I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

True Love? Poetic Realizations...

               True Love?

Broken heart, will you ever heal?
Is sadness my destiny forever?
My loved one has forsaken me for another.
How will I go on? My stomach is an empty cavern,
Bottomless, is there no return, nor an end?
When can I climb back out of this pit I’m in?
My life was so dependent on your love…
And now it is over. I gave myself to you completely.
I was your virgin bride – and now, I am your throw-away.
Mother of your children, our lives will be linked forever,
Bound by the chains you have imprisoned me with.
You love another, yet cannot let go either.
How shall I live without you? You have your future,
Planned. But what becomes of me?
You have cast me out into the sea of sadness.
Out of this sea, I am engulfed by yet an even stronger love.
You needn’t worry, for I am not alone – I have Jesus,
And He will provide. Go, seek your happiness.
I release you from the snare by which you were trapped.
My love for you is strong enough to let go.
Can’t you do the same for me? Let the choice be yours.
It is your triangle, your indiscretions, which has caused my pain.
But, the Lord will heal me. It is Him alone, that I completely
Trust. You too, are in search of happiness. Are you searching
In the right places? I pray you find it, as I have found mine.
At long last, I am at peace with myself. I have God’s love
And HE has mine. I thank Him for our children and the chance
To carry on the task HE gave us, and raise them in His light.
As you travel through your journey, find time for God.
He loves you. I love you, and will forever…

Poems My Way Valrie 04/1990

It is a glorious day today. I woke up before sunrise and watched the beautiful soft pink and rose hues break through the skyline and it took my breath away. Hmm... inspiration for a poem now that I am working on.

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