I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pink Week Before Christmas Poem!!!! Better Late Pinks Than None AT ALL

I have been met with so much adversity this week it has been hard to think PINK for this Saturday.

My computer died and it was only 10 months young!

My hands are both in splint demobilizers. I have had 3 MRI's since Thursday evening.

I am behind on all of my college coursework and had to apply for incomplete in progress due to the hand splints and the computer dying AND good old Toshiba backup had not backed up anything sinceNovember 24th. Most of the research and work on my 2 doctoral courses was since December 1st. Lucky me!

But I am not going to let it get me out of the PINK holiday mood. My favorite holiday song. Oh Holy Night, in honor of my mom in Heaven here  are the Celtic Women  singing it:

Positively PINKS I am almost done decorating my home and tomorrow start on my sweetheart's. I will post pics soon of both.

Here is my PINK for today....


Twas just 6 days 'til Pink Christmas and all through our blogs
We were hustling and bustling, PINK is the word!
Not a a keyboard was silent, not a follower left alone
For truth is PINKS PINKS PINKS filled our homes!

The posts were all up, typed out with such care, in hopes that
Our blogger friends soon would be here!
Special friends we have met all the year long through
If I hadn't met you I don't know what I would do!

FIrst for me was the OWOH campaign, new friends I met
And I'll surely visit them this February again.
Swaps that I joined, and crafts that I tried, tears that I cried.
And sometimes I gave up as the internet just died!

Tussies among us, swaps for all seasons,
Brown paper bags, May days, just a few reasons -
Something old something new something borrowed and blue
I sent out to many from what I could do.

Enrolled in my courses and typed away all
Faster than most, researching each call...
Resumes gladly I sent out abroad, waiting and waiting
Hoping they'd call. My experience too, most entertaining.

Soon I had found not one , not two jobs but three!
Oh how my heart sung with such jubilee!
Now as the season for giving is here
I just want to tell you  I hold you all DEAR!

Whether a follower be, or first visit to me, friend you are!
What I love about blog-land is you come from near and afar.
We don't need a bus a train or a car, not even a plane to fly
To our friends, all we need is our imagination, time, don't you agree!

Well, the day is drawn near to end that I see, and 'tis time
For me to name out those most gracious to me in rhyme...
First and foremost Vanessa the most famous friend of them all,
Not just my friend, a sister who answers my every call.

Dear Beverly here at the Pink Saturday POSTS
She outshines Rudolph and is a fabulous host!
Teresa, my friend one of my first encouragers, contentment
You instilled in me of a writer of poetry and prose, excitement...

Came when I earned my first rose! Belief in yourself, just goes to show...
Sherry brown bagged it with me from afar, no better friend as you!
Sandi at a Legacy of Stitches connected me too with many of you!
The gals at A Swap for All Seasons, taught me a thing about borrowed and blue!

One World One Heart was the  start of it all, as I was bored, and forlorn
My world had been lost, my belongings all gone, and my heart was torn.
I gently and "scaredly" enter the world of blog-land to give it my hand,
Awoke the next day to so many replies, now I needed music too and a band!

The months quickly past and the tears of my eyes dried
So fast did my followers grow, it made me misty eyed.
Campaigning along the way for the US Troops, a new blog was born
Now, I am not shy and will freely  blow my own horn!

From one to two to three blogs I have and 2 businesses two!
My hands are so full now I do not know what to do.!
Except dear bloggers on this PINK SATURDAY a week before Christmas
Nothing left to say or do, BUT say thank you, as you are ALL angels among us!

On one and on all to pink blog- land we go, typing through snow
Clicking the keys that makes us all grow and smarter you know!
To prance among PINK reindeer, pink castles of ice
Seeing what's pretty in pink, naughty and nice!

So go hang your PINK stockings by your chimneys with care
Hope and pray that our PINK ST. Nicholas soon will be here!
Then dash away bloggers and see what is amidst
While bringing yourself some Holiday bliss!

poems my way Valrie 12/18/10

May you all have a beautifully PINK CHRISTMAS!
Be sure to leave a comment today or tomorrow and ONE of you will win my $100 pink goody basket and another drawing on Monday for a second $100 gift basket of confectionary delights!

Thank you all for making my year PINK and bright, and to one and all a very PINK goodnight!

Sorry I have no pictures today, as my laptop died and they are all stored there!

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  1. I have to hand it to you for putting out this great pink feature today. With all you have going on, I am not sure if I would have. Sorry to hear you are having go many issues at one time. I trust things will soon be better and the New Year will be filled with many blessings for you.

  2. I chose O Holy Night also in honor of my father. I have this version it is so beautiful isn't it? I hope things will be better for you real soon. Merry Christmas and Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. oh what a very charming post! I am sorry about the hands and the internet but this little rhyme is just wonderful! Happy Holidays and Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. What beautiful post! Take care, girl! ...so glad that I stopped by from Pink Saturday!... Merry, Merry!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday late, what a wonderful gift you have with words. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Hugs Marilou

  6. My Pink Saturday has turned in to Monday...loved your rhyme! So VERY sorry to hear about your hands. I hope the New Year brings you a quick recovery! Merry Christmas!
    Licks & Wags, Niki


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