I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday, Friday!

TGIF?! Here is the lovely pink butterfly for  all you pink lovers out there! "Pink is not just a color, it's an attitude!" 

I am busy working on my projects and building up my poems again. Hope to get a few more up this week. I am also learning how to master the buttons and whistles of blogging. More on that another day!

I found a blog I am folowing now specific to poetry blogging and I hope to enter their challenge and writing prompt. It's poetsonline.blogspot.com and this month the prompt is found poems. It's a bit confusing in my interpretation of what they want but I am going to have a go at it? Conforming to a specific prompt tends to inhibit me but they say it helps overcome writer's block! I will just have to see about that!

Love Gone By

Long ago in years gone by I thought that I knew love.
I thought it was magical and mine... fit me like a glove.
The love I felt, burned deep inside my beating heart,
Awakening those butterflies right from the start.
I swirled and twirled and dance around my room
At night, imagining love like a flower in full bloom.
How was I to know it hid its face from me
And what I thought was truly love, was not reality?
So many years, I fell into the patterns of these thoughts.
Love was not in store for me, it wasn't what I thought!
The love I held so true and dear betrayed me so one night -
And now the love I have for him is hidden from your sight.
I do not know when I'll love again -  in the way that I loved him.
I just know the love that was tears my heart and limbs.
Someday I'll try to take the plunge within my heart
To open up the door held shut... no matter how the smart...
For love gone by and lost is not the way to live.
I have so much love I want to share and give.
The feelings of a love gone by are not all so sad you see
As there are other loves, who love me just for me.

Valrie 02/12/2010

Sort of sad yet beginning over isn't always easy now is it?

Tomorrow look for something heartfelt! Enjoy your day!



  1. Hi Valrie, I'm very pleased to meet you. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Oh this is a sad one, but sometimes life is sad. I myself could never write on a prompt. Seems anytime I force something it turns out bla. Unfortunately, my best writing comes from angst, and FORTUNATELY I'm not having any of that lately! More than a fair trade.
    **happy smiles** Deborah

  2. Beautiful poetry! I used to wield the pen more, during my teen years. Now, I wield the brush more...my daughter is following the writer's muse now! Thank you for coming by my blog and for you kind words! I am a follower of yours now, too!


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