I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A New Life!

So much has happened in my life since I last posted. I have found the most amazing man through God and prayers and on October 15th we were married. I have moved to VA and am now setting up our home. We had a beautiful wedding in Chantilly VA at the Westfields Marriott, poolside terrace on a gorgeous Autumn day! A weekend getaway to DC and our honeymoon is coming up in December Christmas week we will spend in the greater Orlando FL area. I also flew to Dallas twice in 3 weeks, at the beginning of October for my second doctoral residency, then a half of a week in Waco TX with my daughter Jenni (first I'd seen her in nearly 2 years!)  and again the last week for Mark's father's 90th birthday!  Flew home to VA, drove to NY in a snowstorm and moved during it.... Nearly all unpacked and back in the throes of college, job hunting and being a wife. We attend a lovley church in Tysons VA, The McLean Bible church and are in the process of becoming stewards for couples counseling. Mark and I are so blessed!

I have written so much poetry including the wedding vows and a poem to Mark. I received notification that a poem I recently wrote has been selected for publication soon... Today though I will share the poem I wrote yesterday for Veterans Day honoring Mark, retired Major, Army, my son, Joey Lce Cpl Marine, and all my other family members as well as all those who served, serve now or will serve.

       A Soldier Mother's Prayer

They came, the young bold and strong and the old...
Weary, but No matter what, they did as told.
Their lives for all of us were sacrificed
Some served once, some twice or thrice -
Mighty - they fought, so we might live free;
Hard ,they fell protecting our sacred liberty.
Prayers are said today for those who rest
Among the heroes fallen and others test
The nerve and endurance 24/7 all year
Never resting from the bombs they hear...
How gracious are you my friends today -
For the lives of our soldiers - men, women, so brave?
Have you thanked them all for what they have done?
Will you rest tonight knowing for some 'tis just begun?
I pray for world peace and for our country's forces
To all return home, eliminate the obstacles and courses!
Unite with me in a solemn silent moment of prayer -
And stand up with our armed forces for liberty if you dare!
God send them home soon, safe and sound, unspoiled
Relieve them from the bloodshed and works of toil.
Wrap your arms around each single soldier and save
All from the pits of the Hell they see, your love gave
Us redemption and forgiveness of all our worldly sins,
Might this prayer too cleanse our soldiers and forgiven
Be as they return home (some) others rest eternally
On unknown battlefields of past and yet to be -
I pray a prayer of world peace dear God, let it end -
So that a life renewed in Christian Love might then begin!

Poems My Way Valrie 11/11/11

My pink for the day is the powder room on the first floor of our new home. Mark is very agreeable to my pinks, provided he has his fun too... I found little army action figures poking out from amongst the florals in this room... just too cute and funny!

Here is a looksie at the new PINK powder room. I have thrifted and upcycled all of the decorations here; it has a cherry blossom and pink floral theme! While in DC on the weekend getaway I found this amazing cherry blossom potpourri which smells Heavenly and cherry blossom tea that is absolutely delicious!

May all of you be blessed and as we enter the holiday season this year, let's all give our thanks to God for the many blessings He has bestwoed upon us and pray for those in need.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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Sending you my Pink Bear Hug for a Happy Pink Saturday!

 A little time today to hunt and surf the web, then write those papers....

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Have a blessed day!

Mark and I thank you all for your well wishes!

STAY TUNED.... next week I will be psoting pictures of my holiday giveaway!