I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hippity Hoppity Good Egg Giveaway Winners Announced!!!

Extra, Extra, Hop all about it, here are my hopping GOOD EGG winners for the giveaway! Congratulations to Lyn, my bunny will be hopping all the way to Victoria, Australia! You can hop over to visit Lyn here and see how my bunny likes Australia! The winner for my 2nd giveaway for posting a link rto the giveaway is Arlette in Costa Rica. You can visit her surprise here! (I won't let the surprise hop out though until she receives it in the mail...) It has been so much fun participating in the event and I want to give Sandi at A Legacy of Stitches a special thank you for creating such a hopping good egg hunt for all of us! THANK YOU!

I had surgery on Tuesday and was traveling from out of town on Monday so please forgive my late  posting of these winners. I am so happy to have made new friends during this event and look forward to making many more.

On that note... I am sponsoring a  MAY DAY SWAP EVENT. May day has always had special significance for me as the real first sign that Spring is here to stay. All through my childhood I have fond memories of collecting wildflowers for one of my neighbors every May Day, making them into a boquet and taking them to her house. Her face would light up like an angel each year and she'd invite us in for cookies. Jesse, I know you are up in HEAVEN smiling now as I dedicate this swap event in your memory.

The theme of the swap is FLOWERS! This event is open world-wide so be sure to let me know if you will ship internationally so I pair partners up accordingly!You may create any form of art as long as you incorporate flowers into it. When you receive your swap partner's email and address please send her/him an email of getting to know you information. For example: favorite flower, color, and a brief biological history of who you are and your blog  address. PLEASE CC your EMAIL to  me so I KNOW you have connected with your partner. If for any reason you become unable to do the swap, let me know so I can arrange to have a new partner for your partner. I will  be creating a FLICKER GROUP to post your pictures. You may join the swap beginning today and registration closes on April 9th, 2010.  Please email me your contact data, email address, blog address and name, your mailing address and phone number by April 9th. Packages should be mailed no later than April 30th, to be in time for MAY DAY! Please get a tracking number for your package as we all have had things lost in the mail. This should be fun and stress free and inexpensive! I suggest limiting your expenses to under $20.00 and a flat rate mailing package always helps keep shipping costs down for larger packages. You may create a link to my MAY DAY swap and grab the button/url... http://poemsmyway-valrie.blogspot.com/ and post it to your blog! PLEASE!!! It's such fun and you will make many new friends, just imagine the bouquet of friends just waiting to be gathered! How many is up to you!
be sure to let them know it's an FTD bouquet!

Tulips are my favorite flower! I am looking forward to a HUGE BOUQUET of MAY DAY SWAPPERS!

Have a flowering day! Here's a twist on a bouquet, pretty as flowers isn't it?! I found it when searching for butterfly arrangements for my daughter's upcoming wedding. You can find the tutorial in Martha Stewart's Weddings here!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hosanna, Hosanna

In honor of Palm Sunday...

        Hosanna Hosanna

To God be the glory for the life we have
His Son our Saviour came to sacrifice
And because of Him we live, we breathe
The love He gave us into our souls.

Hear the trumpets rejoice and proclaim
The joy and wealth only Christ offers
To those who enter within His kingdom
Once the gift of eternal life's received...

Tarry not nor leave behind the Faith you
Need to open the door to eternity.
The light  shines for those who choose to
Enter the realm of glory and become one.

Rejoice, rejoice, hear the trumpets sound
The angels'wings flutter, bound to Heaven
Filling the gates with multiudes joined
In perfect harmony with the Holy Trinity.

Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest
To you we praise His name and grace
Received for our sins, because of You
We rejoice, we sing, we breathe and live.

Poems My Way  Valrie 03/28/2010

May your day be filled with the Glory of God on this holy day Palm Sunday... your Easter and Passover spent in reflection of the gift we receive through our Faith. God Bless.

Today is the last day to enter the bunny Hopalong Giveaway. There is still time to enter the other Good Eggs. Click here to enter my giveaway and post your comment and go here to connect with links to all 30 giveaway events. Hop to it!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Good day blog hoppers! Don't forget to enter my giveaway here for the Hippity Hoppity Good Egg Hopalong! And a special link to my sister's giveaway is here! I posted this early Friday evening as I am traveling early tomorrow morning, but I will be visiting you all this weekend!!! May yours be filled with

It's PINK SATURDAY again and I am so glad you came over to be pretty in PINK! Don't forget to go over to Beverly's blog, How Sweet The Sound, to get the links to all the other PINK SATURDAY, bloggers out there! My daughter's favorite color is pink, so today I am treating to you some of the pink things she is getting in her Easter Basket! She is 26 and lives in Texas and absolutely loves anythink PINK! She also loves butterflies and will simply flutter when she receives this hot pink butterfly ornament I found for her.

Along with the butterfly I thought these adorable hot PINK candle holders would be just PINKY TOO!

And aren't the placemats just a bouquet of Spring?

Then I found these cute little spring candles for them and knew they were bug her out in PINK!

A little PINK for her kitchen just to drive her loved one crazy, because he isn't all that crazy about PINK and girlie colors is his house (he lost the battle in the bathroom beacause that is all PINK and BUTTERFLIES)!

A handy mini-clipboard, 2 mittten potholders and 2 dish towels, all so PRETTY IN PINK!

This adorable porcelain sprinkler (watering) can popped out at me and so I grabbed a little Springy box, threw in some shred and added her favorite color HOT PINK Daisies!!!

Among other little trinkets, Jenni is getting this PINK ceramic Easter basket I upcycled with what else but plenty of PINK and filled with yummy candies just in time for Easter!

These were just too PINK and precious to pass on by, especially since my Jenni's nickname as a baby was Sweet Pea! Luxurious rose petals for a soothing bath!

This butterfly mirror is delicately painted with a PINK butterfly and pretty posies! I know she will love it!

I came across this beautiful bird picture last Saturday and thought what a great way to close my PINK SATURDAY, for the LOVE of this PINK bird, he is making a heart, do you see it?

                                                        May your day be filled with PINK!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hippity Hoppity Hop-a-long TODAY! Good Egg Giveaway Links!

                                 Good Day Good Eggs, The Day is finally here!!!!!  

                                           Hopping Good Eggs Participating Bloggers Click Here

Sandi of A Legacy of Stitches has sponsored this wonderful giveaway and there are 30 good eggs offering beautiful giveaways to bloggers, followers and guests! Go here to enter mine and here to get the links to my fellow good eggs!

An extra special thank you to my sister Vanessa who made my bunny's dress! You can enter her Good Egg giveaway here! I did create the flower basket, the Good Egg, which holds a surprise, and upcycled the beautiful butterfly windchime! The pictures will be here soon! No daylight to take them!

I will be posting pictures of my giveaway in the next 24 hours so HOP back to get a peek at what you could win!

I apologize for not HOPPING right to it first thing today but was called away on one of life's unexpected moments!

Okay, I finally have the pictures done and ready to post. Here is the first little trinket for my giveaway!

Want to see what is inside?

He is ready to HOP into Spring!

And here he goes!

Now this little bunny hopped out at me and I had my talented sister make her a new Easter dress, aren't the little green hearts adorable...Bunny is ready to HOPALONG the Good Egg Hunt!

If you have been following my blog, you know how much I love butterflies and when I saw this windchime I just knew it would be perfect for the giveaway. So, I upcycled it with some handmade satin and organza ribbon roses and leaves, adorned it with some glitzy ribbon and she is ready to flutter over to your home and sing you songs of SPRING!
Next, I decided I would put together a Spring silk flower arrangement in this beautiful butterfly painted tin I found. I made the satin and organza bows, decorated the outside, added the flowers, purple and yellow are two of my favorite colors and tucked in these cute bunnies (handmade by Vanessa, my sister), and of course what is an Easter Surprise without some sweets? Yummy hard candy flower sticks are nestled between the flowers and a gooey marshmallow bunny lollipop too!

Are these baby bunnies just too cute and cuddly?

And then I thought how about some seeds to plant and help our friendship grow? A packet of seeds, a pair of garden gloves and a little pad for your knees to sow the seeds of friendship!

This beautiful embroidered lavender cross, made by Vanessa my sister, marks the special day of Easter for me, and waits to hold a place for you in your New Testament.

AND this is everything all ready to wrap up and HOP to my lucky winner!

The Easter/Spring giveaway is open to all who visit me. Visit each of the bloggers participating in this event for their rules and guidelines. You must leave a comment here (click to take you to the post) in order to be in it to win it! I will use random.org to choose my lucky winner, and if you post a link to my blog's giveaway you will go in a second drawing for all bloggers who created a link for a bunny surprise giveaway! Be sure to email me your blogspot url or leave your contact information in a comment so I can let you know if you're the lucky winner and also view your link to put you in this special drawing created just for you.

                                                             Have a wonderful "hoppy day!"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a lovely first weekend of Spring!

Did you see the sunrise today? It took my breath away! Sunrises and sunsets are two of God's most precious gifts to us. When was the last time you were up to see the sunrise or paused to watch a sunset? Take the time and fill your heart with God's glory! Here's a short poem I wrote about the most special sunrise of all...

            Sunrise of Easter Morn'

Easter morning as the sun rises in the east
Your eyes gazing on its feast of morning glory,
Look within your hearts and share the joy
In knowing because He died, and rose again
We live because of Him, we love because of Him...
The world will go on, our worries are the least
Concern of all, better, listen to His true story,
All ages, big and small, man, woman, girl or boy
Take Jesus into your hearts, then you can begin
To fill your lives with Peace, Joy, and Love for Him.

Poems My Way Valrie   03/21/2010
Have you entered my Spring giveaway? Hop here to register to win! Please visit my new Pink Saturday friend Creations From My Heart and enter her wonderful giveaway!   Gorgeous creations to be sure!

Have a peaceful, restful, and Blessed Sunday!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Pink Saturdays filled with Pink Butterflies with a Pink Poem
The theme for today is PINK. I just joined this fun group of bloggers and  on Saturdays everything is all about PINK!  "Pink isn't a color, it's an attitude!"
So here are a few PINK butterflies and my poem on PINK for your enjoyment!
Pink is not just a color you see
Pink is everything to me.
Pink is not just some pretty new ink
Or fashion item do you think?
Pink makes me happy and perks me up
Pink is the color of my coffee cup
Pink is the dress I love to wear
Pink is here, there, it is everywhere!
Pink pillows, pink cars, pink dishes, even pink stars!
Pink is the best color ever invented by far!
Pink fills the sky each morning at dawn..
Pink flowers cover my garden and lawn.
Tulips and roses and hyacinths too
Why would anyone want to see blue?
Pink is filled with magical fun
Just look to the sky to see how it's done.
You never tire of pink in a pink family
Pink is worn by most royalty.
Pink has become the most beloved hue
So now you all know what you have to do!
Get out in PINKLAND and join in our fun
Your day isn't over until this is DONE!

Poems My Way Valrie 03/20/2010

These butterflies fill my soul with PINK and make me want to flutter away with them!

One of these days I will master how to fit the text where I ALWAYS want it not where the programs place it! LOL!!!
Here's a PINK me up, enter my Spring giveaway here!
Hope you have enjoyed musing in PINK today, may the rest of your day be fillled with PINK!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hear My Call

My goodness, another week gone by. I am posting a reminder to come see PINK Saturdays tomorrow! I have a few cute pink pictures and items to share! Don't forget to enter my giveaway here for the good eggs that are hopping into SPRING!

As we approach Easter, I always reflect on the sacrifice Christ made for us. Today's poem draws on the inner presence He and God have in my life.

      Hear My Call
Answers to questions I do seek,
Gently I approach the meek.
Softly calling those who have fallen
Into my arms, my heart are drawn.
Join, unite, become One in me,
Rejoice, praise the Almighty.
Heralds, trumpets, glorifying angels sing
Anthems, Psalms, devotions, bring.
Forgive, love, belief in All
Every living creature, great or small.
The door is open, enter in
On the Lord's path to begin
A journey flled with wondrous awe
Scarce belief in our Lord's call.
Answers, now, I shall receive,
For in You Lord, I do believe.
Poems My Way copyright 2009 as published on Lulu Poetry.
More of my older poems can be viewed there under my former name Valrie Ann Ciemielewski. My new poems are under author Valrie.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Road I Travel

Good Morning Bloggers! Inspiration comes from all sources in life for my poetry and a great deal of  mine are talks I have with God and my family. Today's poem is one of those talks. The Road I Travel was featured by poetry.com, now Lulu Poetry. It was awarded the International Poet Society Laureate Award in 2006 and is featured on a CD albulm of poetry. I received an amazing crystal statue of a hand on a pedestal with an etched blue crystal globe of the world in the palm for this award. It speaks to my children of the difficulties I have faced in life and to remind them no matter what mistakes we make in life, I will always be their mother.

        The Road I Travel

The journey started long ago;
where it ends I do not know.
Valleys, mountains climbed;
obstacles blocking all the time.
Determination, diligence,dedication
Thanking my faith and all creation,
sustain me, fill me, support and love...
Grace, freely given from those above.
Despair and grief, joy and laughter;
Life is eternal, none else matters.
Emptying out my burdensome sorrows
For who knows about life, tomorrow?
Today is real, I am alive,
happiness, for this I strive.
My legacy will remain,
The seeds I planted grow!
You, my loving children
Are sure to show the love
and Guidance I have given,
Travel along my winding path; learn as I have,
Attempt to grasp the knowledge only you can gain,
Forever loving, your mother, I remain.

Poems My Way Valrie 2006

If you like this you may also like other poems in my Poems on Life tab or Poems on Love tab (at the top of my page). Enjoy a cup of tea and read some poetry!

Have a Blessed Day! Don't forget to HOP HERE and enter my giveaway! Check back on the 24th for links to 30 bloggers giving away beautiful items in this event!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When children make you proud!

What a wonderful SPRING day today and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you IRISH!
I just joined Pink Saturdays! I hope you visit often and join in the fun... just click on the link to the right! Maybe I'll be inspired to write a PINK poem! My daughter will love that!

Being a mom is my most dearest and prized part of my life. My children are awesome and in the last week BOTH of them have done me proud. My daughter just aced her entrance exams for a veternarian tech program in TEXAS, she is so SMART! You go Jenni! My son, Joey recently became engaged to a wonderful girl and here's how he propsed... He built a sand castle on  the beach near Camp Legune where he is stationed in NC. He picked up his fiance, took her where to they first met (an after graduation party for new MARINES), then took her to their favorite restaurant, then to the restaurant where she works, then to the beach. He timed it to the sunset, had a miniature carraige there beside the sand castle and got down on his knee, said, " I have my castle and my carraige, what I need to know is will you be my  QUEEN?" Eat your heart out JAKE (The Bachelor).... Who said romance is dead? Joey is just like his father, he took me on a scavenger hunt once too. I so wish his dad was still with us to share in this joy, but I hope he has a great view from Heaven.

If you haven't hopped over to my post to enter my giveaway HOP HERE! I am almost done creating my little bunny spring giveaway and would love to see you join in the fun, I could use a few more Good Eggs! For a list of fellow bloggers offering giveaways you may enter HOP HERE. You can't register with them until the 24th and the event ends on the 28th, but it helps to get a JUMP on the HOPS!

Poem for the day!


Surprises in life happen when you least expect -
Such joy they bring to me, laughter, tears, and happily
I will share these with you each time they come my way.
Too often we forget the small things that uplift spirits
And restore our faith in life, just when it's needed most.
The first warble of a robin as he sings a spring greeting,
The soft nuzzle of a kitten purring in your face
The welcome lick of your dog when you give him a treat
Are no big surprise, but nonetheless, their beauty surprises me
Each time I hear and see such wondrous gifts, I'm filled with joy.
A lost friend, a retrieved letter once misplaced, a student
Who pops in your email to say thanks for helping me...
Small joys mean so much in life to me.
Of all the surprises dealt to me, the best is yet to come
For some day a new found friend will fill my life to all eternity.

Poems My Way Valrie 03/17/2010

Have a surprizing fun filled St.Patrick's Day! You might be surprised and find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
Makes you wish you were right there doesn't it?

Remember to SMILE whenever you see a rainbow, it's one of God's precious gifts to us!!!

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Secrets...upon my lips are sealed from all.
How deep they lay hidden, not small-
Overflowing the rooms until
I release them to your ears.
Share or betray the solemn words,
That until now, no ears ever heard...
Unfolding, undoubtedly shedding tears.
Yet who will weep with me?
Does anyone really care about truths?
And still I hear the words, behoove
Yourself to release them into the sea
Of tears, shedding fears, birthing hope
A new beginning where secrets are no more...
A brighter view on life, what lies in store
Beyond these outdated ways to cope.
A secret you say that needs to be shared,
Humanity remains unkind, so mute I remain.
I will not heed the words, and so refrain
To offer up my soul to thee, nor dare
Expose the laden memories of yesterday-
That haunt my barren heart, ripped apart
From keeping long these hidden lies, a dart
That pierces through and forever stays
A part of me for none shall see
The complexity of my life...
No longer a woman or a wife
Simply put, my secrets are for me.

Poems My Way - Valrie


If this is your first visit to my website, then welcome. I am in the process of learning the ins and outs of blogging and promise to get better. You may even see page links to where the poems I post are stored by category, wouldn't that be something! LOL

Don't forget to visit here to enter my Spring giveaway event, still looking for a few good eggs!

Have a wonderful day!!! Here's our furry little friend for today's inspiration of SPRING!!!

God Bless my online friends!!!