I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday, Thursday!

Here is today's butterfly, I needed the yellow one today to perk me up, how about you?

Where is the week going to? I have been creating two projects this week and I sure wish the computer would be my friend for a change! Still traveling around the world on my magic carpet ride OWOH event ends soon, so you still have a chance to enter the giveaways and mine but you have to post a comment on the day of that blog! The link is still up on my web if you want to fly all over the world and meet new friends, bloggers, and artisans! Click on the OWOH logo in my sidebar column and enter some fabulous giveaways!

Lost Memories

Locked inside my heart and mind are the secrets of my soul...
Where have the years gone and who was it that stole
My childhood, wrecked my dreams, took away my life?
Why is that I suffer through every day of life?
If I could walk back in time I know just what I'd do -
I turn around and run from the fear that makes me blue.
I'd climb ontop a mountain and shout for all to hear
That  it's really not worth hiding from your fear.
My eyes would be wide open and my spirit would run free
And everything I am hoping for would come to me!
Belief in self and follow through is what life really takes
It's not that awful word you skeptics call it FATE.
So where are they hidden these memories lost in time?
I need to retrieve them before I lose my mind!
I will pursue those memories, even ones of you
As painful as they are to me, some know this to be true.
Should you happen on a memory lane someday soon
Don't forget to lock them up safely in your room.
Some memories laid hidden and are not meant to be
Brought to surface now, and, that's the case with me.

Valrie 02/11/201

Yes, I guess I am processing quite a bit right now. I told you this was a poetry blog and that's how I work through "stuff" in my life. Hope you have a wonderful day!



  1. Valrie, that's beautiful! I can see those lyrics in a song, or framed and hanging on the wall. You rock!


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