I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Celebrating Life Changes!

Such a beautiful presentation don't you agree...simply divine for a garden tea party, now to figure out how to make the teapot!

I took advantage of tax free weekend last week for those back to school supplies! And of course updating our wardrobes! I had a tax free weekend shopping spree and  got over $500 worth of books from the Salvation Army, for only $54. Amazing what people just give away... And then I hit the designer suit racks and added 2new suits, 2 new jackets and a 100% genuine leather portfolio briefcase for a computer, but it looks like a tote purse! Spent a grand total there of $49, net retail worth over $750... and donated to a Christian cause. Fashionista in me just won't go away!

 I start back to Argosy August 29th, 2013! EWWWW! I am  not looking forward to studying statistics again and my mixed methods dissertation....Lift me up in prayers as well to be able to manage and withstand the physical demands on my body.. I am a bit scared, as I have been on SS DBL for over a year now and am not sure how my body will react to the huge demand this career will have on me... I turn it over to God and I know He will sustain me. Have a blessed weekend!

AMAZING and AWESOME is OUR GOD! Last week, on Thursday I went on 2 interviews with DCPS and was extended an offer on the second interview and I am now the Reading Specialist and Staff Developer and member of ALT (Academic Leadership Team) at my high school, Phelps ACE SHS in NE DC. ACE(Architecture, Computer Technology & Engineering) is a magnet program wherein all students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for entry and maintain it. we service about 400 students who compete for the spots for enrollment with the entire DCPS district.

It is a brand new facility and absolutely gorgeous. Highly educated instructors and mentors. I am so blessed to have been brought on board the team there! I attended my first professional staff development and conference for DCPS on Wednesday and Friday a year long planning meeting with my Principal. Our theme will be Literacy is Our Legacy! A strong literacy focus across the content areas is being implemented and integrated in all grades and classrooms.

Many professional workshop days ahead in the next 2 weeks before students start back on the 26th. Where did our summer go? Saturday I had On Board training for New Hires, and this Wednesday & Thursday will be attending  a 2 day workshop on district protocol and expectations for New Hires Teacher Trainings.

SO excited with how God has worked miracles in my life. Amazing how He can heal a broken heart, restore Faith and Hope ending in Joy with the Holy Spirit. As I walk in my Faith with the Lord, I give thanks and Glory to Him. All good things come to those who wait on the Lord's time and act accordingly to His will and behold the promises of His Kingdom.

God's Promise to a Broken Heart

When I had fallen with a broken heart,
It was G
od's way to give e a new start.
When I no longer could withstand the pain,
And shed tears like the falling rain ~
God sheltered me from my sorrows
With the promise of brand new tomorrows.
Within the walls of an empty heart confined
Laid my despair, worries and my fears.
All that I had cherished through the years,
Lost by the demise of my declining health.
I know full well what it is to have no worldly wealth;
To fall so deep into ruins and lay prone
Praying to God at His feet of the Holy throne.
Not in my dreams but where the soul goes anon.
Dare ye not to doubt your Faith, for at Heaven's gates
Your heart is well known, do not hesitate.
For but the Grace of God who pardons me
I'd nary a hope of entering within, eternally ~
God my book of life did read and to me said
 'Tis not how much you did but how you did.
With a Christian heart you gave your all
You listened and answered my Righteous call.
Wavering here or there, I have forgotten
I have forgiven the sins of your past,
As you have opened your heart to Me at last!
Lift up your head My child and now decide
Is now your time to here within reside?"
A humbled soul quivering before our Lord ~
Held fast to the words that I'd just heard,
Complete unfinished tasks, serve my Lord with the talents
God has bestowed upon me, and for repentance
Of sins, acceptance of His Holy Spirit, and the mercy
He had for this lost soul, and for the prophecy
As He said at home my Loved ones me did await
Return home and another day you shall enter these gates.

Poems My Way ~ Valrie 08/02/2013
 "For God so Loved the world..."

 God knows our hearts each and everyone. When you trust in the Lord, your Faith will be rewarded, I know mine has been tremendously... praise be to God! Alleluia!

We have free will and with that privilege comes choices and their consequences. Your life is what you make of it and how you walk in life through your Faith determines your eternal soul's resting place. He of little faith, has forgotten the word of God, abide by it and you will have eternal life...

A Joyful noise I make in all that I do. I share my laughter and Love of God with all. He that knows me, knows my heart and knows whereof I have risen. Where I was weak, my Faith and Trust and Hope in the Lord has been blessed with His Love and Grace in my life. All good things come to those who wait!

May your week be filled with Blessings and Prayers giving thanks to Jesus. Remember to take time to read your scriptures and grow in strength in your Faith as you walk in God's word.
Great is His Love for us...

Linking up this weekend with Bev over at How Sweet the Sound, join in our PINK Saturday fun!

Just home from church and time to make dinner, while it is cooking
I plan to relax and catch up with my blogger friends!

May your week be filled with Blessings!



Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blessings Among Us!

Last Monday 7/29/2013 is a very special day in my life and my son's Joey, and his wife Laura,
Their twins were born  at 9:30 AM.
We welcome these two bundles of love and  joy!
Milena Delia 8 lbs 6 oz 16 inches and Joseph Salvatore 7 lbs 1oz 18 inches.
At this time we are not posting any photos on social media networking of our precious darlings, but trust me they are beautiful little miracles of God!
I have been so busy with them and Joey and Laura that I have hardly had time to blog!
We all must trust in the Lord, let go and let God!

Thank you God for answered prayers! The miracle of life is the greatest of all...

Each newborn celebrates life and God's Love for us,
butterflies are Heaven sent and whisper in our ears...

As parents and grandparents we will strive to serve God through these miracles!


  "I can do all things  through Christ who strengthens me..."

And I fully intend to spoil our grandchildren!


 I never in my wildest dreams thought I could possibly  love  anyone more than I do for my Joey's and Jenni's births, having twin grandbabies at least equals if not surpasses this love.!


Like a beautiful garden we must also tend to the growth of our children and grandchildren.

May we all be blessed with the new lives God has given us and receive in them His Holy Spirit.

May your day be filled with Blessings from God and shine light upon your life!