I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Need of Warrior Prayer!

What a hectic few weeks! I finished my May Day Swap, joined  A Swap For All Seasons and am now working on Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue swap and might do the 3rd annual brown paper bag swap with my friend Sherry at If I Could Set My Soul Free!

I started my doctoral classes again, have written a lot of poems, read 3 books, am helping my sweetheart with his dad. He has been real ill, having had 2 severe strokes, and advanced dimensia, then hit with the horrific flu going around. We just learned his lungs are nearly shot nd he has been put on a portable oxygen tank. He lives at home and we finally managed to get hospice care reinstated five days a week. I ask for your prayers for his health and relief from suffering. My dad too has been ill. He was scheduled for a stent in his leg's artery last Friday but in the cath lab they discovered that he had an 80% blockage in his heart and now has to go back in this Wednesday  (today) for the procedure for his heart to have a stent put in it rather than the one in his leg. Dad has been suffering from severe leg pain for some time and was looking forward to having relief but that procedure is now put off to the fall. I am really asking for a warrior flight of angel prayers to surround my dad today as he undergoes this surgery. He will be 83 in December and is the kindest man I know or will ever know. He blesses all 6 of us kids with every breath he takes. We lost our mom over 21 years ago to cancer. Dad has beaten 2 strokes and 3 bouts of cancer. He is tough and the world is a better place with him in it. My other mom married dad 20 years ago and we have all been blessed with the second mother God sent to us. She loves us all as her own children. She is such a blessing to dad and I know she too needs our prayers to help her through today. They live in FL and most of us live around upstate NY and one sister in Missouri, none of us could get there for today due to the late scheduling of surgery but I know each of us wishes we were with dad and mom.

      Warrior Prayer

Oh Lord surround my dad with your love
Send down a fleet of angels from above.
Blanket dad with 10 million prayers
Help relieve him of his fears.

Guide the surgeon's hands today
For this I steadfastly pray.
Renew his health, return his joy
Your greates miracle do employ!

Ease our minds with your gentle touch
Know in our hearts we need him so much.
Your love as a Father transcends through him
So many tender times we've had , to begin

To count them would take an eternity.
From you we ask with all serenity
To hear our prayer oh Lord this day
Ask of us what to do or say...

I know your love will carry him through
For no greater faith but he has in you.
I trust in all that comes our way
And know dear Lord I pray and pray!

Poems My Way Valrie 05/12/2010


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