I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink, then there's PInK, and yet PINK Again!

Another PINK Saturday is here.  Thanks so much   to Bev at How Sweet The Sound
 and  all she does for us ladies in the PINK on Saturdays! Be sure to visit her blog and check out all the lovely pink treasure hunts through bloggers she has to send you on.

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I have been so busy this week. Those of you know me through my blog know how hard I have been working at getting my life back on track. A year ago I was still in the nursing home  rehabilitating and learning to walk all over again and hold my own weight up. Today I am happy to share so much good news with my PINK Girlfiends! I moved into my very own little apartment in Cooperstown, NY. I had been searching for weeks for something modest and affordable and God was so good to me. So the better part of the last week I have been shopping for so much PINK!!!!!! I am decorating it in shabby cottage pink chic! My sis' and I are making a lot of things for it and soon you will see the amazing talent she has, she made me the most beautiful assemblage project to commemorate my rebirth into this world, and of course it is pink! Here it is...

You won't believe it all started with a piece of PINK fabric, was covered in antique lace, bejeweled with beads and dainty little frames in ivory and gilt, embroidered, a fabulous chic woman holding a book (Vanessa says the woman reminded her of me, as I am always reading). It is so girly and PINK. We are going with the Marie Antoinette pinks, blues, and ivories as a the color pallette for my apartment. I have been thrifting all over Upsate NY. And have picked up some extraordinary pieces. I didn't get the chance to photograph all of them so next week you will see a great deal more of the treasures I have found!

This is one of a set of three little candle votives Vanessa assembled for me. I picked them up at a dollar store, but they look like a million dollars, what do you think? Visit my sis' at Stitches 'N Stuff! Or her ETSY shop!

I also found this beautiful grouping a flowers half off at the General Store in Cooperstown
and so we put it all together in this crystal clear vase.

I just love the way they look on my table!

with migrant workers in the tri-county regions of Oneida, Herkimer, and Otsego Counties through BOCES, NY. I start July 1st and am so very excited about this opportunity. I am just tickled PINK!

I have a family wedding to go to today and will be traveling so this has to be a short post again, sorry!
Next week will be back to normal and I will have a few more poems to share with you all.

Please visit my new pink Saturday blogging friend,  Patti  at  Patti Ann's blog formerly Of Days and Dreams and just changed to Fill My Cup...With Beauty.

Bev has asked each of us to sponsor a fellow blogger and so I thought why not sponsor a PINK newbie this week! Patti is a Christian, wife, and a home schooling mom. I too am a teacher (reading specialist) and I know she is devoted to her children's success and how difficult yet rewarding it is to teach your children! Praises to you Patti! Her blog is lovely, uplifting and filled with inspiration. I so enjoyed browsing through it and will be back there often. Please visit her too!

Well girls, fill your coffee mugs or ice teas! And blog around the world today! Happy PINK!!!!



  1. First and foremost, I am rejoicing with you over the fact that you have regained your health and strength and that you have moved into a wonderful new apartment. Such huge blessings!

    Also, I agree, your votive candles look like a million. You decorated them beautifully.

    I must tell you, my son is a HUGE baseball fan. He would love to make a trip to Cooperstown so he could visit the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Thanks also for the kind words about my blog. I had no idea the gals were sponsoring new pinkies. How sweet...and how welcoming. I have found these Pink Saturdays to be filled to overflowing with warm, loving gals...I have felt SO welcome as I have gotten involved in this. So thank you very much for reaching out in friendship. I need to let you know, though, that I changed my blog title late last week. Instead of Of Days and Dreams, I am now Fill My Cup with Beauty. I used to blog here (I left about a year ago after being here for over a year), and my blog then was Fill Me with Beauty. I felt like using that same title, but with a twist.

    Anyhow, many blessings to you,

  2. Congratulations on getting your own apartment. That is a huge step in the right direction. I am happy to hear that you are now on your own two feet. I hope you have a wonderful week and Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  3. Beautiful pink post! Hooray for you, getting a new place! I'm sure it will be lovely. Love the Marie Antoinettish candles and vase!!


    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  4. such pretty pinks! happy ps!

  5. Glad to hear you are up and around. Enjoy your new digs!

  6. Wow! Congratulations on your rebirth - and what fun to shop! Hope you had a wonderful Pink Day.


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