I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ode To My Carmel!

      My Carmel

Late one day last August
You showed up at our door.
So tiny, lost, that you must
Have been starved, poor
Little one, so sweet, innocent...
You purred, and nuzzled me;
I knew you were Heaven sent
To set my sorrows free.
The days and weeks went by
You won our hearts -
Many a day I'd watch you lie
Upon the grass and bask,
Soaking up the warm sun.
All your fears and mine unmasked.
Loving you was so much fun.
Sadly you have moved on -
To where I do not know
The love you brought, not undone
But now fond memories that glow
And warm my heart, while tears
Are shed, for I too have moved
Unto a new domain. I pray you hear
My ode of love sweet Carmel, behooved
By the love you gave to me.
Oh little one, where 'ere you are
Remember fondly how I so loved ye...
May God's shining light and stars
Guide you through your journeys,
Warming you at night, sleeping
Through the day, you'll always hold the key
To my heart sweet furry feline, it's waiting
For when we meet again, soon I hope,
For I shall never rest until I know...
Nor will I learn to cope
For my love continues to grow.
Rest my weary friend, sleep well
Dream lofty thoughts of me,
As I do of you, and stories I will tell
Of my Carmel for all eternity!

Poems My Way   Valrie  06/23/2010
 My sweet Carmel ran away or I like to think moved on. Perhaps he was one of God's angels sent to me when I needed a friend most. He came when I had just moved to NY and left the very night I moved into my own apartment. The landlords would not allow me to have him, and I am so devastated by this loss. I have my memories, and they will stay alive in my heart for him.

                                                 Here, is my sweet sweet Carmel!

These are his best buds KC & Wuthers, even they miss him!

Jack in the box, no wait, that's Carmel!

Hmmm, a good day for a catnap!

Sorry, he is just way too sweet in this one, tears now...

Snug as a bug in the rug, oh that's my cat!

Sleeping again, but wagging his tail behind him!


If you see him, please send him back to me!

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