I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Song of Nature

I woke up today with so much on my mind
Many things to do and others to find.
The birds were a chirping singing their songs
Hardly a moment's silence all morning long.

The trees were dancing their arms held up high
With awe I looked up into a breathtaking sky.
The sun softly rose in light pinks, blues and whites
As the glowing moon faded its light from last night.

In the distance I could hear the old hound dog howl
And even the lyrics in the heart of the day,of  that nutty old owl.
A slithering snake hissed as he writhed through tall grass
And the robins, geese and ducks have returned in full mass.

I breathed in the fragrance of lilacs and apple blossoms.
The lofty clouds drifted overhead as the sneaky oppossum
Ambled by with her young ones attached to her tail.
In the distance I heard the yet milked cows begin to wail.

I could taste the dew as it glistened like diamonds
And deep in the grass I dug for four leaf clover, to find one!
The buzz of the bumblebees started to roar
As overhead a bald eagle soared.

The sweet thistle tickled my toes as I whistled
Into a tall blade of glass, wetting my lips, puckered
From its sour buds and drenched from its juice 
Easily draining myself if but for no other use

Than to kiss the butterflies fluttering around my nose
Dabbing here and landing there as if they had chose
Me for their atrium and bedecked both my arms.
Why, I never knew I had so much natural charm.

The church bells soon rang calling the start of the work day
And children not yet in school rushed outside to play.
The train whistle blew and sounded round the bend
And in the farmyard clucked loudly the mother hens.

Now me, I sighed deeply and looked straight ahead -
Turned around and decided not to go back into bed.
The day was far too beautiful to waste away now,
I'd rather stay outside to hear nature's song aloud.

Poems My Way Valrie 05/05/2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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  1. Oh Valrie, that was fabulous. I was right there beside you. Your writings are so vivid.
    I received your package and felt so overwehlmed. You are so generous. I feel my meager gift was not enough compared to the wonderful items you sent. Hubby helped me open the package and we took picture after picture. The flyswatter was such a hoot, so cute. We laughed over that one. I will be blogging about our May Day swap this weekend, I will never be able to thank you enough.
    Keep writing dear friend,


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