I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Holiday Gift for SIngers All Over The World!

Here is a link to audition for a Virtual Choir! I posted the mindset just before this one! I have a niece in Oregon with the voice of an angel and I am definitely passing this on to her!

Merry Christmas singers!

I am up early early early. It's barely 2AM and I have to be on the road to Buffalo by 10:30AM. Taking my little Guatemalan Princess and her mommy to the INTL airport. They are on their way home in time for Christmas. This has been my goodwill deed project of the year. In late September I received a hail Mary call from a friend I worked with during the summer in a migrant family workers literacy and math program. Needless to say this family is  here illegally. Got stopped in someone's car with  a broken tail light and hauled of to INS prison. The little girl, then barely 15 months old,was still nursing as is most common in the Hispanic culture. I was begged by the mother and the immigration officer to take custody of the little girl so she would not go into the system. Melissa cried for 2 1/2 hours straight after I had to take her from her mommy and daddy. The only thing that soothed her was my singing in Spanish every song I could think of. After nearly 3 weeks in prison, the immigration officer called me to see if I would take custody of the mother as well so she could be returned to her nursing daughter.  God works in mysterious ways as I was In Grand Island NY near the Buffalo immigration facility at a Mary Kay seminar. I had her brought to the hotel where I was staying and took her home the next day.I had been negotiating on their behalf and was able to convince them she would not be a flight risk. It took since September 29th until a week ago to get the birth certificate for the daughter, born here and a US citizen. The father has a second offense so he will remain incarcerated for another 2 years. A 4:30 AM arrival at the international airport for a 6:30 AM departure and she will arrive in Guatemala City about 12:30 PM on Christmas Eve. I am happy to have helped and pray I get to Buffalo and back in one piece. I hate driving long distances by myself.

WIth both hands in braces/splints this is not going to be a  joy ride. She has promised me to help pay for the hotel and gas and I sure hope she does as I have very little money to spare. I lost my job December 10th as the contract was for only one semester. I know my sweetheart will come to my rescue if need be, but I too am proud and do not like to rely on his goodwill. Please pray for me as I set off on this journey in less than 6 hours.

I best try to catch a few more z'ssss.

Let you know how it all turns out tomorrow.



Introduction to the Virtual Choir


Went to the hand surgeon today. It appears that all the cartilage in the left wrist something called TC3 are frayed and torn. Now 14 days to have the ENG's done and then another week after that for their results. They thought before seeing me today after reading the MRI'S I had Christmas week that they would be doing injections but now think  I might need surgery! :-(

I am on total restrictions of the left hand wrist and in the splint and have to find voice assisted software today aw this hunting and pecking with the right hand is a PITW! aka PITA~

So off to the stores as I will not download ANYTHING this year with a credit card/debit card. TOO many frauds out there and I for one am no longer the scapegoat.

 Pray for me! I need all the prayers I can get to overcome these life difficulties!
 Until later I will be back with my voice assisted software!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Checking My List! Too much To DO NO Time to do it,

Oh my where has the time gone? I have so much to do it is driving me crazy! I have yet to start my holiday baking and candy molding, and confectioner's kitchen delight marathon will have to wait obe more half of a day. I got called to substitute today for a local elementary school with my favorites, the wee one. Kindergartner are so much fun at the holiday time.

Tonight I will mix up the dough for Kolachkis and make the old fashioned Dutch walnut filling. Mix up and chill 4 batches of snowballs, make the gingerbread men dough, SOME PINK Peppermint, the other, traditional and let that chill. ALso the Graandma's favorite sugar cookies,

I will make 6 different kinds of SPRITZ I found 2 old old old pressers at a garage sale and am just can barely wait to see them out on the weight, those spritz cookies are small but add up quick.

Some apricot cream cheese cookies for my favorite neice, and fudges galore are incstore. I just had the request for my reindeer bark too. If I get these all done it will be a miracle.

Well best be hopping in the shower and clean myself up for work and get on the road!

Have a happy day!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Dreams Do Come True...George Michael - December Song (I Dreamed of Christmas)

After viewing this on a Sunday morning I just had to post this video rendition of George Michael's song!

When my daughter Jenni became an adult she said Mommy why can't Christmas last 365 days a year. The spirit of love that abounds at Christmas Time and the willingness to give to others if done for one day can be done for the other 364. Today as I bake cookies to send over to our troops, I give the love to many that I have for one, my Joey.

Christmas week for our Marines, our Army men, Airforce Pilots, the Navy sailors who travel the earth on water and below, with their friends of the National Guard, my wish to you is too have a safe Christmas Day and know that at lest this woman, and a mother of a US Marine has Christmas Thoughts of You!

And to one very special MARINE LANCE CORPORAL your mother loves you!

A blessed day to all!


Merry Christmas Sunday!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pink Week Before Christmas Poem!!!! Better Late Pinks Than None AT ALL

I have been met with so much adversity this week it has been hard to think PINK for this Saturday.

My computer died and it was only 10 months young!

My hands are both in splint demobilizers. I have had 3 MRI's since Thursday evening.

I am behind on all of my college coursework and had to apply for incomplete in progress due to the hand splints and the computer dying AND good old Toshiba backup had not backed up anything sinceNovember 24th. Most of the research and work on my 2 doctoral courses was since December 1st. Lucky me!

But I am not going to let it get me out of the PINK holiday mood. My favorite holiday song. Oh Holy Night, in honor of my mom in Heaven here  are the Celtic Women  singing it:

Positively PINKS I am almost done decorating my home and tomorrow start on my sweetheart's. I will post pics soon of both.

Here is my PINK for today....


Twas just 6 days 'til Pink Christmas and all through our blogs
We were hustling and bustling, PINK is the word!
Not a a keyboard was silent, not a follower left alone
For truth is PINKS PINKS PINKS filled our homes!

The posts were all up, typed out with such care, in hopes that
Our blogger friends soon would be here!
Special friends we have met all the year long through
If I hadn't met you I don't know what I would do!

FIrst for me was the OWOH campaign, new friends I met
And I'll surely visit them this February again.
Swaps that I joined, and crafts that I tried, tears that I cried.
And sometimes I gave up as the internet just died!

Tussies among us, swaps for all seasons,
Brown paper bags, May days, just a few reasons -
Something old something new something borrowed and blue
I sent out to many from what I could do.

Enrolled in my courses and typed away all
Faster than most, researching each call...
Resumes gladly I sent out abroad, waiting and waiting
Hoping they'd call. My experience too, most entertaining.

Soon I had found not one , not two jobs but three!
Oh how my heart sung with such jubilee!
Now as the season for giving is here
I just want to tell you  I hold you all DEAR!

Whether a follower be, or first visit to me, friend you are!
What I love about blog-land is you come from near and afar.
We don't need a bus a train or a car, not even a plane to fly
To our friends, all we need is our imagination, time, don't you agree!

Well, the day is drawn near to end that I see, and 'tis time
For me to name out those most gracious to me in rhyme...
First and foremost Vanessa the most famous friend of them all,
Not just my friend, a sister who answers my every call.

Dear Beverly here at the Pink Saturday POSTS
She outshines Rudolph and is a fabulous host!
Teresa, my friend one of my first encouragers, contentment
You instilled in me of a writer of poetry and prose, excitement...

Came when I earned my first rose! Belief in yourself, just goes to show...
Sherry brown bagged it with me from afar, no better friend as you!
Sandi at a Legacy of Stitches connected me too with many of you!
The gals at A Swap for All Seasons, taught me a thing about borrowed and blue!

One World One Heart was the  start of it all, as I was bored, and forlorn
My world had been lost, my belongings all gone, and my heart was torn.
I gently and "scaredly" enter the world of blog-land to give it my hand,
Awoke the next day to so many replies, now I needed music too and a band!

The months quickly past and the tears of my eyes dried
So fast did my followers grow, it made me misty eyed.
Campaigning along the way for the US Troops, a new blog was born
Now, I am not shy and will freely  blow my own horn!

From one to two to three blogs I have and 2 businesses two!
My hands are so full now I do not know what to do.!
Except dear bloggers on this PINK SATURDAY a week before Christmas
Nothing left to say or do, BUT say thank you, as you are ALL angels among us!

On one and on all to pink blog- land we go, typing through snow
Clicking the keys that makes us all grow and smarter you know!
To prance among PINK reindeer, pink castles of ice
Seeing what's pretty in pink, naughty and nice!

So go hang your PINK stockings by your chimneys with care
Hope and pray that our PINK ST. Nicholas soon will be here!
Then dash away bloggers and see what is amidst
While bringing yourself some Holiday bliss!

poems my way Valrie 12/18/10

May you all have a beautifully PINK CHRISTMAS!
Be sure to leave a comment today or tomorrow and ONE of you will win my $100 pink goody basket and another drawing on Monday for a second $100 gift basket of confectionary delights!

Thank you all for making my year PINK and bright, and to one and all a very PINK goodnight!

Sorry I have no pictures today, as my laptop died and they are all stored there!

Please link back to Bev at  How Sweet The Sound and give a shout out to all my pink friends!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gingerbread Soldiers

I created this poem for elementary students to use in their holiday cards to our US troops. Today we are making cards, giftwrap and little gingerbread soldiers to send to them! Please consider donating to the cause!

$4.00 covers mailing anywhere! Another $4.00 covers my cost for baking hoemamde cookies and shippin 4 soldiers delectable treats!

              Gingerbread Soldiers

Gingerbread, gingerbread, gingerbread soldier man

Gingerbread, gingerbread, gingerbread soldier woman

Run, run, back to your homes, as fast as you can!

Gingerbread, gingerbread, gingerbread soldiers all

Look inside our CANS for all that you can eat!

Our little hands made these for you sweet to eat!

Gingerbread, gingerbread, gingerbread soldiers one and all,

We thank you for caring and answering the troops call!

We celebrate the holidays here in the USA, safe because of you!

Gingerbread, gingerbread, gingerbread soldiers one and all,

We just want to say thank you, thank you, for all that you do!

Airforce, Army, Marines, Navy, and Coastguard, we love you!

poemsmy way - Valrie 12/15/2010

I love our US TROOPS!

Visit Cans For Cookies US Troops here to join in the cause or email me here!

Thank you for all you do!

Now off to the races, finished ALL of my grading for 4 courses I teach, refill my coffe mug and write up the rest of my own papers and projects! That is a total of 4 for 1 course and 5 for another. All by Sunday 12/19/2101 unless they grant me my medical disability extension. I haven't been able to post so much because I am wearing hand braces and have 2 MRI's scheduled this week. Doctor's orders! I need voice assisted software like yesterday!

I love to read your comments so be a Christmas Angel and leave some!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pink Christmas Dreams!

I am dreaming of a Pink Christmas, just like the ones I have always wanted.... take a peek at my PINK CHRISTAMS dreams

First my favorite show ever Little House on the Prairie HOMECOMING! buy here! @ $9.98 or less! It's on my PINK WISH LIST!

I dream of a tree all decoarated in these PINK glittery Christmas ornaments....

WELL, maybe some other PINK ones too...

 A cluster of PINK bulbs a GRAPE idea~

Dazzled with a few of these PINK onion looking bulbs~

And in honor of being a PINK breast cancer survivor and all my sisters out there, just a few of these~

AND for the table-topper too silly in me maybe a strand of these~

AND what would Christmas be without a  PINK smiley or two or three?~

Now that is how my Jenni dreams of PINK packages in store, hot pink and more and more!~

 Just to get me in the spirit of PINK CHRISTMAS DREAMS ...we are what we think and DREAM PINK about!~
 If my Riley were still alive he wouldn't appreciate this but I would be tickled PINK, maybe I get one for my CARMEL my finicky cat,   it's his first Christmas!~
Baking PINK gingerbread in this would be loads of fun, run, run run!~

 I dream of luxurious PINK SATIN sheets~ silky smooth and soft PINK DREAMS!~
Pink lace and white buttons and nose for my gingerbreadmenl/adies, how fun!~

PINK phones to phone home and to all my PINK blogger friends!~

Now wouldn't she look dainty and sweet on my sweetheart's front lawn?!

Here is her PINK RUDOLPH, the most famous PINK REINDEER of all, coming to CALL!!!!~

A Santa's PINK hat to hand  out my PINK gifts galore, here, abroad and in the stores!!!~

Don't YA just know, Santa loves pink, even in SNOW!~

The most happiest PINK dream of all, is  IF you all bought out my PINK BUBBLE store! BOGO now through DECEMBER 31st, PINK gift wrap and free shipping email me here SHOP HERE! 24/7

 NOW I am going to sip some coffee and take an hour or two to browse the web, then walk to the POST OFFICE, run an errand or two, be back to write papers, grade some more too, then off to surf the net and see what is up PINK with all of you!
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LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Cookie SWAP and PINK Gingerbread!

Hello bloggers! The first wintry day has passed and after 2 1/2 hour ride home last night I decided to start my holiday cookie baking. Then I thought, why not sponsor a holiday cookie swap! I am hoping many of my followers and the wondeful ladies from Pink Saturdays decide to join in the fun!

Click here to purchase!
Here's the cookie cutter on the cookie swap:

Bake 2 dozen cookies or mix the cookies you have baked. Make your favorites, box them up with their recipes enclosed, tuck in an ornament or two and limit yourself to $5.00 towrds the total packaging! I for one am the QUEEN of dollar stores and thrift or vintage shops!

Email me by December 6th and ship your delectable cookies to swap with your partner by December 20th in time for enjoying for the holiday week!

I will email you your partner's information by December 11th, 2010. Be sure to contact your partner to get to know her, exchnage your likes, favorite colors, and personalities!

Post pictures of your cookie swap when you receive on your blog and/or FLICKER!

EMAIL me here!

If you want to bake an extra 2 dozen and send to a member of the US TROOOPS for my cans for cookies US TROOPS charity let me know that too, and I will send you an enlisted's name and address!

GET baking and have FUN!

Everyone who enters the swap will go in a giveaway drawing for a set of Satin Hands (Vanilla) from my MK line and it will be tucked inside a holiday oven mitt! Winner will be announced December 11th!

Bless you all and I smell those sweet delectables all ready!

Be sure to visit Bev  at How Sweet The Sound and link to all the other bloggers in this weekend's PINK posts!

Leave a comment to enter my giveaway! Grab the buttomn and post to your blog and rememeber you get 5 entries!

Visit my PINK BUBBLE and BOGO the rest of the month!


Off to see your posts and have some fun, a holiday party today at 12:30 and I have some more baking to do!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cookies are on their way!

Thank you to all of my students who baked, donated, and raised funds to send cookies abroad to our brave men and women! Also many thanks to the churches, schools and private citizens who have been helping me collect cans and further sending their own organizations care packages!

The holidays can be a very trying time for any of us. Imagine being abroad and fighting for your country without the comfort of home and your loved ones Christmas Eve. Please join our efforts and bake or buy cookies to send, email me here to get names of enlisted soldiers to send them to!

Check back soon! I will be having a cookie swap and if you are interested in being it I need your name and address emailed here by December 6th, 2010. ALL cookie swaps are to be mailed out in time for December 24th arrival, no later than December 20th! Each swap should have 2 dozen homemade cookies in it and the recipes for each type of cookie you put in your swap box! Try to make the swap box creative but limit your $$$ spent on decorating it to $5 and of course whatever your ingredients costs. It can be all one type of cookie decorated differently or an assortment of cookies! Have fun and sweet treats to ALL!


Yummy Stars and Stripes sent to the troops, I am making TONS this weekend! Holidays of sorts that is... thumbprints, cutouts, molasses cutouts, gingersnaps, snickerdoodles, snowballs, kolachkis, chocolate rum balls, M&M, chocolate drops, and many many more!

Be a Christmas Angel filled with LOVE,

and send Marines like LANCE CPL JOEY cookies!!!!

I personally send you my very own BEAR HUG for joining in the fun!

I am standing by phone in one ear...

ANd eyes on the email to receive your requests to join the charity event of the year!

Don't forget to email me here to be in the cookie swap, enter my $100 gift basket giveaway, and send cookies to our troops!