I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Secrets...upon my lips are sealed from all.
How deep they lay hidden, not small-
Overflowing the rooms until
I release them to your ears.
Share or betray the solemn words,
That until now, no ears ever heard...
Unfolding, undoubtedly shedding tears.
Yet who will weep with me?
Does anyone really care about truths?
And still I hear the words, behoove
Yourself to release them into the sea
Of tears, shedding fears, birthing hope
A new beginning where secrets are no more...
A brighter view on life, what lies in store
Beyond these outdated ways to cope.
A secret you say that needs to be shared,
Humanity remains unkind, so mute I remain.
I will not heed the words, and so refrain
To offer up my soul to thee, nor dare
Expose the laden memories of yesterday-
That haunt my barren heart, ripped apart
From keeping long these hidden lies, a dart
That pierces through and forever stays
A part of me for none shall see
The complexity of my life...
No longer a woman or a wife
Simply put, my secrets are for me.

Poems My Way - Valrie


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  1. Oh I do care about living in the truth. Years of living in the darkness helped me to understand the importance of truth, and of being able to take the pain and place it on the highest shelf, and to not take it down every day. After a while, I finally forgot that it was there. **blows kisses** Deb


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