I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Saturday Filled With LOVE!


LOVE is friendship on fire.
LOVE doesn't take your breath away,
LOVE makes you want to breathe the breath of who you are with...
LOVE ignites the burning desire deep within one's soul.
LOVE makes you feel alive, no longer alone inside.
LOVE brings joy to everyday things and makes everything okay.
LOVE melts away the brick wall you enclosed yourself within...
LOVE kindles a friendship into something everlasting.
LOVE surrounds you with a glow.
LOVE, true LOVE lasts forever,
LOVE when set free returns to me.
LOVE puzzles you when you try to define it.
LOVE doesn't just happen, like a flower it blooms.
LOVE seems a dream to me; to be in LOVE
LOVE must be felt, shared and nourished.
LOVE is more than words can share.
LOVE and trust go hand in heart.
LOVE eternal, is it ever meant to be mine?

Poems My Way  Valrie 02/27/2010
(inspired by a friend, you know who you are...)

Now on a lighter note, HA! HA! Here's what it's been doing outside my window the last three days!

That's me in the red coat and I am 5'5" tall, so you can see the snow is halfway up my torso. UGH!!!! So much snow shoveling makes me want to take the next fight to a tropical island , anyone want to come with me?!!!

This is Carmel the notorious kitten who showed up one day and decided this would be a good home for him. Don't let the cat out of the box, well usually it's the bag, but Carmel loves to sit in any kind of box he can find. My daughter wants me to mail him in a box to her in Texas, hmmm!!!!
Don't let the sweetness fool you, he is a real rascal!
Well, that's my Saturday in snowland! Pop back real soon to see what new and exciting adventures I get myself into next week! Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Magic Carpet Ride Poem & Collage

Magic Carpet Ride

OWOH the magic carpet ride
I climbed aboard and let my carpet glide
All oe'r the world it flew to make myself new friends
And this is how my poem is about to begin....
To Spain and Rome, Australia, outward bound -
I even flew my carpet across the English Sound!
To Ancient Greece and Indian places sought
I soon would learn all the thing that are bought
On bloggers 'round the world you see
As I magically visited you and You me!
Paris stole my heart, in Vienna I lost my mind.
Not a nicer friend was made here at home, so kind!
New followers this event has brought to us all,
Who stayed awake all night, nimble fingers having a ball!
Germany, The Netherlands, many a new friend was made,
I even found new friends down in The Everglades!
Tiny islands all over the seas, and villages too
Some lived in crafty zones and others words so true...
Japan, The Philippines, newspapers, magazines.
Imagine if you can, realizing all your dreams
The magic carpet brought to us a new reality
A blogger spot, a new found friend, chatting sea to sea!

Poems My Way
Valrie A. Verhoeven 02/24/2010
And, here is the collage that goes with the poem; there are 40 countries represented in this collage from the countries around the world which we magic carpet riders visited. It was so much fun viewing all the blogs and seeing the talent out there...most of all I truly appreciate those special friends we have made.  
Thanks again to Lisa!

That's what I have been up to the last few days, and boy have I learned a great deal about importing and exporting images, jpegs, sig files, PDF and oh yeah, I probably should have taken typing and keyboarding in high school! So goes the learning curve, just  like the magic carpet... up, up, and away!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Is In The Air, well my HEART anyway!

Last week is just a blur in my memory. Full of doctor appointments and trips to the hospital for tests and we will leave it at that!

Spring is beginning to beckon me and I so wish I was in WARM climate! I have this terrible cold that just won't quit and all I can do is dream of spring flowers and the sweet fragrance they bring! I especially like tulips, hence the little tulip gnome.


       Gently planted in the fall
      Sprouts above the ground
      Come early spring
      A tulip and its gnome!

Valrie Poems My Way 02/21/2010  

Trying to get my CV together and seek employment as a Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist; lots of fun involved in backtracking all the paperwork files! Working on a project for The Alice In Wonderland Swap still, slow going but at least I haven't quite fallen down the rabbit hole yet!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OWOH Giveaway Winners Announced!

OWOH ended yesterday and I have to give a shout out to Lisa Swifka and her amazing generosity in hosting this event once again. We had 40 countries participating and over 1,000 bloggers blogging! Oh the places I went on my magic carpet ride. So many new faces and people were met! The world was at our fingertips! Let's hope we have the opportunity to enjoy the ride again next year! THANK YOU LISA!

AND now drum rolls if you please...

Winner of the dangling hearts is :                         Sadie @ http://nelliebugs-swaps.blogspot.com/
Winner of the poem collage is:                             Donna @ http://creativejournalingmyway.blogspot.com/
Winner of  first set of butterfly note cards is:        Marybeth@ http://misaacmom.blogspot.com/
Winner of second set of butterfly note cards is:     Wanda@ http://craftymule.blogspot.com/
Please email me with your addresses so I can get these out to you!

Thanks again to all who visited me and let's keep in touch!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Migraine Today


A migraine is the one form of pain
From which I wish I could substain.
It reeks havoc in my head -
At times there are no words to be said
To truly describe the extent of torture...
Like a cult or rare culture,
A migraine is not my idea of fun!
It pounds and throbs, slamming axes...
I cannot read or attend classes!
I cannot think or feel anything else!
But pain, excruciating pain jabbing
Inside my brain, what's left of it
That is! I am alone without my wit.
I simply want to curl up and hide,
With noone by my side
And sleep it all away, no light
No sound, noone around at night!
Just total silence, no smells in the air -
No sounds ringing loudly in my ear.
Peaceful blissful sleep I need,
Is that having too much greed?
Have you ever felt such pain?
If so then you understand Migraine!

Valrie 02/15/2010

It's into the 4th day and I am beside myself this morning! Later today I will have my OWOH drawing, well actually after midnight and I'll be using random.org for that. So tomorrow I'll post the winners.

This portrays accurately how the inside of my head feels. If you like it I found it at http://www.yayart.com/shop/3183/

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart Felt

Heartfelt Thoughts

A special way of telling you what you mean to me
Is not just in words I use but through my poetry.
I never knew how great a love I could have for you -
I never really knew true love before I knew you.
This isn't to a man in my life, rather to my children
For the love I have for you is full of wisdom.
The days the two of You, having both entered  my life,
Are the best days in my memories, not ones of strife.
A little bundle to love and to hold, first my girl, then my boy
And now looking at the two of you  - I have such joy.
Knowing that I have two miracles right in my life; I love
You both so very much, Heaven sent from above...
Two gems intrusted to me to raise and guide along the way.
At times I know to both of you it seems I lost my way.
I am your mom and love you so there is nothing I wouldn't do
To help you meet your goals in life and have your dreams come true.
If I could turn back the hands of time, I know some things I'd change,
But nothing ever about the days we had together, just the same.
I do not know where your journeys will take you, nor
Where or when  they will bring you home to my door...
I do know that I love you now more than ever
And hope in my heart and dreams, once more we will be together.

Valrie 02/14/2010

To my daughter and son, I love you! Happy St. Valentine's Day!

So here we go off to another busy week.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Saturday, Saturday!

My last butterfly for the 7th day in a row! Here she is all decked out in aqua and blue. It has been such a fun week to see all the places, rather blogspots I've traveled around the globe. So many new friends that I'll be adding to my fav blog list. Lots of ideas dancing around in my head too! NOW I have to settle in and write the poem for my giveaway, as you might remember it was to capture my journey on this OWOH giveaway event. I expect to have it ready within the week to the winner, it does take time for the muse to create. Be sure to check back!


Friday, Friday!

TGIF?! Here is the lovely pink butterfly for  all you pink lovers out there! "Pink is not just a color, it's an attitude!" 

I am busy working on my projects and building up my poems again. Hope to get a few more up this week. I am also learning how to master the buttons and whistles of blogging. More on that another day!

I found a blog I am folowing now specific to poetry blogging and I hope to enter their challenge and writing prompt. It's poetsonline.blogspot.com and this month the prompt is found poems. It's a bit confusing in my interpretation of what they want but I am going to have a go at it? Conforming to a specific prompt tends to inhibit me but they say it helps overcome writer's block! I will just have to see about that!

Love Gone By

Long ago in years gone by I thought that I knew love.
I thought it was magical and mine... fit me like a glove.
The love I felt, burned deep inside my beating heart,
Awakening those butterflies right from the start.
I swirled and twirled and dance around my room
At night, imagining love like a flower in full bloom.
How was I to know it hid its face from me
And what I thought was truly love, was not reality?
So many years, I fell into the patterns of these thoughts.
Love was not in store for me, it wasn't what I thought!
The love I held so true and dear betrayed me so one night -
And now the love I have for him is hidden from your sight.
I do not know when I'll love again -  in the way that I loved him.
I just know the love that was tears my heart and limbs.
Someday I'll try to take the plunge within my heart
To open up the door held shut... no matter how the smart...
For love gone by and lost is not the way to live.
I have so much love I want to share and give.
The feelings of a love gone by are not all so sad you see
As there are other loves, who love me just for me.

Valrie 02/12/2010

Sort of sad yet beginning over isn't always easy now is it?

Tomorrow look for something heartfelt! Enjoy your day!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday, Thursday!

Here is today's butterfly, I needed the yellow one today to perk me up, how about you?

Where is the week going to? I have been creating two projects this week and I sure wish the computer would be my friend for a change! Still traveling around the world on my magic carpet ride OWOH event ends soon, so you still have a chance to enter the giveaways and mine but you have to post a comment on the day of that blog! The link is still up on my web if you want to fly all over the world and meet new friends, bloggers, and artisans! Click on the OWOH logo in my sidebar column and enter some fabulous giveaways!

Lost Memories

Locked inside my heart and mind are the secrets of my soul...
Where have the years gone and who was it that stole
My childhood, wrecked my dreams, took away my life?
Why is that I suffer through every day of life?
If I could walk back in time I know just what I'd do -
I turn around and run from the fear that makes me blue.
I'd climb ontop a mountain and shout for all to hear
That  it's really not worth hiding from your fear.
My eyes would be wide open and my spirit would run free
And everything I am hoping for would come to me!
Belief in self and follow through is what life really takes
It's not that awful word you skeptics call it FATE.
So where are they hidden these memories lost in time?
I need to retrieve them before I lose my mind!
I will pursue those memories, even ones of you
As painful as they are to me, some know this to be true.
Should you happen on a memory lane someday soon
Don't forget to lock them up safely in your room.
Some memories laid hidden and are not meant to be
Brought to surface now, and, that's the case with me.

Valrie 02/11/201

Yes, I guess I am processing quite a bit right now. I told you this was a poetry blog and that's how I work through "stuff" in my life. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday!

Here is my beautiful butterfly as promised for you!!!

Wow! This OWOH event has brought me so many new friends, I love the go-give spirit out there! The brain is in overdrive! Also having a great deal of fun musing over my swap buddy's box for the Alice In Wonderland swap! (adventuresinaliceland)...See blogs I follow for a great little blog, I found her through just add glitter and stir, another favorite blogspot of mine! (visit my blog links!) All new friends I have made from OWOH!

The muse is working on another poem, it might be up later today!

Have a delightful flutterfly butterfly day!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tueday, Tuesday!

Are you getting the gist of the week's post titles? As promised I posted my third butterfly, as you might notice they are from my OWOH giveaway prize. If you'd like a set too! Become a follower and post a comment with an email link back to you! You must do this before midnight 02/14/2010 to get the free set, after that I will offer the set of 7 for sale! email me for details!

               My Butterfly
Butterflies stir my heart and make me gasp for air
I wonder where God's thought were
When He put them in the air?
Did He intend for the butterfly to lure
Away our wishful thoughts and bring
Home our dreams someday?
Or did He create them with their wings
To help us laugh and play?
I rather think a butterfly is sweet
It's delicate and graceful flight
Gently landing on my head or feet...
Special in every thing it does, where it lights!
Butterfly reborn to me out from its cocoon,
Come flutter here and there with me
Don't hide yourself away so soon
Just look inside yourself and believe!

Poems My Way Valrie 02/09/2010

So, my first leap of faith posting a poem within my blog! It's a new one and I endeavor to write so many more. I want to recreate that lost part of me. Poetry is so personal and is my way of working through life. What do you think?


Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, Monday!

A new week to begin again. Butterflies are a symbol of rebirth So each day this week (I started yesterday) I am adding a new butterfly to my gagdet files. I plan on creating a collage butterfly poem about butterflies. Check back to see my progress. I am new at navigating this stuff, so if anyone visits and would like to send me info on how to set up button files to read poems I write within this blogspot, but not necessarily on the post, let it rip!

After joining the One World One Heart event, I HOPE many of you will lend your tech savy skills to a newbie!

I am starting to work on my Alice In Wonderland swap too! The gears in the brain are turning. Watch out, this might not look like a crafter's blog BUT I am pretty crafty, especially with poems. I have all these ideas of what I'd like to create in what most people would call "crafts"  yet never seem to make any come to fruition. Perhaps that too will change! The very least you will read poems from a "nut." Just kidding, am I? You'll have to follow me to find out where my magic grows. Just hope I don't fall into a rabbit hole:-}

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

One World One Heart Giveaway!

Please enter my heart and ride along the magic carpet ride in the world of bloggers! I just discovered this event from my sister's blog and would like to pass it on! I am more creative with poetry than any other medium, and well writing too I guess. I will be giving away a dangling heart ornament donated by my sister

and a custom poem, written by me; IT is straight from my heart about this magic carpet ride! Now I bet you wonder how is that a giveaway! It will be created in a collage format and suitable for framing! In fact I'll even frame it for you! Trust me and check back to see the finished piece and don't forget to Join in the fun! Winners will be chosen by random after midnight 2/15/2010. I hope I receive 50 visitors, for each additional 50 I'll add another giveaway!!! EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA!
     I reached over 50 comments so here is the new giveaway added to my magic carpet riders! A set of 7 BUTTERFLY cards handmade by me with a poetic verse inside. Original creation just for this event! They are (will be) hand decorated with ribbons and lace, full of grace for this wonderful event! A Poems My Way creation!

So, if you are up to the journey, get your ticket and ride or glide, stop all over the world.
PhotoHere's the link. I am so excited about it. I myself plan to make many stops around the world. I am creating a custom poem about all the magical places I will visit and will have it presented in a theme related format suitable for framing or digital printing! That's THREE giveaways! I have such an imagination of the places I'll get to see. I know I am a late entrant however I hope you artisans and bloggers will indulge me as I break out of my cocoon and become a butterfly, flying away on this magic carpet ride! The history  and spirit of this giveaway and One World One Heart really touches my heart! So please fly away with me! I look forward to my visitors! Come fly with me and FEEL the MAGIC! This is the dangling heart my incredibly talented sister has donated, and I'll be creating that poem after the fourteenth, My Magic Carpet Ride in a collage format, so check back to see if you WON one of my giveaways!  There are a few rules to follow: SINCE I am new, I am opening my giveaways to all who visit, although I prefer you have a blog! YOU MUST leave a comment on this post, give me a link back to your blog or an email where I can reach my winners, and please be KIND! This is a new venture for me and I have been an Emily Dickinson poet far too long and have decided it is time to take a leap of faith and get published! Blessings and safe traveling to all of you carpet riders!      Valrie

Poetry is my life!

Well, I have finally taken the plunge and am ready to begin blogging about my poetry and other things in my life. I have been through A LOT!! I lost all my poems and most anything important to me and have just recently begun to find my way back. it's a journey and I am ready to begin!
I will add so much to this but right now I just have to get things organized. Hope to meet so many people and grow lasting friendships!

Poems will be forthcoming and will my artistic endeavors, etc.

Have a poetic day!