I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Course End!

Hello my fellow bloggers! What a great start to a new week. I just finished my doctoral course 2 days earlier. Not to worry though the next two start Thursday along with my new job as a literacy specialist.

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A week today I get to see my son  and his fiance. He will be deployed shortly to Afghanistan. Please keep our family in your prayers! Marines first in, and he is infantry, Lance Corporal trained in speaking Dari... neeedless to say his MOM is worried!

     Course End

So long, farewell,... until we meet again!

Another doctoral course has come to an end.

Our fingers pecked wornout keyboards

The URL's we avishly hoard and store...

Opposing views what's old and new,

Migraines rolled and headaches grew...

I researched ZPD, and old Vygotsky

Traversed to technology and Prensky.

Dialectics and dialogues abound -

Eyes so bleary reading that I found

Myself using tear drops 3 times a day;

Carry on, persevere, that is the way.

Thread a needle and a discussion

No quotes without citations...

References and annotated bibliographies

I rather think at times I was contrary...

Computer glitches, poof it's all gone -

Explicatives pronounced , hang on!

Grab for that rope as you'll need it soon...

Another course or two... this summer's doomed...

I will embed myself not in lofty dreams

Nor strolling walks with ice creams.

I will sit outside and write,

Burning bug candles into the night.

So long, farewell, until we meet again...

This my friend and colleague is the end!

Poems My Way Valrie 06/28/2010



Friday, June 25, 2010

What a Gorgeous PINK week it has been!

This awesome little pink house is real and filled with  Christian love and 2 little girls. You may find this beautifully written blog here!

I have spent the week writing papers until my fingers ache and are pink! SIX research papers totalling over
2000 pages of reading, and approximately 35 pages of scholarly (well hopefully they are) journal articles. 
Someone PLEASE remind me... I am doing my doctoral in education because...WHY?

I also played hard, and spent way too easy! It is so much fun thrifting, antiquing, upcycling and decorating my cute little apartment(in PINKS) nestled in historic Cooperstown, NY.

As an apartment warming gift and to applaud my remarkable recovery this last year, Vanessa, my ever amazing awesomely talented sister made this assemblage, straight from her heart!

Visit her blog to see more exquisite work she does and request your very own custom assemblage!

This is a PINK Birdie Pinata Vanessa just made for  a custom order! He is way too sweet!

           Last Saturday I went to my nephew's wedding. He and his bride were definitely in the PINK!
                                     Pink gowns, Pink vests, pink flowers, PINK PINK PINK!

Here is what I wore, (that's me in the black dress) the heart necklace is an OOAK I found in a quaint little shop here in Cooperstown. Notice all the pink hues? Its latch is a toggle with a key entering the heart!

               These are my awesome parents and niece Cara, as you see she loves PINK too!

I am trying to achieve a challenge goal of 100 followers by the end of June. WILL YOU help me? I will have a special PINK gift for my 100th follower. This is separate from the PINK giveaway! Feel free to grab my butterfly button and create a link for my PINK!

WELL, I am on the road again today, off to see mom and dad, and my sister Cheryl. Hope it is nice outside!

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Links to more PINK!

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                                                               HUGS!! All of them PINK!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ode To My Carmel!

      My Carmel

Late one day last August
You showed up at our door.
So tiny, lost, that you must
Have been starved, poor
Little one, so sweet, innocent...
You purred, and nuzzled me;
I knew you were Heaven sent
To set my sorrows free.
The days and weeks went by
You won our hearts -
Many a day I'd watch you lie
Upon the grass and bask,
Soaking up the warm sun.
All your fears and mine unmasked.
Loving you was so much fun.
Sadly you have moved on -
To where I do not know
The love you brought, not undone
But now fond memories that glow
And warm my heart, while tears
Are shed, for I too have moved
Unto a new domain. I pray you hear
My ode of love sweet Carmel, behooved
By the love you gave to me.
Oh little one, where 'ere you are
Remember fondly how I so loved ye...
May God's shining light and stars
Guide you through your journeys,
Warming you at night, sleeping
Through the day, you'll always hold the key
To my heart sweet furry feline, it's waiting
For when we meet again, soon I hope,
For I shall never rest until I know...
Nor will I learn to cope
For my love continues to grow.
Rest my weary friend, sleep well
Dream lofty thoughts of me,
As I do of you, and stories I will tell
Of my Carmel for all eternity!

Poems My Way   Valrie  06/23/2010
 My sweet Carmel ran away or I like to think moved on. Perhaps he was one of God's angels sent to me when I needed a friend most. He came when I had just moved to NY and left the very night I moved into my own apartment. The landlords would not allow me to have him, and I am so devastated by this loss. I have my memories, and they will stay alive in my heart for him.

                                                 Here, is my sweet sweet Carmel!

These are his best buds KC & Wuthers, even they miss him!

Jack in the box, no wait, that's Carmel!

Hmmm, a good day for a catnap!

Sorry, he is just way too sweet in this one, tears now...

Snug as a bug in the rug, oh that's my cat!

Sleeping again, but wagging his tail behind him!


If you see him, please send him back to me!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink, then there's PInK, and yet PINK Again!

Another PINK Saturday is here.  Thanks so much   to Bev at How Sweet The Sound
 and  all she does for us ladies in the PINK on Saturdays! Be sure to visit her blog and check out all the lovely pink treasure hunts through bloggers she has to send you on.

click here for more PINK BLOGS!

I have been so busy this week. Those of you know me through my blog know how hard I have been working at getting my life back on track. A year ago I was still in the nursing home  rehabilitating and learning to walk all over again and hold my own weight up. Today I am happy to share so much good news with my PINK Girlfiends! I moved into my very own little apartment in Cooperstown, NY. I had been searching for weeks for something modest and affordable and God was so good to me. So the better part of the last week I have been shopping for so much PINK!!!!!! I am decorating it in shabby cottage pink chic! My sis' and I are making a lot of things for it and soon you will see the amazing talent she has, she made me the most beautiful assemblage project to commemorate my rebirth into this world, and of course it is pink! Here it is...

You won't believe it all started with a piece of PINK fabric, was covered in antique lace, bejeweled with beads and dainty little frames in ivory and gilt, embroidered, a fabulous chic woman holding a book (Vanessa says the woman reminded her of me, as I am always reading). It is so girly and PINK. We are going with the Marie Antoinette pinks, blues, and ivories as a the color pallette for my apartment. I have been thrifting all over Upsate NY. And have picked up some extraordinary pieces. I didn't get the chance to photograph all of them so next week you will see a great deal more of the treasures I have found!

This is one of a set of three little candle votives Vanessa assembled for me. I picked them up at a dollar store, but they look like a million dollars, what do you think? Visit my sis' at Stitches 'N Stuff! Or her ETSY shop!

I also found this beautiful grouping a flowers half off at the General Store in Cooperstown
and so we put it all together in this crystal clear vase.

I just love the way they look on my table!

with migrant workers in the tri-county regions of Oneida, Herkimer, and Otsego Counties through BOCES, NY. I start July 1st and am so very excited about this opportunity. I am just tickled PINK!

I have a family wedding to go to today and will be traveling so this has to be a short post again, sorry!
Next week will be back to normal and I will have a few more poems to share with you all.

Please visit my new pink Saturday blogging friend,  Patti  at  Patti Ann's blog formerly Of Days and Dreams and just changed to Fill My Cup...With Beauty.

Bev has asked each of us to sponsor a fellow blogger and so I thought why not sponsor a PINK newbie this week! Patti is a Christian, wife, and a home schooling mom. I too am a teacher (reading specialist) and I know she is devoted to her children's success and how difficult yet rewarding it is to teach your children! Praises to you Patti! Her blog is lovely, uplifting and filled with inspiration. I so enjoyed browsing through it and will be back there often. Please visit her too!

Well girls, fill your coffee mugs or ice teas! And blog around the world today! Happy PINK!!!!


Friday, June 11, 2010


Pink Fapper Fenton Flapper Girl 1925

Good Morning PINK lovers everywhere! Today we will see some beautiful pink glassware from around the world ( and some sweet Pink treats!) . It has been such a busy week and I had hoped to get my pictures of all the beautiful pink houses in my area but instead we will share beautiful pink glass for Inside your homes! Have a wonderfully PINK PINK DAY!

            This is a piece of Pink Fenton Peacock Ruffled Glass, such delicate artwork in this bowl!

Pink Fenton Carnival Glass Bowl such exquisite fluting!

Delicate Pink Fenton Hobnail Basket,

How about this exotic pink fruit to fill it?

This iridescent exquisite Loetz Vase takes my breath away! Hints of pink! Austro-Hungarian influence.

Or why not swirl your PINK thoughts in this Loetz vase from Vienna?

An exquisite pale pink beaded chandelier to hang around with... why not two?

This Pink crackle Tamonshanta glass chandelier leaves my thoughts dangling all around!

PINK Swirl Hurricane chandelier lets the light thunder through!

Nature's glassworks are found in this Pink Pintahaya Dragon Fruit!

Or how about this mouth watering pink peach or cluster of pinky purple Tuscany grapes?

Hot there today? Take a lick of my luscious multipink flavors freshly homemade dips of PINKY ice creams!

Be sure to visit Bev at How Sweet The Sound for more links to PINK!

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Tickle your toes PINK with our pedicures and BYGO for your BFF!

I'm off to fill my heart with love from all my blogging friends!

There's always an important call for me and that is CALLING all PINK lovers!

Have a wonderful PINK weekend!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ups and Downs I AM & I AM NOT

This week has been filled with so many roller coaster rides. Writing papers, thrift store shopping,editing peer papers, a would have been 35th weddding anniversary of a deceased albeit divorced spouse, and a year ago today I was clinically pronounced non-responsive and revived through some miracle of God or was it twisted fate of Satan's torture to put me through Hell again. I think the game and battle is too much fun for the higher players. Today I broke up with the man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with because he too is a player. If I have learned one thing from all this it is to be who I am, proud of who I am and NEVER to forget who I am. In therapy my counselor had me write a list of affirmations, positive thoughts I have about myself here they are:I am intelligent

    I AM

I am attractive

I am confident

I am competent

I am a mother

I am a daughter

I am a sister

I am a Christian

I am loyal

I am trustworthy

I am diligent

I am intuitive

I am vivacious

I am talented

I am artistic

I am a free spirit

I am a drama queen

I am competitive

I have high standards

I am reflective

I am thoughtful

I am compassionate

I am caring

I am loving

I am loved

I am one who uses common sense

I am resourceful

I am frugal

I am highly educated

I am a reading specialist

I am a poet

I am a writer

I am a blogger

I am an entrepeneur

I am a friend

Poems My Way Valrie 04/13/2010

Today in venting and anger here is my poem I am NOT

I am NOT

I am not a fool
I am not a liar
I am not stupid
I am not a user
I am not going to be used
I am not a toy
I am not a convenience
I am not artificial
I am not a servant for abuse
I am not a slave
I am not an imbecile
I am not contrite
I am not obtuse
I am not belligerent
I am not asinine
I am not innocuous
I am  not vindicitive
I am not crass
I am not an ass
I am not uncouth
I am not argumentative
I am not complacent
I am not selfish
I am not a bigot
I am not prejudice
I am not illiterate
I am not uncouth
I am not vulgar
I am not promiscuous
I am not prudish
I am not untrustworthy
I am not unloyal
I am not unfaithful
I am not yours! 

Poems My Way Valrie 06/10/2010

In remininiscence of my deceased husband I also wrote this poem a few days ago... another venting of ups and downs. My therapist tells me i should write more often as it is highly therapeutic for me, yes but it also PAINFUL! What are your thoughts, I need my friends now so please leave comments!

      No Legacy but Tears

Legacy to leave behind
You ask me why not?
I have none left but the tears
That rip my soul in two...

Rather, it's my turn to ask why?
WHY  am I left alone to survive?
Why has my life not  reaped what's sown?
This is unjust, to be alone.

In death for you is there more?
Did you hear Him calling
Your name, knocking upon
The door to which you closed your heart...

To me and to humankind, running
From obligations, you stole away
My dreams, and thus destroyed me,
Along the troddened path you followed.

Deep, headlong into despair,
No matter, all is now lost...
There are no trumpets blaring
Singing songs of praise to opened gates!

A legacy of tears is all I have
To show for all those years shared...
Abandoned now, in my womanhood
Starving for love and left barren.

The fruit of our loins grown
Struggling to find their way in life,
And I alone remain a loving ex-wife
Never truly accepting your departure...

From me to her or to another realm -
Questions I have, and tears running freely
It is time for me to close the door
To this chapter of my life, and so move on...

Poems My Way Valrie 06/07/2010

Well, I guess I better get my rear in geqr and attend to my priorities. Sorry to vent here some but I do feel better after a good long cry and writing some poetry.

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