I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

PINKY PINK Saturday Post Time

Good Morning Pink Friends!

This will have to be a rather short post as my week has been hectic and I am traveling again today 2 hours away to my nephew's couples bridal shower. Oh the things we have waiting for them.

LAst week I visited my sweet MS. PINK herself, Jenni, my daughter. In honor of pink I wore this cute little black outfit trimmed in PINK. That's her PINK purse I borrowed to use, and now I wish it was permanently borrowed! Tee Hee!

Since Jenni and I are always PINKING around, I took another cute PINK outfit to wear!

Don't you just love sassy HOT PINK capris? So cool and fun!

Do you like my pink sandals?

And when the feet started hurting, why there were plenty of PINK flip flops to toss on my pinky toes!

Jenni and I made upteen million trips to STARBUCKS and I refilled my PINK cup plenty!

AS always remeber to visit our PINK Saturday Post founder BEV here and get into all the PINK links for the day!

For me now, I am off to my PINK Bubble

I need to put on my PINKALICIOUS lips, cheeks and eyes and hit the roadtrip mode!

Why not visit my PINK BUBBLE and pick up some PINK too?

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  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Valrie.

    I hope you have fun at the shower today. You sure look great in your pink. Are you pinking again today? ;-)

  2. Oh, pink capris! Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Hi Valerie

    Looks like you and your daughter have a blast.

    Enjoy and Happy PS!

  4. Hello and a very happy Pink Saturday to you!!

    It's a very hot summerday in The Netherlands and I'm enjoying all pink posts in the garden! Love Es XX

  5. Ohhhhh I would love love love those flip-flops! All of them!

    Happy PS!

    Do These shoes match this purse?

  6. short, but "sweetly" pink - I hope you have a grand time at the shower!

  7. I am loving those flip flops. Happy Pink Saturday and looks like lots of fun, Char

  8. Hi Valrie....I wanted to come by and say hi since I am your partner in the brown paper bag swap.....I am a friend of Sherry's too.....I look forward to getting to know you! Melinda


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