide.

You know God what best I need
I promise YOU I shall take heed
And walk the path of Light
Not stray in day or the terrors of the night.

Brokened bones one day will heal
But will my life e'er be filled with zeal?
I tremble at the sounds unknown
I cry when I hurt fillewith d saddened moans.

To Thee I turn in faith and hope
From danger, I run like the antelopes.
On bent jnees to YOU my prayers rise -
Wondering now what took so long to realize?

Comfort found in hymns and angelic sounds,
Knowing now through You safety abounds.
I ask for Your protection and constant love
And to keep sending those Angels from above.

As I enter this  phase of  mt new life
Help mold it to one void of strife -
I do not need a mansion for a home
I just need one to call my own.

To you I turn in thoughtful prayers
Remove from within that which scares
Send away the evil demons the unkind
And constantly send hints to remind,

That through You  and FAITH, all is possible
The sins of the past no matter how terrible,
Are removed as I wash in the blood of Christ
And offer my life  in  Christian sacrifice.

I know deep within my heart there is a place
For forgiveness but I am not yet ready, grace
Be yours to forgive those who inflict wrong
Upon others, and may the Angels' song

Sing out in rejoice of one coming home
To the way of life and peace and from
Harm's way return no more, a closed door
SO a window opens, I'll wait to see what's in store -

Poems My Way - Valrie 08/06/2011
Dear God, It's Me Again.


  1. Such a sweet poem....you have me tearing up.

    Still have you both in my prayers.

    Wishing you a pinkishly beautiful weekend...and God bless...

  2. So very sorry to hear of your tribulations. Thoughts and prayers are winging your way.


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