I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life is So Confusing!

I have been through so much again. Why do these things happen to me? I was assaulted on July 26th, 2011 and have fractured ribs and am on total disability.The former SO alleged fiance got badly drunk and hurt me and my  cat and the ADA isn't doing a thing about it. Aggravated assault and he gets out in 3 hours from being arrested on $200 bond. All my life is worth was $2000.00. There is no justice no safe place for me. I feel so alone and abandoned and hurt. Physically I am broken my heart is damaged and I'll never trust again any man EVER!

I can't seem to get past this state of depression and abuse. After living in a safe house for 3 weeks I was abe to get into an apartment in another county and a city. I am starting all over again and am on disability and earning only 60% of my pay and will not earn any money for weeks.

My cat almost died last Thursday after I administered over the counter flea drops and I spent the next 12 hours frantically nursing him , m-m resuscitation, eplilectic seizures, convulsions, bathing him in warm water and ivory liquid and vinegar wash and cradling him in my arms. I mouth to mouth fed him water and soy milk drops and molasses by mouth. The veternarian told me I saved his life. I love CARMEL.

Anyways I am asking for your prayers and any help you might offer. I am trying to increase my income through MARY KAY and any one you can refer to me as a customer or potential recruit is geratly appreciated. Please visit me at www.marykay.com/vverhoeven

I am thanking God for saving my life even though I was badly injured and so was Carmel, we are in a new home and safe now we hope. Loss of income has affected me nearly as much as the injuries as it is hard to make ends meet. Where there is a will there is a way and I am searching for it. I hope to get back to work when the subbing starts up as the Otesaga is quite physical and I will not be ale to do that job for about 4 more weeks. the DBL claim has been submitted but red tape delays take time.

Please send up prayers for me and my CARMEL.

Thank you for caring.

I walk alone the path I trod
I heave a heavy sigh and nod
How sad to see my dreams sink
So deep into the sand, and on the brink
Of despair I lay down and close my eyes
In thoughtful prayer and realize
What a mjess my life has been -
And yet I will once more begin
A new chpater again, rise out of ashes
Annihilate whatever poses  or clashes
With my endeavors to succeed
Or take from me what e'er I need
Lonesome for the arms of one
I loved with all my heart, broken bones
Will heal yet the heart forever stained
By hurt imposed on me, I'll refrain
From engaging love for quite a while,
Not even shall I spare a smile -
For what is there to be happy about
Noone came nor heard me shout-
The law looks the other way my rights
Are stripped his supported in light
Of the situation and set quickly free
Whatever is to happen with me?

Poems My Way Valrie 08/24/2011

Also my heart goes up to Heaven, dear MOM I miss youand I hardly count the 22 years you have been gone. God smiles upon you everyday and I am sure you are there helping him look over my life. I need your love tosay more than ever mommy, I miss you, I love you, thank you for being my mom.

 Angels watching over me my Lord...
 Sipping a spot of hot cinnamon tea and roaming the net with thee!
 Remember God Loves YOU!
 Please leave a comment they really brighten my day!
Sending out beary happy hugs to you today!

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